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Torey Pudwill’s Plan B True part


So here it is for 24 hrs only, Torey Pudwill‘s True part in full. The ender from the new Plan B video that has an amazing mix of technical and balls out skating. Lengthy grinds, tail slides, bluntslides, lipslides and so much more, all met with various tech endings alongside a whole lot more. There’s too much to take in on first viewing. Incredible skateboarding with a respectful cameo to his friend and lost legend, Lewis Marnell (RIP).

The full film is on iTunes if you want to download it, but not for free, it’s £7.64 ($11.99).

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Redbull ‘Perspective’ documentary


This new 16 minute ‘Perspective‘ documentary from Redbull features interviews with Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo and Zered Bassett discussing their roots and outlook on skateboarding from California, New York, and Vancouver. Watch them skate a waterpark, warehouse, ditch and more in this new bungy assisted production.

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Watch the DVS team skate Detroit

Torey Pudwill, Daewon Song, Luis Tolentino, Marty Murawski, Paul Shier, Jon Nguyen, Marty Marawski and new DVS team rider Zach Wallin make up this brand new DVS edit that is well worth your time today. Visit the motor city of Detroit to the psychedelic sounds of the Black Angels.

DVS Does Detroit from DVSSHOES on Vimeo.

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Torey Pudwill wins Tampa Pro 2012

Torey Pudwill has taken the honours at this years Tampa pro event this weekend in the US. Watch his winnning run here with the results, best trick and finals videos.


1. Torey Pudwill
2. Chaz Ortiz
3. Sean Malto
4. Leo Romero
5. Felipe Gustavo
6. Chris Cole
7. Nyjah Huston
8. Kyle Berard
9. Greg Lutzka
10. Ryan Decenzo
11. Matt Bennett
12. Billy Marks

Best Trick comp

1. Rodrigo Leal – Hardflip backside noseblunt on the rail
2. Chris Cole – Inward heelflip noseslide on the rail
3. Jordan Hoffart – Big heelflip bluntslide fakie on the rail
4. Billy Marks – Triple kickflip down the gap
5. Matt Bennett – Fakie ollie switch frontside feeble grind on the rail

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Primitive Torey Pudwill footage

Plan B’s Torey Pudwill has a new shoe collab launching stateside this week. Watch this footage of him skating at a very early age in this Primitive x DVS promo.

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Plan B skate Hawaii

Plan B‘s Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, Torey Pudwill, Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, and Danny Way headed to Hawaii to celebrate T&C’s 40th anniversary. For those that don’t know, back in the 80’s Town and Country where one of skateboarding’s most influential clothing brands. Watch all the action from the trip here.

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Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang edit live

He just gets better and better every time you click the play button. Plan B’s Torey Pudwill returns to your screen and brings you pretty much everything.

Click for total destruction.

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if you want more recent video of Torey Pudwill, click here.

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Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang trailer

If you have been following the unbelievable skateboarding of Torey Pudwill over the last couple of years then you will be stoked to know that Plan B have a full section of fresh footage lined up for July 4th incoming. For now though, watch this teaser that also has some absolute bangers included.

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Pudwill tops the Street League, footage from Seattle

Yesterday’s Street League preliminary qualifying finals comp in Seattle produced some amazing skateboarding. Watch all the footage from the Key Arena thanks to TWS cameras in this clip and their round up of results in the race to get their hands on the $150,000 loot.


1. Torey Pudwill 86.4
2. Nyjah Huston 85.8
3. Shane O’Neill 77.9
4. Chaz Ortiz 70.5
5. Chris Cole 70.4
6. Mikey Taylor 64.4
7. Paul Rodriguez 59.0
8. Ryan Sheckler 56.1
9. Mike Mo Capaldi 54.3
10. Tommy Sandoval 52.7
11. David Gonzalez 46.0
12. Nick Dompierre 43.0
13. Dylan Rieder 42.5
14. Peter Ramondetta 42.3
15. Billy Marks 34.4
16. Eric Koston 34.0
17. Mark Appleyard 33.6
18. Braydon Szafranski 14.9
19. PJ Ladd 8.8
20. Brandon Biebel 0.0 (Biebel took off to Vegas last minute and didn’t enter)

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Torey Pudwill’s amazing Battle Commander edit

toreypudwillWhat a week it’s been for amazing skate edits. Just when you think there’s no more then Torey Pudwill rolls up at the Berrics and gets down to some serious business. Simply incredible.