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Ian Mackaye and Steve Albini head to head interview


It’s not often you will hear Ian Mackaye (Fugazi/Dischord/The Evens) in conversation head to head with Steve Albini (Big Black/Shellac) but it’s happened on Kreative Kontrol.

In part 1, listen to Albini slag off Rites of Spring, and the influence of Minor Threat on hardcore, punk violence, the Butthole Surfers, one-upmanship, record distribution, explaining Pailhead and how Ian came to work with Al Jourgensen from Ministry (softy dance stuff, ha!) and most importantly, they discuss in detail that ‘In On The Kill Taker’ recording session that never worked for Fugazi that Albini engineered.

In part 2, the pair discuss politics, Sylvester Stallone, the Urban Outfitters/Minor Threat thing, Henry Rollins, communication, anonymity and much, much more.

This is a great chat if you are obsessed by hardcore, make sure you find time to sit down and listen to it properly.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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J Dilla

J Dilla
‘Trucks’ / ‘Anthem’
Pay Jay

anthem_jdillaJ Dilla may have left us in 2006 but his legacy rolls forward through his music daily. A new b-side track titled ‘Trucks’ was released today made between late 2001 and early 2002 in Detroit. It’s a 2-track demo mix of the classic ‘Cars’ track by Gary Numan released originally back in 1979 featuring an alternate version of Dilla’s vocals and a third verse not found on Dilla’s final sessions for this song.

Both tracks are out on a new 12″release ahead of the long-awaited missing album ‘The Diary’ that is said to be dropping sometime in 2013.

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Mallory Knox

Mallory Knox
A Wolf At Your Door Records

mallorysignalsaLBUMThe eagerly anticipated debut album of Cambridgeshire rock band Mallory Knox is almost here with a release date of 21st January. The album is being released through Wolf At Your Door Records.

Opening song ‘Beggars’ is easily one of the most catchy songs on the album, with a very upbeat tone to it, it is clear that Mallory Knox’s style is fitting into the new trend of upcoming rock bands such as Don Broco and Deaf Havana – but Mallory Knox are much heavier. It’s a fast paced and exciting album for sure.

Mikey Chapman’s easily recognisable and unique voice will make you remember who Mallory Knox are as he uses his lungs to their full capacity; some ‘singers’ scream and shout, but not Mikey, he can actually sing, which can sometimes be rare from a rock band nowadays. Bassist and backing vocalist Sam Douglas’ voice mixes in perfectly in all songs, it’s sort of like soft whispering in your ears.

Acoustic guitars and slow drum beats are proven to be a a new development from the band as we are introduced to songs such as ‘1949’ and ‘Bury Your Head’ which are a work of art. One thing a rock band can never go wrong on is having a slow intro to a song into full on headbanging with thrashing guitars.

Loud, uncompromising and bold is an easy way to describe this album. One outstanding song on Signals is ‘Bury Your Head’, this being the first ever “slow” song by Mallory Knox, it is sung with emotion and has is truly stunning. The soft piano is something new from the band that have never shown a calm side that is quite like this.

The only trouble to Mallory Knox is that some of their songs can sound very familiar, and that is because a lot of the songs sound the same, but that isn’t to say they aren’t fantastic. Signals is a difficult album to review as it clearly shows the band incredible development since filming ‘Resuscitate’, their second ever music video, in a potato warehouse in the middle of nowhere in early 2010.

Expect a lot more from Mallory Knox in 2013.

RATING: 10/10
FOR FANS OF: Young Guns, Don Broco, Deaf Havana, You Me At Six

Check out Mallory Knox’s latest single ‘Lighthouse’:

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Funeral For A Friend Announce Sixth Studio Album

Funeral For A Friend Promo 2012Much loved Welsh band Funeral For A Friend have announced details of their sixth studio album, ‘Conduit’.

Front man Matthew Davies-Kreye reveals the album is about what being in a band, and Funeral For A Friend, means to the members…

“Five people on a stage, a conduit for the message and the music, delivering that to people who want to listen in, be a part of whatever it is that we’re doing and being involved. It’s purely about delivering the message. After 10 years of being a band, we see how much what we’ve done has effected people who care about our stuff. Whether it’s lyrics or whatever, these songs transcend us and become something more to a lot more people. It sounds lofty I know but that’s how it feels to us when we meet the folks who dig our band and who treat these songs with so much love and respect. It blows our minds constantly.”

