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Boys of Summer – full video


Get the teas on again for this as Jeff Kutter’s new video Boys of Summer has been sent to the interweb overnight featuring a shit load of known skateboarders. This is fun as fuck, tongue in cheek and well worthy of watching footage of the likes of Jason Dill, Alex Olson, Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Heath Kirchart, Mike Carroll, Dylan Rieder, Gino Iannucci and many more.

Download it here.

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Wallenberg compilation


You know that Wallenberg is one of the gnarliest sets in the planet where only NBDs are worth a shot. Sit back and take in the jazz that has gone down on these infamous 22 feet 6 inches step gap in San Francisco from Gonz, The Boss, Chris Cole and more via Krak.

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Emerica demo footage from Manchester

The Emerica team have been enjoying the UK’s spots this week with demo’s and signings in Newcastle, Manchester and Stoke. Watch the Manchester demo at the new Freestyle built Projekt’s skatepark from Route One’s coverage here with Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Bryan Herman, Tom Knox, Casper Brooker and Rob Maatman.

The team will be at Mile End tomorrow signing at Parlour at 4.30pm before a demo as scheduled at 6.30pm. The good news is that the weather forecast predicts showers well in advance of this so don;t get put off if it’s wet in the afternoon, it will be dry by 6pm.


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Andrew Reynolds talks Bake, Gonz, Riley Hawk and more

andrewreynoldsBaker boss Andrew Reynolds talks about the new Bake and Destroy video that will reach the internet via Thrasher soon and also discusses street skating, Mark Gonzales, signing Riley Hawk from Birdhouse, the baker family and more.

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New Reynolds 3 Shake Junt collab incoming

Emerica have been busy putting together this new collab beast. The Reynolds 3 vs Shake Junt are on their way to your local SOS by Emerica.

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Altamont unleash their Fall 2012 collection

Those who enjoy Andrew Reynolds’ Altamont cothing co will be stoked to know that the new catalogue for Fall 2012 has dropped onto the web this morning. Notable, personal additions include the Delta long sleeve shirt and Convoy Jacket.

Have a peep at the new collection for yourself at

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Baker Skateboards ‘Profiting From Racism’ say charity

The UK Huffington Post and TMZ have reported the serious offence to Baker Skateboards‘ latest baseball shirt design that features Daniel Shimizu and Don Nguyen riding the classic Dukes of Hazzard car with The Duke’s word exchanged for Gooks.

Paul Kearns, of anti-racism education charity Show Racism The Red Card, said: “We would say that T-shirt is obviously racist and we agree with the comments that suggest this is essentially a case of racism for sale. We hope to see it withdrawn in the very near future. It promotes racial stereotypes and it is unacceptable.”

Andrew Reynolds is yet to comment but is this an over the top reaction?

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Altamont Waster shirt

The summer may be late this year in the UK but there’s no point in being stuck in the heat once it drops without some new threads. You know that feeling of pulling on a new shirt once the sun is shining out there and optimism tells me that we are close to actually having some killer weather on the way. We are bloody well OWED some right now.

With that in mind, the good folk at Altamont sent us over some new threads designed by Andrew Reynolds’. I grabbed the Waster shirt because it was like picking up a puppy and throwing it on my untanned skin. This 100% cotton yarn dye plaid is SO soft to the touch, it’s jokes. Ultimate comfort, a great custom cut and one happy summer’s day will be primed once the vitamin D from the sky finally drops.

I’m ready are you?

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Shake Junt Chicken Bone Nowison

shake_junt_chicken_boneShake Junt is famous for making griptape and lumps of wax so anyone who didn’t know better would be safe in assuming their video consisted of cutting room floor clips that conjure up as much excitement as a tax bill. Well, stereotypes are made to be broken and filmer Beagle-Oneism and his buddies definitely smash any preconceptions with Chicken Bone Nowison.

