Gardner’s Moves

After about a hour or so, a few beers and a can of strawberry cider, I felt ready to shoot a photo with Moose.

I had been eyeing up the gap from a little kicker over the bowl and into a little quarter, but as it was backside I just didn’t feel like it was for me, so I decided to just run as fast as I could and try and clear it to the flat.

This plan was going well besides the fact that the floor was a slippery as your mum’s kitchen when you are wearing socks and there were 3 pikey pre GCSE girls with a massive dog standing in my landing area. Never the less I managed to muster the speed and after almost hitting their dog they moved on and we were able to shoot it.Martyn Thomas


Chris Ault – Beer Run
Aaron Nannup – Hell-drop to front board
Ben Hatchell – Muchos Blunts
Andrew Gallagher – Leap of Filth
Joe Moore – A big mess aka fakie 900 gazelle double flip?
Ouch – Sucker.
Ryan Sheckler – Roof Kickflip

Pic of the Bunch

James Gardner makes shadows for Moose’s lens and rolls out onto the marble surface with ease.


Leech’ Moves

Matt Clarke shoots new Karma rider Dan Leech at Milton Keynes this month. Click here for Dan’s latest mini interview with BDF.

This weeks hot links..

Daniel Lutheran – Take your pick!

Glen Michelfelder – Manual steez.

Taylor Smith – Pop shuv front boardslide 270 out.

Andrew Brophy – FS Smith to Security Guard

Steve Forstner – Ditch ollie

Alessandro Magnani – Fakie lipslide to noseblunt

Rogie – Backsmith tailslide

Pic of the Week

Emerica rider Rob Maatman won the ‘Eur Cool With Us Award‘at the Damn AM Awards last Thursday and is captured here by Eric Antoine tweaking fakies in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Tanners Moves

This month UK Cliche rider John Tanner joins us for a guest Moves and Top 5’s. Sequence shot by the one and only Styley who now resides in Japan and is missed by all.

Torey Pudwill (Flip Crooks)

Lucas Puig (Switch BS Flip)

Gino Iannucci (Switch back tail)

Chico Brenes (Flatground line)

Tanner’s Top 5 useful items to have in your bag around London:

1) Rizla – Cash in when that stranger asks you by charging 50p per sheet. That’s 5 packets of Space Raiders bro!

2) Spare T-shirt – There’s nothing like a fresh T-shirt after a heated session. Be prepared for those occasions where a Pub/Club visit is mandatory after your homie puts it down.

3) Digital Camera – For capturing those Milfs and footballers wives amongst other things like that sick spot you go past on the bus or those killer number plates.

4) Deodorant – Keep it simple son! This one’s self-explanatory to you all i hope.

5) Spare Laces – Whether it’s for tying up security guards or simply fixing your Run DMC steez, don’t forget a lace has a million uses.

Top 5 Girl/Choc decks on the wall:

1) Girl – (Unknown) 94′
2) Chocolate– Keenan (Car Series) 01′
3) Girl – Jovantae (Basketball Shirt) 94′
4) Chocolate – Keenan (Psychic Healer) 98′
5) Chocolate – Mulder (Holy Water) 98′

Pic of the Week

Matt Clarke gets down low with his lens whilst Jezz feebles the rail and minds the gap.


Richie’s Moves

Styley was in San Jose to see the moustached magician, Death pro Richie Jackson, fling himself down this monster of a handrail in true caveman style. Look out for his section in the new Transworld video, And Now, for more styled out mindfucks.

Chet Childress – Frontside Wallride
Bobby Worrest – ‘Hippy’ Jump
Dan Plunkett – Grimey and gritty
Landscape – Big Push Offcuts
Dyson Ramones – 360 Flip
Tom Hobson – Nose Manual Lipslide
Bobby Puleo – Bobby Puleo!

Top 5 Reasons why Jams are awesome

1) Stickers suddenly morph into beer tokens at the afterparty
2) It’s acceptable to shout “wheeeeeey!” into a megaphone
3) Dan Wileman
4) Just dropping in while The Prodigy’s ‘Girls‘ is blazed out makes you feel like a king.
5) Thinking about them reminds me of raspberry jam, which is yummy.

Top 5 Transworld Videos

1) Sight Unseen
2) Modus Operandi
3) Anthology
4) And Now
5) Feedback

Pic of the week

How about some landscape to go with those shapes? And Now… Kenny Hoyle flaps his wings and draws the attention of Blair Alley‘s lens away from the skyline with this lofty front crooks.


Awadh’s Moves

Awadh may have just late shoved his way to the throne of this Canada Water handrail.
Seq: Styley.

Dennis Busenitz – Kickflip
Shaun Witherup – Mudchute Manuals
Joey Brezinsky – Nose Manual 360 Shove
Tyler Brick – Kickflip
Boris Proust – Nosemanual
Kenny Anderson – Back Smith Grind

Top 5 Fresh Product Reviews

1) Independent Haslam Stage 10s
2) Creature Death Card Deck
3) Emerica Jerry Hsu
4) Vans AVE Sk8 Low
5) Nike SB Dunk Mid

Top 5 Eavesdroppings in Portobello Road this week

1) “You wouldn’t even need to put much effort into running away, zombies are really quite slow.”
2) “I would appreciate if you were not to look at me like that sir, for I am neither murderer nor thief.”
3) “Your post office! It’s… it’s….rubbish!”
4) “Does anyone know whose baby this is?”
5) “Why so seriousssss?”

