Skateboarding Product Reviews

Emerica Wino shoe

I was very pleased when my favourite shoe company, Emerica, introduced a shoe dedicated to sorts like me called the Wino. I’ve been drinking actively for over a decade and it’s hard to find consistent partner for such a long period, therefore the shoe becomes ones best friend, every barfly knows this.

When they originally looked at the perfect shoe for an inebriated state, it seems they were looking for a mix between a Chuck Taylor and the classic plimsoll, thus this beautiful blend, a perfect equilibrium. The Wino has the simplicity of a plimsoll, but the widely accepted coolness of a Chuck Taylor, a diversity that sits suits any occasion, be it dinner on a yacht in Cannes or drinking K Cider on the streets of Dalston, it works either way.

The shoe design has some well thought through qualities, it was crucial to cater for swaying, so they implemented a tiny heel to compensate for this! Having that little extra support at the back ensures a forward balance and this I feel has been one of the strongest attributes to any drinking shoe. Another great feature I have noticed is if you feel the need to use your shoe laces for party tricks, the Wino looks super cool with or without laces, making them extra valuable at house parties!

The main reason I like this shoe from a consumer level is simple, they are very inexpensive. Therefore, when you’re staggering home after you’ve managed to drink yourself past the swaying heel support system, you could easily pass out wherever you are without worrying about someone stealing your shoes. If they get robbed, you can get another pair without breaking the bank! Just a tip. They also make for pretty good pillows at festivals by the way!

I love the Wino overall, but I love it most when I wake up in the morning knowing that this is as bad as my day is going to get and no matter what I do next. My winos are ready and waiting to take on the journey with me (providing I made it home and still have them of course).

A Barfly