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Torey Pudwill wins Tampa Pro 2012

Torey Pudwill has taken the honours at this years Tampa pro event this weekend in the US. Watch his winnning run here with the results, best trick and finals videos.


1. Torey Pudwill
2. Chaz Ortiz
3. Sean Malto
4. Leo Romero
5. Felipe Gustavo
6. Chris Cole
7. Nyjah Huston
8. Kyle Berard
9. Greg Lutzka
10. Ryan Decenzo
11. Matt Bennett
12. Billy Marks

Best Trick comp

1. Rodrigo Leal – Hardflip backside noseblunt on the rail
2. Chris Cole – Inward heelflip noseslide on the rail
3. Jordan Hoffart – Big heelflip bluntslide fakie on the rail
4. Billy Marks – Triple kickflip down the gap
5. Matt Bennett – Fakie ollie switch frontside feeble grind on the rail