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The run up to Christmas, New Year and the first couple of weeks after are the busiest time of the year for the shop, hence the slightly late arrival of this piece on 2015. The year turned out to be another classic for fans of skateboard videos, if for no other reason than the release of Isle and Jake Harris’ Vase film. I make no claim that the choices below are the ‘best of 2015’, and to only pick ten was a struggle, but what you will find is a selection that got me stoked over the last twelve months. With the release of full length videos from Palace and Polar this year, and a whole load more projects from independent filmers on the horizon, 2016 isn’t looking too shabby either.

I really hope you enjoy re-visiting some of these, and hopefully there may be one or two you haven’t seen yet. – Nick.

Supreme/Bill Strobeck: Sickness

Bill Strobeck put together this one for the Supreme X Thrasher collaboration. Some serious skateboarding from, for me, one of the best crews of young skateboarders out there at the moment, and some killer AVE footage. Bill Strobeck’s style of video might not be to everyone’s taste, but even non-fans should be able to overlook that when the skateboarding of Kevin Bradley, Ben Kadow and the rest of these boys is just so savage.

Antosh Cimoszko: Side One

Vancouver native Antosh Cimoszko put out four really great edits in 2015, along with a ‘zine that accompanied one of these, ‘Heat’. Heat was a clip featuring Dylan Fulford and Will Blackley in NYC, but his was the first of the year and the one that brought Will and his crew to many people’s attention.

Ocean Howell Howard House Video Part

Stretching the 2015 rules a little here, but it went online right at the very beginning of the year so I’m calling it! Ocean Howell’s part from Rich Jacobs’ lost ‘Howard House’ video. Howard House was one of San Francisco’s many skate houses, home to Rich, Ocean, and many more between the years of 1996 and 2004. The footage is from 2003, and was one of the main reasons that in 2014 Rich decided to edit all his footage together to form the full length.

Kyle Wilson’s Welcome Rat Signal

Any bit of footage that young Londoner Kyle Wilson puts out is a pleasure, and his place on Slam’s already stacked team is well deserved. London skateboarding has a bright future.

Johnny Wilson: Horny

The amount of footage these guys put out is pretty inspiring. The clips they just put out in Johnny’s regular HD series are so good, and embody the spirit of the crew edits that have become so much more prevalent in recent times. Horny was the first longer video that Johnny put out in 2015. It’s great to see the rise of these dudes, many of whom are now finding themselves getting hooked up by some great companies.

Venue: Prayer

As above, a crew that is so so productive. Richmond, and Virginia as a whole has so many incredible unheard of skateboarders, and no shortage of filmers putting out regular videos, most notably Will Rosenstock. Will released Brick this year, the quick follow up to last years A-Street, as well as contributing much to Gilbert Crockett’s part in the Vans Video. This edit was put together for Thrasher and hopefully opened a few more eyes to their scene.

Bronze: Trust

Of course, the editing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the skating in Trust keeps up the undeniably high standards set by the previous Bronze videos. Bronze as a crew/brand has been such a huge influence on skateboarding over the last few years, both in the feel of the videos and the way the crew and series has morphed into what is now generally considered a brand. Every attempt to rip off Peter Sidlauskas’ editing style and aesthetic promptly falls flat on its face.

Colton Elrod/The Ends: 8.00AM

I’m not sure who put me on to this one, but it has become one of my favourites of 2015. A whole crew of guys, many of whom I hadn’t heard of, who all work in the Deluxe warehouse in San Francisco. No frills, bells or whistles, just intro, skateboarding, credits. It has a killer opening part from Adrian Vega, and Adam Becerra is certainly one to keep an eye out for in the future. The DVD came with a great photo ‘zine by Bram DeMartelaere, further proof if it was needed, that DVDs and print are in good health in the world of skateboarding.

