Altamont Waster shirt

The summer may be late this year in the UK but there’s no point in being stuck in the heat once it drops without some new threads. You know that feeling of pulling on a new shirt once the sun is shining out there and optimism tells me that we are close to actually having some killer weather on the way. We are bloody well OWED some right now.

With that in mind, the good folk at Altamont sent us over some new threads designed by Andrew Reynolds’. I grabbed the Waster shirt because it was like picking up a puppy and throwing it on my untanned skin. This 100% cotton yarn dye plaid is SO soft to the touch, it’s jokes. Ultimate comfort, a great custom cut and one happy summer’s day will be primed once the vitamin D from the sky finally drops.

I’m ready are you?

éS Daze Shirt

es-daze-short-sleeve-navyThe spring weather and recent UK heatwave has made sweaters and hoodies redundant and replaced by the welcome addition of short sleeve shirts again. éS were one step ahead of the weather predictions this Spring though and have some fantastic new threads for you to check out at your local SOS.

Made from 100% cotton the Daze shirt is lightweight and not fitted so it allows you to move perfectly when skating. The quality of the cut is highlighted by the interior collar which gives it support so that your collars don’t drop downwards like dead flowers off your neck. This is quite handy as this problem seems to happen to a lot of shirts that are not made with any thought and after a few washes they lose their freshness.

If you are looking for some Spring/Summer shirts right now then this is highly recommended, go find one.


Altamont Bryan Herman Kicker Shirt

Altamont kicker shirtLast weekend when we had a mini UK heat wave I realised I had a few options for short sleeve shirts but wasn’t happy with the choice of old wears. Thankfully Altamont’s sterling delivery service has sorted the current problem by the arrival of this short sleeve Kicker Shirt.

Designed by Baker pro Bryan Herman, the Kicker is super light weight and not a figure hugger meaning you can actually skate in it and not feel like you are going to rip through the sleeves when performing tricks that require much movement.

This plaid design comes in red and green (but looks purple to me on the Altamont site) and is made up of 100% cotton. You will be happy to know that these are also softer than a baby’s butt once on your back due to Altamont’s care in detail for producing quality gear so grab one and kick out those old yarns and replace them with new threads whilst the summer is in sight.