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New Bay Sixty 6 launch video with Wieger VW

The brand new Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark is opening this Saturday 15th September with what looks to be a memorable event that will see the Nike SB team in attendance to open her with a bang.

Justin Brock, Wieger Van Wageningen, Theotis Beasley, Sean Malto, Fernando Bramsmark, Korahn Gayle, Neil Smith, Chris Jones, Jak Pietryga, Joey Pressey, Daniel Kinloch are all confirmed to skate the park on the opening day.

in related news Kyron Davis who learnt to skate at BaySixty6 after school is now on Nike SB. Check out Wieger Van Wageningen in this clip filmed last week at the park and look forward to this weekend.

Click here to see the transformation of the skatepark from the day the first ramps were demolished until now in our ongoing feature.

BaySixty6 re-opening Times:

Free public skate session: Saturday 15th September, 3.00 – 8.00pm
Nike Skateboarding team demo: Saturday 15th September, 5.00 – 7.00pm
General public reopening: Sunday 16th September (charges apply)

DVD Reviews

Shake Junt Chicken Bone Nowison

shake_junt_chicken_boneShake Junt is famous for making griptape and lumps of wax so anyone who didn’t know better would be safe in assuming their video consisted of cutting room floor clips that conjure up as much excitement as a tax bill. Well, stereotypes are made to be broken and filmer Beagle-Oneism and his buddies definitely smash any preconceptions with Chicken Bone Nowison.

There’s a reason why teenagers around the world are painting everything green and gold and neglect the traditional handshake for a double slap and pound combination. The industry runs on trends and Shake Junt are running the show right now. This is pretty amazing when you consider that all they do is deal hardware and scream obscure phrases, but when you look closer you’re quick to notice that Shake Junt is a subsidiary of the Baker-Deathwish camp which in turn means some of the biggest and best names in skateboarding are riding under their flag. As a result, Chicken Bone Nowison is anything but cutting room floor footage. Beagle-Oneism has gathered new footage, tour footage, off cuts from this year’s major releases and various other hi-jinks to create an hour long trip with some of skateboarding’s heaviest hitters.

Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Dustin Dollin, Justin Figueroa, Neen Williams, Theotis Beasley, Jeff Lenoce, Braydon Szafranski, Shane Heyl, Beagle-Oneism, Don Nyguen and new recruits Pat “Sinner” Pasquale and Mike White have parts as well as a couple of friends sections thrown in for good measure. The only person missing from the video (even though you spot him lurking) is Jim Greco. I was surprised to see he didn’t have any tricks as he rips.

Rather than go into detail, here are a few things Yays and Nays about Chicken Bone Nowison:

Neen Williams has some of the most beautiful heelflips in the game.

Jeff Lenoce finally came through with a real part that should prove the naysayers wrong.

– Even though some might find them annoying, Shane Heyl and Beagle-Oneism display genuine excitement and motivation which can only have a very positive effect on skateboarders trying to get tricks in an anti-skate city like Los Angeles.

Terry Kennedy handling business like a boss.

– Unfortunately Antwuan Dixon fans will be disappointed especially when they see that his few tricks are twinned with that of Neckface.

– “Look mum, no hands!” jumping out of hotel windows into swimming pools is highly inadvisable. Whoever does jump is merely centimetres away from meeting their maker.

– Spray painting someone’s face isn’t a good idea either!

– Dustin Dollin (interview) proves yet again that you can skate anything and rip it apart.

– A very cynical person might remark that certain skaters are a bit like one trick ponies that filmed every possible variation of a specific trick on various spots. Haters gonna hate…

– With so many skaters and so many styles, the soundtrack is varied. Everything from mixtape tracks to Lemmy set the rhythm for the footage and it’s all-good.

In the category of hardware company videos Chicken Bone Nowison sits head and shoulders above the rest. The skating and positive vibe of the video are the major strengths which should guarantee that you get yourself a copy and watch it several times. If the tricks don’t convince you, the title jingle definitely will.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis
7 December 2011

DVD Reviews

Not Another Transworld Video

Not Another Transworld Video
A film by Jon Holland and Chris Ray

“Oh no! Not another Transworld video?!?!?” I hear you say. Jon Holland and Chris Ray are well aware that the skateboard publication has served us more than it’s fair share of audiovisual documentation, so when tackling the task of adding another video to the pile, the creators had some fun with the title at least. The cast is a who’s who of who’s hot right now and I have to admit that this selection is pretty damn good: Theotis Beasley, Nestor Judkins, Shane O’Neill, Mike Anderson and Wes Kremer.

