Watch William Spencer’s bonkers Berrics skate edit

This footage will certainly not be for everyone, but you have to watch this purely on the basis that there are tricks in here you have never seen before, nor will never see again.

William Spencer, famous for his crazy antics on a skateboard, recently cameo’d in Richie Jackson’s Battle Commander edit and has now released his own section from the same park that is said to be relocating to a bigger space soon.

Get ready for your eyebrows to get some exercise and let us know your favourite trick in the comments below.

Daewon destroys Berrics as DVS go through changes

daewon_songThe never ending skills of Daewon Song have graced The Berrics this week with a new Battle Commander section that you will probably need to watch twice.

In related news, the Almost 5-Incher video has been released on i-tunes this week with Daewon’s section blowing minds as usual and DVS are going through changes that may unfortunately see Mr Song move on to another shoe company. Speaking on the bankruptcy issue that has forced DVS to find a new backer this month, Daewon told ESPN:

“DVS Shoes is doing everything possible to get it back up and moving. I’ve been with them (DVS) for 15 years and started Matix Clothing with them as well. I always try to support my sponsors to the fullest, thick and thin. If things don’t work out then I’m gonna have to find a new home for shoes but I always stay positive and hope for the best.”

Watch: More Daewon Song

As I’m sure you already know by now, a brand new Daewon Song part was posted up recently on The Berrics and it made even the most hyperbole-conscious of us baffled as to how anyone can ever top Daewon’s skating. More evidence in his favour has just surfaced on the Almost Youtube with a minute of offcuts used to further promote the part. Not that that was necessary. It’s Daewon.

Regardless, another minute of Daewon is the best free gift anyone could ever give. Oh, and some of you might enjoy the fact that in this edit the footage has been de-interlaced. Serious business… enjoy below.

New Daewon Song Part – Available Now!

As some of you frequent Berrics lurkers have probably heard, a brand new full street part from Daewon Song was scheduled to drop online today (1.11.11 – New Year’s Dae) on The Berrics for a very modest 99 cents. That’s about the price of a Mars bar or something similarly redundant when compared to a full part from Daewon Song.

As I’m sure some of you will also agree, Daewon Song is, pretty unquestionably one of, if not the most gifted, unique and exciting skateboarder on the planet. This part is yet another jaw-dropper. Only Daewon can change the game with a smile on his face the entire time. A true inspiration… click this link and get your download on, this guy should be on a good monthly wage to simply exist.