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Nyjah Huston rolls out his 11.11.11 part today

The Berrics were quoted to say last month that Nyjah Huston‘s Rise and Shine section dropping on 11.11.11 was “going to be a defining moment in skateboarding.” Today, you can find out for yourself but expect greatness. It’s only 8.30am when I write this but already the internet has spoken with rumours that this section is ‘bonkers’.

See for yourself and find out more from here later. You can download it for £1.49 from i-Tunes from today or £1.99 in HD.

Skateboarding News

Pudwill tops the Street League, footage from Seattle

Yesterday’s Street League preliminary qualifying finals comp in Seattle produced some amazing skateboarding. Watch all the footage from the Key Arena thanks to TWS cameras in this clip and their round up of results in the race to get their hands on the $150,000 loot.


1. Torey Pudwill 86.4
2. Nyjah Huston 85.8
3. Shane O’Neill 77.9
4. Chaz Ortiz 70.5
5. Chris Cole 70.4
6. Mikey Taylor 64.4
7. Paul Rodriguez 59.0
8. Ryan Sheckler 56.1
9. Mike Mo Capaldi 54.3
10. Tommy Sandoval 52.7
11. David Gonzalez 46.0
12. Nick Dompierre 43.0
13. Dylan Rieder 42.5
14. Peter Ramondetta 42.3
15. Billy Marks 34.4
16. Eric Koston 34.0
17. Mark Appleyard 33.6
18. Braydon Szafranski 14.9
19. PJ Ladd 8.8
20. Brandon Biebel 0.0 (Biebel took off to Vegas last minute and didn’t enter)

Skateboarding News

Nyjah Houston returns to Element

Element have welcomed back Nyjah Houston onto their pro roster today. To celebrate the occasion they have posted some fresh footage of the not-so-little ripper. It’s astonishing. What a surprise.

Here’s what Nyjah has to say about his return to the company that gave him his first pro board.

I am really excited about being on Element and skating with the team. I want to thank my family and everyone who has supported me and my skateboarding. It is a new beginning, and I’m looking forward to the future.