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Ian Mackaye and Steve Albini head to head interview


It’s not often you will hear Ian Mackaye (Fugazi/Dischord/The Evens) in conversation head to head with Steve Albini (Big Black/Shellac) but it’s happened on Kreative Kontrol.

In part 1, listen to Albini slag off Rites of Spring, and the influence of Minor Threat on hardcore, punk violence, the Butthole Surfers, one-upmanship, record distribution, explaining Pailhead and how Ian came to work with Al Jourgensen from Ministry (softy dance stuff, ha!) and most importantly, they discuss in detail that ‘In On The Kill Taker’ recording session that never worked for Fugazi that Albini engineered.

In part 2, the pair discuss politics, Sylvester Stallone, the Urban Outfitters/Minor Threat thing, Henry Rollins, communication, anonymity and much, much more.

This is a great chat if you are obsessed by hardcore, make sure you find time to sit down and listen to it properly.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Music News

Steve Albini discusses new Shellac album

The mighty Shellac are said to have recorded a new album and are awaiting plans for release. Their 5th album will be made up of “eight or nine songs” and put together over the last seven years. It was 6 years ago that they last blew the cobwebs from our ears so expect more intense tracks with a sick production as usual from Steve Albini and co.

Who knows what label this will come out on now that Touch and Go has been wrapped up, maybe it will be a free download? Check out a fresh interview right here.