Let me begin by saying that NATV watches like you were reading an issue of TWS magazine. By that I mean that each section is like an individual article that you will either like or dislike, skim or study, and peppered throughout is obvious and less obvious adverting from those who helped fund the project. Personally I could do without some of the blatant logo placement, but let me send a message to Go Pro and Shake Junt who might be mistaken for an atheletes foot remedies thanks to the filthy foot on display during their skit.

Anyway, back to the skating. Transworld took a bold step many moons ago to not include the names of skaters during the opening and middle montage sections. The result means you focus on the amazing skateboarding on display and not the name of each hungry amateur getting sweaty for the camera. Sidetracking slightly, how funny would it be if they used name credits in porn movies? I reckon it would be distracting to say the least. However, please can I propose that TWS include an option to add the names for old out of touch critics like myself who find it incredibly hard to keep up to date with all the new pixelated faces that I watch on the computer each day.

Theotis Beasley opens the show with a Waka Flocka anthem ‘Hard in the Paint’. I don’t know if Theotis is going ‘hard in the paint’ himself because he seems to be a genuinely easy going guy, but his suave skills on the skateboard have definitely propelled him to the ranks of professional for Baker since this video part dropped. With backing from The Boss, Andrew Reynolds, the future looks bright for Theotis. My favourite trick: The backside double heelflip over a gap.

Next in line is Nestor Judkins, another newly crowned professional for Enjoi. Nestor is obviously in touch with his board as well as the spots he skates. May I take the opportunity to say that Nestor’s section was like modern days take on one of the early Stereo videos. There’s quality over quantity even though his section runs for a healthy few minutes. My favourite trick: The frontside nosebluntslide pop over to backside nosebluntslide pop over line.

A brief funny-if-you-were-there skit by skipping extraordinaire Jimmy Carlin offers us a toilet / cigarette break before Shane O’Neill steps up to bat. I know that Shane has turned most of the industry on it’s head and has kids destroying the rewind and slo-mo options on their computers, but his flip trick wizardry doesn’t really do it for me. The analogy has probably been said before but Shane O’Neill skates like a robot that has returned from the future in a bid to destroy any and all tech skaters’ dreams. So far he has accomplished his mission without breaking a single smile that is until his ender. My favourite trick: The super long perfectly poised frontside boardslide.

Another nameless montage and we get to my favourite section: Mike Anderson. Manderson (as the industry has so creatively dubbed him) skates fast. Very fast. So fast in fact that I advise you to watch this section at least three times in a row to try and comprehend just how gnarly some of his tricks are. The other great thing about Mike is that he smiles (Take note kids!) when he skates. Why? Well maybe he has understood that when you boil this entire HD, pro, globetrotting skateboard bonanza down to the core all you’re left with is a toy that’s great fun to play with. My favourite trick: The massive alleyoop frontside 180 out of a bumpy bump to switch crooks a tall wall.

Helas, NATV draws to a close and new Sk8 Mafia’s pro Wes Kremer is dealt the tough card of ending it on a high note. Luckily Wes was born in a Wu Tang t-shirt, Khaki pants and with a skateboard under his feet because he takes to the task with ease. The first thing that came to my mind as I watched Wes annihilate spot after spot was ATV: All Terrain Vehicle. Concrete bowls, Rails, Ledges, Walls… The list goes on and on and Wes always has something original to offer. My favourite trick: The fast footed switch frontside 180 to backside 180 hop down a big double set followed by a perfect switch 360 flip down an even bigger set of stairs.

Honestly, Jon Holland and Chris Ray have chosen wisely for this latest offering from the Transworld camp. Yet again they have shined the light on the faces that are grabbing skateboarding by the ball-bearings and running it far into the future. I guarantee that at least one of the skateboarders on display will hype you up to go skate faster than any chemical caffeine canister could.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis

Skateboarding News

Not Another Transworld Video trailer released

transworld-skateboardingChris Ray uploaded the new trailer for the new Transworld video to Vimeo just now and announced the line up for this year’s production.

Expect sections from Mike Anderson, Theotis Beasley, Nestor Judkins, Wes Kremer, and Shane O’neill scheduled for release in June this year.

These videos have always delivered great skateboarding in the past with last year’s Hallelujah getting the best out of Pudwill, Eldrige, Hatchell, DeCenzo and more. Watch the trailer for their 23rd video release here.