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mfdoomMF Doom
Air Crimes – from Black Bastards

Doom vs MF Doom?! WTAF?!

This is what just hit our inbox this morning from someone who obviously knows what our ears respond to: “MF Doom just released a punk song, the track is called Air Crimes off of the surprise release “Black Bastards”, out on 10/31.”

They call it punk but you can’t ever take the C from the CRUST of the OG UK Doom band. Birmingham’s riff masters have had their stomping ‘War Crimes’ track re-fuzzed with MF Doom’s snazz rap on the upper tier. It will either make you smile or shit. Regardless, this blew some old cobwebs out this morning.

Get a grip and a bag of slags and dive the fuck in. Black Bastards though?! Too much even for Woodstock mate. Conflict collab next?

Free download here:

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Night Dials

night_dialsNight Dials
‘Waiting At Your Door’ / ‘Little Flame’
Ciao Ketchup Recordings

West London’s Night Dials are set to drop their new AA-side single this month and its sun soaked psych vibes are downright riveting.

Sounding reminiscent of Cosmonauts, Night Beats and The UFO Club, via West Coast-surf scuzz, ‘Waiting At Your Door’ is a lo-fi melancholic daydream. With gushing keyboards and lead guitar rumble and fuzz, jolly, ska-esque rhythms ensue, puncturing the surface with every other beat to keep you bouncing along ‘Obla Di Obla Da’ style. A brilliant metaphor of quite literally waiting at someone’s door, the monotonous, foot tapping, ticking-clock guitar repetition is a nudge in your back every other second just to remind you it’s still there.

Nosediving from the optimism and youthful notion of ‘Waiting At Your Door’, ‘Little Flame’ provokes a darker corner of Night Dials’ musicality. Here we’re treated to a new depth. Gone is the fun and fuzz of the aforementioned track, giving a sharp thrust into the reflective keys showing that Night Dials have the ability, and sensibility, to add a new dimension to their sound and exist beyond the general “psych/garage” scenes.

Words:Tom Churchill

‘Waiting At Your Door’ / ‘Little Flame’ is due October 30th via Ciao Ketchup. Pre-order here.

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‘For Those Who Graced The Fire’ EP
Rise Records


In the mid-eighties, iconic Californian hardcore demons Bl’ast took Black Flag’s menacing heavy-fusion template created on their ‘My War’ album and ran with it, unleashing three albums from 85-89 on SST Records that blew minds, and the genre, apart. In 2013, with Southern Lord having just reissued the bands back-catalogue, Bl’ast took to the road again with original vocalist Clifford Dinsmore and guitarist Mike Neider playing alongside Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo from Queens Of The Stoneage and the results, unsurprisingly, were devastating.

Re-inspired by the power of the music, the band hit the studio and have now recruited Dave Grohl and ex-Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski to fill in for Nick and Joey who had touring commitments, to record two new tracks for a new 7” EP. Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that that little combination can only be one thing, utterly explosive!

Sure enough, when first track ‘For Those Who Graced The Fire’ kicks in, Grohl’s unmistakable pounding drums detonate into life and the band lurch through a weird, contorted time signature that jars and splutters, uncomfortable and unsettling but powerful and addictive. ‘The Pulse’ is next, igniting with a churning signature Dukowski bass run before kicking into 60 seconds of prime nasty hardcore. Perfect.

It’s so good to hear Grohl back behind the drum kit and in good company, rather than the mainstream pap he churns out in his day job. His involvement will shine a lot of light upon this release. It’s deserved. The world needs to hear Bl’ast.

James Sherry

Pre-order the 7″ here or on iTunes.

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Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha
“Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)”


You know that El-P and Killer Mike are on some next level shit when you see videos as powerful as this. America’s ridiculous history of death, violence and inside jobs within their Police force has reached peak. It certainly never manages to learn anything from humiliating black culture, who they clearly see as aliens out there.

This artistic new video by director AG Rojas constructs an exhausting chase that paints the perfect picture of the battle that young black Americans face. The battle that never seems to end. It’s just a shame that some of the confusing YouTube feed comments are written by so many people that don’t ‘get it’. What is there not to get? Maybe these are the same people with no brains that essentially fuck everything up…and they are somehow given jobs as Police officers.

Run The Jewels recall the fine work of Zach De La Rocka on this tune, who we all know from RATM. This jam was tight without the video, but let’s hope a few of the people on the other side of the game in those Police departments are watching, and learning like us out here. This is a cold and tiring look at reality from the ever growing list of unjust Police brutality.