Pic of the week

One of the enigmatic 10:30 Warriors, Nick Jones ignores the abundance of Dark Knight references and knocks out this astonishing gap in Barcelona without even considering to warm up. Look out for more from these Hologram boyos in the ‘No Shame In Spain‘ video feature next week!

Photo taken by Trix.


Axel’s Moves

Flip am Axel Cruysberghs delivers a Belgian shove front board for Jerome Loughran’s lense at the recent Flip demo in London.

Click here for the feature with video.

Tom Kruper – Frontside Shove It –
Colin Hale – Noseslide Nollie Flip Out
PJ Ladd – Fakie Cab Heel
Skate Kitchen – Spring Cleaning
Felipe Gustavo – Bigspin Front Nose
Rick Howard – Frontside 5-0

Top 5 Cut offs

1) Everyone stand back! I am going to try scien-
2) They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist-
3) OH SHI-
4) Go away, I’m fi-
5) I’m going to say Candlejack out loud. Just you try an-

Top 6 Truck companies so far from this week’s poll

1) Independent
2) Thunder
3) Venture
4) Tensor
5) Royal
6) Fury

Pic of the Week

IƱigo Igarza is the newest team rider on Fidelity Skateboards caught here switching a back smith and believe it or not, it was shot by himself…


Mikey’s Moves

Mike Wright switch bs flips for Baghead Flats courtesy of Sidewalk’s Leo Sharp.

Cody McEntire nollie bigspin heelflip…
Korahn Gayle – Backside 360 Ollie
Ty Evans – Steady Cam Steeze –
Alex Olson – B/S Smith
Arto Saari – F/S Nosegrind
Sierra Fellers – Switch Heelfip
Dave Watson – Nollie Flip

Top 5 Tipples for under a fiver

1. Spirit Of Kentucky Whisky (£4 in Iceland)
2. Vodkat (£5 in Tesco)
3. Cabernet Shiraz Wine (£2.99 in One Stop)
4. Carlsberg (6 bottles for £2 in Co-Op)
5. Anything you can find (£Fuck all in Lidl)

Top 5 reasons to come to the Flip demo in London this weekend

1. Geoff Rowley and Tom Penny are back home
2. David Gonzales is off the hook and now pro for Flip and Globe
3. Glastonbury has Jay- Z headlining.
4. FREE stuff and amzing skating.
5. Everyone will be out for it.

Pic of the Week

Anthony Shetler shows why Zoo York shipped him across the pond for the recent UK Tour with this perfect nollie krook at Bay Sixty 6. Pic by Phil Procter.


McKeon’s Moves

Gyppo bastard Kevin McKeon lost the plot at Cantelowes this week and made one of these work. Sequence by Phil Procter

Eric Koston – Fakie F/S Crooks
Jimmy Carlin – F/S Depeche Mode
Brandon Biebel – Nollie Noseslide
Nick Trapasso – 360 flip fakie
Chris Atherton – Manuals!
Benson – FUCK OFF alley oop.

Top 5 Reasons why 2008 is better than 2007 for skating.

1) Extremely Sorry, potential Tom Penny madness and quite simply, David Gonzales.
2) People will hopefully slowly cease talking about Ryan Sheckler all the time.
3) Monster Network’s Never Forever, new Skipp footage and the first full section from Dave Watson.
4) After the standard set by Fully Flared, it can only get better. Hopefully.
5) Girl hooking up with (Red) gives you a good reason to shell out your hard earned monies for a plank of wood.

Top 5 skate smells

1) Vert pads
2) Christensen’s hat
3) Christensen’s armpits
4) Robin’s BBQ on the road
5) Fresh urethane

Pic of the Week

Steve Gourlay shoots a MASSIVE 360 Flip from Andrew Brophy somewhere in Oz

Send your pics in here.


Moss’ Moves

Adam Moss – nollie in Harlow. Photo by Styley

Nate Guest – Lip slide to frontside nosegrind

Dax Miller – Switch front blunt

Dennis Busenitz – Front blunt revert

Danny Supa – Big flip

Joe Lynskey – Backside flip into bank

Top 5 Amy Winehouse cosmetic colours

1) Methamphetagreen
2) Mugshot Mauve
3) Hash Brown
4) Nicotine Nail Yellow
5) Khraki

Top 3 things to look forward to:

1) Crossfire Jam with Flip Team London demo – Saturday 28th June
2) Bones UK demo – Bay Sixty 6 – Details here.
3) UK National Skateboarding Championships 2008 – September

Top 5 non-flip tricks

1) No-comply
2) Wallie
3) Powerslides
4) Hillbombing
5) Powerslides whilst hillbombing

Pic of the Week

Christian Couzens
was taking pics of his mate reading the paper, when Saimon Oliviera chucked this fronside grab over the pair of them. Send yours here:


Cundall’s Moves

Ben Cundall – 5-0 Backtail. Photo by Styley

Lee Osterholt – Nose Manual
Shaun Witherup – 360 Flip
éS Team – Arizona Goodness
Brian Tucci – Switch Impossible
Ryan Holloway – B/S Nosegrind Backlip Front 180 Out

Top 5s – Names that pre-determine a life of cool.

1) Sal Paradise
2) Tony Montana
3) Xavier De Rosnay
4) Daniel Day-Lewis
5) Gino Iannucci

Top 5s – Names that pre-determine a life of douche.

1) Gay Search
2) Lee Mead
3) Edwina Currie
4) Chris Waddle
5) Kim Twatt
6) Zac Leeks!

Pic of the Week

Speck snaps Black Tea from afar whilst the vespa brigade celebrate 10 yrs of 5th District

Send your moves shots to us here.