Familia: Maverick

Such a criminally underrated company. Subscribing to the ‘less is more’ philosophy, everything always seems so considered with Familia, from the graphics on their boards (including a collaboration with acclaimed artist Roger Ballen), to the videos they put out. Maverick is three minutes of brilliant skateboarding, filmed and edited to perfection. So rad that Steph Morgan is filmed by his brother Andy, and the edit is by their brother Gavin. Cannot wait for Familia’s full length which is penciled for release this year.

lurknyc: cee-lo

Slipped in right at the end of December. Nick Vonwerssowetz returned with a new video filming with some new guys which is rad to see. More Adam Becerra footage is always great, especially when he is followed by one of the best filmers out there at the moment. Nick’s editing is always great and the soundtrack on this one is a treat. Really stoked to see him making a few bits of clothing, and to see how many people are down to spend their pennies to represent what he’s doing. Cee-lo could be the 411VM NYC Metrospective Vol. 2, this one is just too good. Big up lurknyc!

And the rest of the best….

Honourable mentions also have to go to all the Toriotoko, Rios Crew and KPTokyo edits from the year, Yardsale’s Softcore, Josh Stewart’s London Raw Files series, the Scumco & Sons edit Bite It, the first Car13 promo, the Hockey/FA videos, Alltimers’ Pickle Time, Lovenskate’s amazing Connoisseur of Quality and god knows how many more… Here’s to 2016.

Find daily radness at the Palomino shop online right here. There’s also a January sale on as you read this so grab some bargains before they are all gone.

Skateboarding News

The Sunday Roast

Photo of the Week: TNT goes off the wall at FDR from his rad part in Propeller. Photo: Xeno


Grass Grinders was the most fun skate edit to come out of the UK this week from Bristol. This Go Skateboarding Day edit pretty much sums up why skateboarding will always be a laugh.

Supra and Note also ruled it up in Manchester for GSD with guests, Erik Elington, Lizard King, Boo Johnson, Pat Rumney, Lucien Clarke and Dee Ostrander.

The Globe team rocked up to Southbank yesterday for some 7 set frolics.

Jed Anderson’s section from the Squad Massage flick has the lot.

The GX1000 crew unlocked fresh footage of Habitat reps, Mark Suciu, Brian Delatorre, Fred Gall, Al Davis and Silas Baxter-Neal.

neilIf you’ve not seen Neil Herrick’s Standard Definition part yet then it awaits with open arms and trick steez for miles. Especially his three enders that come packed with praise from us.

Follow our Tumblr for daily giffage from Henry Calvert’s non stop gif machine.



New Heath Kirchart homage came from those who roll out the hammers to Nirvana.

This has to be the fluke of the week. Newquay style! Follow our Instagram for daily stoke. Tag your tricks @crossfirezine.

Get the teas on for the new full length Antiz movie ‘Out of the Blue’.

This week’s vault pick comes from Shorty’s after seeing some classic adverts from old on Tumblr this week. Muska, Olson, Smolik, Baptista and more getting stuck in, in the largest pants ever made. Fulfil The Dream.

Skateboarding News

The Sunday Roast


Mike O’Shea’s art is the subject of this week’s skate feature. Big butts, dad dancing and Lightbox animation.

Amandus Mortensen stole Skate Edit of the Week with an incredible 2 minutes of street wizardry for Ashbury.

Palace and Bronze teamed up for 21 mins of hardwear snorting.

Andrew Allen’s Raw Files was steeped in power.

Matt Berger’s Flip pro part was one of the best this year so these raw clips of the making of it only made it ten times better. Big talent.

amandusTrick of the Week was a tough call knowing that the 2UP comp at the Berrics provided so much tech steez. Sebo, O’Neill, Haslam and Jackson all bossed it.

Amandus Mortensen’s powercracker though was the most shared on our tumblr page this week and this is why. Nothing like seeing a firecracker sideways for a change. POWERCRACKER moves. You got this?!

The making of a dream home became reality at The Cinder Cone. Incredible vision.