There’s a reason why teenagers around the world are painting everything green and gold and neglect the traditional handshake for a double slap and pound combination. The industry runs on trends and Shake Junt are running the show right now. This is pretty amazing when you consider that all they do is deal hardware and scream obscure phrases, but when you look closer you’re quick to notice that Shake Junt is a subsidiary of the Baker-Deathwish camp which in turn means some of the biggest and best names in skateboarding are riding under their flag. As a result, Chicken Bone Nowison is anything but cutting room floor footage. Beagle-Oneism has gathered new footage, tour footage, off cuts from this year’s major releases and various other hi-jinks to create an hour long trip with some of skateboarding’s heaviest hitters.

Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Dustin Dollin, Justin Figueroa, Neen Williams, Theotis Beasley, Jeff Lenoce, Braydon Szafranski, Shane Heyl, Beagle-Oneism, Don Nyguen and new recruits Pat “Sinner” Pasquale and Mike White have parts as well as a couple of friends sections thrown in for good measure. The only person missing from the video (even though you spot him lurking) is Jim Greco. I was surprised to see he didn’t have any tricks as he rips.

Rather than go into detail, here are a few things Yays and Nays about Chicken Bone Nowison:

Neen Williams has some of the most beautiful heelflips in the game.

Jeff Lenoce finally came through with a real part that should prove the naysayers wrong.

– Even though some might find them annoying, Shane Heyl and Beagle-Oneism display genuine excitement and motivation which can only have a very positive effect on skateboarders trying to get tricks in an anti-skate city like Los Angeles.

Terry Kennedy handling business like a boss.

– Unfortunately Antwuan Dixon fans will be disappointed especially when they see that his few tricks are twinned with that of Neckface.

– “Look mum, no hands!” jumping out of hotel windows into swimming pools is highly inadvisable. Whoever does jump is merely centimetres away from meeting their maker.

– Spray painting someone’s face isn’t a good idea either!

– Dustin Dollin (interview) proves yet again that you can skate anything and rip it apart.

– A very cynical person might remark that certain skaters are a bit like one trick ponies that filmed every possible variation of a specific trick on various spots. Haters gonna hate…

– With so many skaters and so many styles, the soundtrack is varied. Everything from mixtape tracks to Lemmy set the rhythm for the footage and it’s all-good.

In the category of hardware company videos Chicken Bone Nowison sits head and shoulders above the rest. The skating and positive vibe of the video are the major strengths which should guarantee that you get yourself a copy and watch it several times. If the tricks don’t convince you, the title jingle definitely will.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis
7 December 2011

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Emerica Wino shoe

I was very pleased when my favourite shoe company, Emerica, introduced a shoe dedicated to sorts like me called the Wino. I’ve been drinking actively for over a decade and it’s hard to find consistent partner for such a long period, therefore the shoe becomes ones best friend, every barfly knows this.

When they originally looked at the perfect shoe for an inebriated state, it seems they were looking for a mix between a Chuck Taylor and the classic plimsoll, thus this beautiful blend, a perfect equilibrium. The Wino has the simplicity of a plimsoll, but the widely accepted coolness of a Chuck Taylor, a diversity that sits suits any occasion, be it dinner on a yacht in Cannes or drinking K Cider on the streets of Dalston, it works either way.

The shoe design has some well thought through qualities, it was crucial to cater for swaying, so they implemented a tiny heel to compensate for this! Having that little extra support at the back ensures a forward balance and this I feel has been one of the strongest attributes to any drinking shoe. Another great feature I have noticed is if you feel the need to use your shoe laces for party tricks, the Wino looks super cool with or without laces, making them extra valuable at house parties!

The main reason I like this shoe from a consumer level is simple, they are very inexpensive. Therefore, when you’re staggering home after you’ve managed to drink yourself past the swaying heel support system, you could easily pass out wherever you are without worrying about someone stealing your shoes. If they get robbed, you can get another pair without breaking the bank! Just a tip. They also make for pretty good pillows at festivals by the way!

I love the Wino overall, but I love it most when I wake up in the morning knowing that this is as bad as my day is going to get and no matter what I do next. My winos are ready and waiting to take on the journey with me (providing I made it home and still have them of course).

A Barfly