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‘Psychedelic Power Engine Iron Claw Thunder Mistress’

What would Hawkwind have sounded like if they hadn’t kicked Lemmy out of the band, let him cane his speed and take full control of the musical reigns? Sadly we’ll never know, but Hastings’ Riddles offer a pretty likely idea.

‘Psychedelic Power Engine Iron Claw Thunder Mistress’ is the near six-minute space rock epic from this electrifying foursome, and it will leave your ears red raw. Phasers cranked and tubes cooking hot, this lot only do business if it’s coated in feedback, fuzz, and steaming along at 100 miles per hour on a hell-bent journey to terrifying sonic altitudes.

Watch the dark and twisted new music video below that matches this head-melter perfectly, and keep an eye on their facebook page for gigs.

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Orgaanklap - I'm Fuck, Punk You ‘I’m Fuck, Punk You’
 (Draaiorgel Remix)
 Suburban Records

Sometimes you see something in life that knocks you for six, stops you in your tracks and slaps you in the face like a wet fish. Today was one of those days as this played for just 40 seconds.

The thing is, it felt natural, felt like it was what my day needed. I was owed this Orgaanklap remix. It was meant to happen.

There’s no point in explaining it. Just play it, take it in and appreciate ‘I’m Fuck, Punk You’. Genius bastards!




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 Self Released

Mixing the rock n’ roll formula worn on the famous sleeves of the likes of the Dead Boys, MC5 and Iggy’s Stooges on speed, UK 4 piece VANT have arrived in our ears this week on recommendation with kick-ass new track Parasite that spans a minute twenty five only and packs high energy, sneering vocals and a dose of unadulterated malarkey.

Join them on their mammoth spring tour at a British venue near you soon, they sound like they could fuel a great drunken night out.

Dates here.

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Sub Pop

After what feels like an eternity, Toronto’s most wanted are back. These three peddlers of noise have had us all on tenterhooks since their 2012 debut shook the earth with a colossal helping of riffs, rawness and power, and today marks their triumphant return in the form of ‘Acetate’, the most frenzied four-minutes you’re guaranteed to hear this week.

‘Acetate’ picks up right where tracks like ‘Wet Blanket’ and ‘Wasted’ left off. Their unmistakeable guitar and bass grind fused with head busting drums creates a sound only describable as manic. The track leads METZ’s second album, fittingly titled METZ II, which is due May 4th via Sub Pop and will feature the artwork pictured here.

Watch their new pancake-focused visual below and do whatever you must to get a ticket for their sold-out show at The 100 Club on March 3rd.

Metz II Track Listing:
1. Acetate
2. The Swimmer
3. Spit You Out
4. Zzyzx
5. IOU
6. Landfill
7. Nervous System
8. Wait in Line
9. Eyes Peeled
10. Kicking a Can of Worms

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‘Hungry Heart’
Fat Possum

Landing with the might of a thousand jackhammers are London’s most exciting young noisemakers, Yak. Their debut single, ‘Hungry Heart’, is a three minute opus that will have you clinging onto the bandwagon as soon as it comes careering out of their filthy garage rock den.

Their simplicity is bold, brash and charming, never straying from fiercely repetitive bass motifs that could have had even Noel Redding in a tizz. Lyrically, Yak come kicking and screaming at will with a testosterone fuelled mantra of “again and again and again” as their potent chorus rains down on your ears in a haze of fuzz.

Live, the three-piece put on a whirlwind display fizzing with action, be sure to catch them at their single launch on March 3rd at Stoke Newington’s Waiting Room.

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‘All My Friends’

It’d be foolish to be a London based trio of guitar wielding slackers without knowing that there’s a ton of other Londoners wielding their slack charms left right and centre throughout the capital city. Thankfully for Wicketkeeper, their breezy pop-smarts see them standing tall among a sea of five panel caps.

Methodically simple without being dumb, immediate without being throwaway, ‘All My Friends’ is a hook-laden, Lemonheads meets Pavement homage full of late 20s ennui. Captured live at House of Strange in South East London, their no-frills recording approach lets the song speak for itself as the raw energy pours and their slick melodies rise.

If you thrive on chunky guitar hooks and slacker charm then be sure to catch this instrument swapping trio live at The Shacklewell Arms on February 3rd with Naomi Punk.

‘All My Friends’ is taken from Wicketkeeper’s debut EP, Muscle Baby, self-released from Feb 9th.