Alex Cocey has the best work out routine of all time…

A video posted by Crossfire (@crossfirezine) on

The Scots bossed it alongside Mogwai for their collab to raise money for a local skatepark. Well done to Focus and Ritchie Zander, grab a lmited edition deck here before they are long gone.

Get another dose of history. Jeff Grosso goes in hard on Mullen and the freestyle fraternity that run most of the skate industry. Gold.

This week’s full video hype comes from Headcleaner. Get those teas on for Matt Creasy, Chris Thiessen and others.

Skateboarding News

The Sunday Roast


Photo of the Week: Robert Marquez takes this long old wallride to grass shot by Dennis Carlson.

Miles Silvas’ new edit is as smooth as butter. One of our faves of this week for sure.

Spawn took it the fucking hard way as usual. Piss Drunk on the serious rip for Propeller.

How many NBDs went down at Clipper’s send off? Thanks Thrasher.

ghIt seems nothing is impossible right now. So many amazing tricks are popping up daily.

Garrett Hill rolled out this front foot steez on the Filament Shoes insta this week to grand applause.

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What makes a ‘real skateboarder’? The one and only Craig Questions asks more of his namesake with J Mag and Hawk.

Those who like to go back to the future should appreciate Öctagon. Get the teas on.

Henry Jones’ art makes us smile daily. Follow him on insta.


Want an open ended book of radness? Grosso opens up a full can of worms on who is the best at what in skate history. Amazing homage to so many legends in the game.

This week’s Vault pick comes from Toy Machine’s’Jump Off A Building’ video released back in 1998. Enjoy footage of Bam Margera, Elissa Steamer, Ed Templeton, Chris Senn, Kerry Getz, Mike Maldonado and Brian Anderson.

Skateboarding News

The Sunday Roast

Photo of the Week: Dustin Henry by Tadashi Yamaoda


Skate Edit of the Week went to Didrik Galasso with this fine display of glassy steez.

Keanu Robson took apart Mancheter’s streets for his welcome to Landscape Skateboards.

Welcome’s Marky Numbers put down a sack full of prizes in this JUMP edit.

Dave Bachinsky returned with a cracker for Darkstar.

Didrik Galasso takes Trick of the Week for this 180 no comply into this deathly ditch, which is probabaly as rough as a cat’s arsehole.

You got this?!

Follow us on Tumblr if you love lurking gifs. We got plenty, daily.


Bronze’s latest longplayer got the teas on.

And finally, our Vault pick of the Week goes to Pontus Alv’s ‘Search for the Miraculous’ from 2005. Read out feature on the making of this special flick here.

Features Skateboarding

Winter Skate Video Edit Vote 2013

Thanks for sending in your flicks. We have had over 80 videos to go through over the last month and alas, five of those made the cut for this years vote.

Over the next 2 weeks one of these videos will be crowned the winner based on Facebook likes. You can vote for as many films as you like. Just push the like button to register your vote and the most listed on 9th April at 12 midday will be awarded with £200 and a supply of Ricta Wheels.

Features Home Skateboarding

Company Skate Edit of the Year 2012

2012 was awash with edits made for the web across the board, ranging from the corperate shoe companies to underground skate companies running on a budget. we decided to pick out 10 of our favourite productions for you to primarily watch and enjoy, and secondly, for you to vote which one was the best Company Skate edit of 2012.

There have been late contenders to this party as you will see once you delve into our selection, but don’t forget that a hell of a lot of work went into all of these these edits, so don’t get too trigger happy based on what is fresh out of the bag this month because a lot of skateboarding hit the internet this year that was absolutely amazing and we are lucky people put in the hours to bring it to us.

So here’s our selection. We have not got everything, we probably missed out someones favourite edit altogether.

Skateboarding News

The Lords of the Swords video comp vote is go!

Wake up to the news this morning that 13 video edits stuffed full of Essex pride are awaiting your vote for the annual Lords of the Swords vote. The votes are piling in right now. Don’t miss this one.

