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WESC Delano Jacket

wesc_delanojacketWESC have made pretty much the perfect summer jacket in the Delano here. I’ve had this on daily now since it came out of the bag and its simplicity and cut is what makes it so perfect.

WESC’s latest jacket is made from a perfectly weighted waxed cotton so that our European weather system can be defeated, and to back that up, it also comes correct with a concealed hood which tucks away nicely if you don’t want it flapping about on your back. Two huge pockets are situated in the front that can hide pretty much anything, and would be perfect for shoplifting too. The only downside pocket-wise is that the Delano doesn’t have any inside, which is strange. If it did, this jacket would be the ultimate, but that aside this is still a must buy at about £140 as it ticks pretty much every box and feels so good once on.

Unfortunately within the first week of wearing this, I was on the south coast in Brighton when a bird dropped the biggest shit on me from a tree. From previous experiences of watching the colour be ripped out of fabric from the likes of ketchup (get that off immediately) and bird crap, I was surprised to get my Delano back from the dry cleaners without any bleached damage. Either those seagulls have a diet of fish and chips only, or I was lucky. Maybe the cotton fabric and wax were just too darn clever for it. Anyway, it came back 100% like new and is still in use today.

This is highly recommended as a perfect summer jacket and comes in sapphire black/blue or a toasted coconut. Both are dope.


Skateboarding Product Reviews

Fourstar Koston Stretch Denim Pant

Are you that bloke that can’t tre flip perfectly because your jeans don’t allow your legs to widen that extra two inches? The solution has been out there for years with the combination of cotton and polyester but Fourstar have nailed it in their latest Spring 2013 collection. Every signature jean is made with both so that the denim is allowed to stretch slightly, meaning you can actually move and are not limited when you skate.

Eric Koston’s new signature pant was relased last week and comes in either slim jim or standard fit. I chose the black ones with a button fly but they also have zips and come in Indigo Stonewash, Indigo Rinse, Black Stonewash and Black Rinse colours. Grab some of these to get you through the summer month’s ahead and you will thank Fourstar come September.

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‘Koi No Yokan’

Warner Bros. Records

‘Koi No Yokan’ was already tipped as one of this year’s hottest albums, but when ‘Leathers’ and ‘Tempest’ were dropped early as a prelude, anticipation for this record became sky-high.

The hype was justified as in just over 50minutes, Deftones manage to portray beauty in the heaviest fashion whilst maintaing a tender sense of vulnerability.

As always Deftones have offered a record packed full of individual miniature gems, whether it is the storming ‘Swerve City’ or chugging ‘Gauze’. However on first listen ‘Koi No Yokan’ is lacking a masterpiece… Diamond Eyes featured ‘Sex Tape’ and White Pony hosted ‘Change (In the House of Flies)’ yet this record doesn’t have that one heart-wrenching, standout track on its debut play. But give ‘Koi No Yokan’ patience and it starts to shine, it’s a grower and firmly reconfirms Deftones as the championed king of the alt-metal throne. This record in a live environment will be astounding.

Words: Emma Wallace

Skateboarding Product Reviews

etnies Chillaxin shirt

That feeling of a new, fitted shirt cannot be beaten, especially when found in a sale coming in at only £25 this month. Etnies have a sale on right now on their website as the seasons change and one of the bargains we have picked out for you as a reccomendation this week is the Chillaxin shirt.

It’s soft 100% cotton comes in a plaid design with short sleeves, front chest pocket and is well worth the dough. Grab one today as we bound to have a late summer and when it kicks in at the end of August you will be ahead of the game this year.

Click here to have one sent to your doorstep. Also comes in grey/black.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Altamont Waster shirt

The summer may be late this year in the UK but there’s no point in being stuck in the heat once it drops without some new threads. You know that feeling of pulling on a new shirt once the sun is shining out there and optimism tells me that we are close to actually having some killer weather on the way. We are bloody well OWED some right now.

With that in mind, the good folk at Altamont sent us over some new threads designed by Andrew Reynolds’. I grabbed the Waster shirt because it was like picking up a puppy and throwing it on my untanned skin. This 100% cotton yarn dye plaid is SO soft to the touch, it’s jokes. Ultimate comfort, a great custom cut and one happy summer’s day will be primed once the vitamin D from the sky finally drops.

I’m ready are you?

Skateboarding Product Reviews

SUPRA Douglas boot

The clocks have gone back, the Autumn has kicked in and inevitably the Winter will be inviting us into the big chill here in the UK over the next 2 months. For some it’s a bleak period, for others it’s a joyful season, but for many of us, preparation for cold, winter nights ahead starts now in terms of clothing and shoes.

SUPRA are one step ahead of the other shoe brands this year and have released a series of boots so you can combat pretty much any weather system when off your board. Question is, are these for you? What do you wear when you are not skating? Are you the commercial sports style person? Do you like a shoe? Are you partial to a boot? If it’s the latter then get ready to be introduced to Supra’s newest range of footwear designed to heavy duty wear off the griptape. A boot that is so durable that you can hike in them, as i found out a month ago whilst visiting Lulworth Cove down on the South coast.

These Douglas boots are all terrain vehicles, designed to tackle hillsides, puddles, dancefloors and pretty much anything that this planet will serve up. So far, they are not even fazed by the tasks that they have been put through so far, they look exactly the same as they did when they jumped out of the box, and when they have got dirty, these boots are so easy to wipe down and clean up.

I have noticed that I have formed bigger calf muscles in these last 6 weeks of wearing them daily, as the Douglas are heavy but not like foot bricks. They are kind of like Black Sabbath, but within the first 4 albums. None of that (debatable) average shit they released afterwards that you can never actually remember. They come with tough metal eyelets, leather laces, heavygauge stitching, a gusseted tongue (ooh missus) and they are super warm and comfy once on your feet.

If you are looking for a winter boot this year, the Douglas could well be your best option. Keep and eye on Supra as they are making some big waves in an area where a lot of other skate brands are just repeating themselves right now. These come highly recommended this winter. Pick them up in the Supra shop as they now deliver direct to the UK.


Lulworth Cove, October 2011- no problem for the Douglas.