Emerica demo footage from Manchester

The Emerica team have been enjoying the UK’s spots this week with demo’s and signings in Newcastle, Manchester and Stoke. Watch the Manchester demo at the new Freestyle built Projekt’s skatepark from Route One’s coverage here with Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Bryan Herman, Tom Knox, Casper Brooker and Rob Maatman.

The team will be at Mile End tomorrow signing at Parlour at 4.30pm before a demo as scheduled at 6.30pm. The good news is that the weather forecast predicts showers well in advance of this so don;t get put off if it’s wet in the afternoon, it will be dry by 6pm.


European Emerica team edit from Stay Gold

The Emerica Stay Gold footage just keeps on trucking this year. Click play below to watch the the Euro team video featuring hammers from Eniz Fazliov, Rob Maatman, Helder Lima, Pontus Alv, Vladik Scholz and Euro flow riders Thomas Nielsen, Henrique Goncalves and Ante Aiello.

Word has it that there’s another european edit from Emerica on its way so look out for that here once we get it.

Watch: Emerica Wild UNDER The Streets!

Earlier in the year, Emerica’s UK/Europe team hooked up with Dom Marley and Dan Magee for a hit and run skate mission in the London Underground.

‘Oh great, a couple of wallrides then…’, I’m sure a few of you have already spoken those words subconsciously at the thought of an underground edit. Well, you’re all in for a surprise with this one. Consider how everything done has gotta be first try too, this is stealth skateboarding at its best.

Watch below to see what a skate video directed by Hideo Kojima would look like as Tom Knox, Chris Ault, Rory Milanes, Rob Maatman and Eniz Fasilov mind the gap and shred the forbidden surfaces of the Big Smoke’s commuter inferno…