Conduit‘ will drop on 28th January 2013 through Distiller Records. The first single from the album ‘Best Friends And Hospital Beds’ will be released on 12th November following the band’s appearance at the now sold out Vans Warped Tour UK date at London’s Alexandra Palace on 10th November.

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Streetfight Silence

Streetfight Silence
‘Cutting Strings’

[Angry Badger Records]

On first listen Streetfight Silence’s debut seems slightly average, not exactly an album to shout about. But in fact this record is one of those that slowly but surely reels you in with the catchiest of choruses and hook laden tracks.

‘Low’, ‘Find Me’ and ‘White Flags’ are textbook pop-punk. Think back to early You Me At Six and Fall Out Boy, back when their music had grittier riffs yet still a strong ear for melody. Streetfight Silence have their own melodic genius in Russ Merry whose vocals are exquisite. Merry hosts a range that even idols Josh Franceschi and Patrick Stump would be proud of.

Surprisingly the stand out track from Cutting Strings is ‘6th November’ which showcases the bands emotional integrity through beautiful acoustic guitar work and heart felt lyrics. A song that will certainly appeal to many a City & Colour fan. ‘Pieces’ closes the album in a dramatic style culminating a successful first record for the young band.

A greater punch in the production department would make ‘Cutting Stings‘ a true force to be reckoned with. Hearing these tracks in a live environment is sure to give them the extra beef they deserve and inspire many a sing-along.

Words: Emma Wallace

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Art Is Hard Records Give Away FREE Downloads

To celebrate the fact that it’s 2 years today since the official release date of their very first compilation – ‘Brink of the Clouds’- London based label Art Is Hard Records have announced that their back catalogue is up for FREE download until midnight Tuesday 18th September. This means 12 releases and close to 100 songs are all up for grabs!

You can download the MP3’s here. We recommend getting your ears into a bit of summery Best Friends (which you can stream below), but you may as well go wild and download everything, after all, it’s FREE!

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Eager Teeth Sign Deal And Offer Free Download

Eager_Teeth_PromoUK indie label A Wolf At Your Door Records have announced their latest signing as Post-hardcore Brighton based band Eager Teeth.

Eager Teeth formed just over 18 months ago from the ashes of Telegraphs, Chaos Days and This City and have already started to cause a stir with their nostalgic brand of alternative post-hardcore. The band have spent much of this summer in the studio with emerging producer pair Thomas Mitchener and Steve Sears (Gallows, Spycatcher) tracking their brilliant self-titled debut album, which is set for release early next year.

AWAYDR are certainly an exciting label to join, having launched Deaf Havana’s career and with up and coming artists Marllory Knox and Hildamay on their roster. To mark the beginning of the AWAYDR and Eager Teeth partnership, album track Exorcise Bike has been made available for FREE DOWNLOAD, you can grab it below.

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Tame Impala

Apocalypse Dreams
Free Download
Modular People Records

tame_impala_apocalypse_dreams_artworkWhen Tame Impala‘s first EP dropped into my ears in 2008, those 5 tracks were played on repeat over and over again and I never managed to get bored of them do this day. I still get shudders when i hear ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine‘ but they were soon shut down when they released their debut album Innerspeaker dropped in 2010. It just didn’t feel the same. The anticipation from that first EP had spoiled my expectations and the full length disappointed me but turned on thousands more.

Today they have released their first offering of what is coming in October from the their second full length titled Lonerism, and now i’m right back their in the repeat phase once again; chomping on aural delights and swimming in their psychedelic, Australian haze that I was craving for. Put this new track in your pipe and smoke it today. i’m pretty sure this could well be some of their best work yet.

Apocalypse Dreams is out there from today as a free download, grab it from the widget below and note that tickets for their UK tour in October have been announced today too.

October 30 – Brixton Academy – London, UK
November 1 – Ritz – Manchester, UK
November 2 – Leadmill – Sheffield, UK
November 3 – ABC – Glasgow, UK