All of the teams involved have made it through to the finals of this year’s video comp and chosen by the amount of points they picked up from the book of challenges. As a result, there are 2 comps being voted for online this week. One with the the top 10 of the main LOTS comp and a pro comp with 3 teams, one winner.

Get yourself over here and watch an array of footage, some of them featuring the likes of Nick Remon, Alan Rushbrooke, Mikey Joyce, Carl Wilson and many more.


The Couch Potato #2

Following last month’s choices of skate videos that been shot for the internet, here’s the second booze fueled installment of the Couch Potato. The summer in the UK may have been a wash out but it seems that the beers are still cold whatever the weather. We have a selection of British scene footage plus East and West Coast offering’s from across the pond too. Get the kettle on and slouch into this lot.


Shiner’s very first two video episodes of Pixels is now online featuring various UK team riders from a selection of their brands and headed up by Marc Churchill. Footage comes from various parks, events and mag shoots plus a look into the Shiner warehouse and much, much more. Fingers crossed this will be a monthly feature stitched together by Alan Glass.

Pixels: Episode 1 Part 1 from Pixels on Vimeo.

Pixels: Episode 1 part 2 from Pixels on Vimeo.


Darkstar skateboards uploaded their new 8 minute video feature to vimeo last week and it’s not to be forgotten. Watch Forward Slash featuring killer footage of Chet Thomas, Greg Lutzka, PLG, Adam Dyet, Tyson Bowerbank, Ryan Decenzo and more.

FORWARD SLASH from Darkstar Skateboards on Vimeo.


Kurt Havens released a 38 minute montage featuring some of the New York City scene. Skating comes from Billy McFeely, Don Gonyon, Bill Pierce, Rene Perez, Richard Quintero, A.J. Nagy, Robert Sunshine, James Buchman, Jimmy Pakidis, JP Blair, Jersey Dave, Curt Havens, Joseph Amsel, Pat Murray, Don Gonyon, Shawn Powers, Peter Sidlauskas, Paulgar and Nick Ricciardi.


This is the fifth installment of the collection of the Elle Est Tombée (El-Ey-Tom-Bay) series by Drew Marsden with help from Al Hodgson, Sirus F Gahan, Zak Gilbert, and Rupert Antoine who got Drew out onto the streets to film whilst he is up to his neck in University work. This 23 minute scene video features skating from Bournemouth to Brighton to the Dutch walls of Walhalla skate park in Nijmegen.

Push play for all sorts of goodness from Al Hodgson, Dexter Daniels, Ewen Bower, George Terry, Harvey Dann, Jake Millott, Jake Snelling, Jake Wisdom, Jamie Morley, Joe Sandland, Liam Cooper, Louis Antoine, Luke Frisby, Matt Ransom, Martin Maxwell, Mitch Wheeler, Nick Benavidez, Ollie Smith, Rich West, Rupert Antoine, Sam Dearden, Sam Ibekwe, Sam Roberts, Sirus F Gahan, Stevie Thompson, Will Greenfield and Zak Gilbert.


The Black Country scene and beyond is captured in this 8 minute Midlands scene montage put together by Peon. Skating comes from Daniel Jordan, Ryan Price, Luke Kindon, Rasheed Osman, Nick Binnington, Joby Adams, Aaron Burrows, Brewer and many more.


Earth Pain returned in August with another episode of carnage for their 7th video blog. Dwayne Coleman, Josh Cox, Ben Rowles, Sam Taylor, Tom Knox, Kyle Platts, Rob Smith, Craig Questions and a bunch of other reprobates share the 6 minutes of SPT’s footage shot at various London’s skateparks, bars and bus stops.

More next month. If you have an edit to put forward fro the next feature, contact us.

Skateboarding News

Watch Steve King’s DC flow to pro edit

Here’s another of those DC flow to pro edits. This time from Jart’s Steve King and filmed by Christian Hart, Nick Richards and Matthew Ryan.

*UPDATED* Steve King Flow to Pro from Nick Richards on Vimeo.