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Mallory Knox live in Cambridge

Mallory Knox
19th January
The Junction, Cambridge

The Junction, Cambridge, was packed from wall to wall as Mallory Knox performed in their hometown. this was to be a triumphant return as the majority of the people in this room have been with the band since day one but now, their recent releases have pushed them to the top after being placed on the Radio 1 playlist and the venue is looking forward to something special.

The band’s performance was top notch as they played their first E.P for the last time in its entirety. Although their new album, Signals, was not due for another two days, the band treated the crowd to a plethora of songs off of the album such as ‘1945’, ‘Creeper’ and also opened the show with ‘Bury Your Head’, but without the lyrics.

‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Wake Up’, which are two singles that have previously been released from the new album, were also played at the show. The band stood in amazement at the response from the energetic crowd.

Some people wonder what the ‘hype’ around Mallory Knox is all about, but the delivery they give of pure passion and enjoyment infects the whole room. Guitarist Joe Savins has very impressive live vocals, as he screams and shouts down his microphone in a deep, heavy voice – watch out Oli Sykes. Drummer Dave Rawling is absolutely mental; he pounds the shit out of his drum kit as he looks like he’s having the time of his life.

The junction is buzzing. Every audience member were fully involved, from ages of about 10 years old to 50-odd years old. An earthquake was most certainly intimate.

As the band close the show with their first ever single ‘Oceans’, vocalist Mikey Chapman works his way in to the crowd as they go ballistic. Singing to the lyrics right back at him, Mikey appears to be reduced to tears. Soaking up the atmosphere, Mikey is help in the air by the crowd and pushed back towards the stage, he lays back and enjoys the ride. As the band leave the stage, Mikey says, “You’ve made our dreams come true, thank you!”

Since the band’s debut album ‘Signals’ was released on January 20th 2013, it shot straight up to number one in the Rock Album charts. ‘Signals’ is available from iTunes now. Check out our review of the album here.

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Mallory Knox

Mallory Knox
A Wolf At Your Door Records

mallorysignalsaLBUMThe eagerly anticipated debut album of Cambridgeshire rock band Mallory Knox is almost here with a release date of 21st January. The album is being released through Wolf At Your Door Records.

Opening song ‘Beggars’ is easily one of the most catchy songs on the album, with a very upbeat tone to it, it is clear that Mallory Knox’s style is fitting into the new trend of upcoming rock bands such as Don Broco and Deaf Havana – but Mallory Knox are much heavier. It’s a fast paced and exciting album for sure.

Mikey Chapman’s easily recognisable and unique voice will make you remember who Mallory Knox are as he uses his lungs to their full capacity; some ‘singers’ scream and shout, but not Mikey, he can actually sing, which can sometimes be rare from a rock band nowadays. Bassist and backing vocalist Sam Douglas’ voice mixes in perfectly in all songs, it’s sort of like soft whispering in your ears.

Acoustic guitars and slow drum beats are proven to be a a new development from the band as we are introduced to songs such as ‘1949’ and ‘Bury Your Head’ which are a work of art. One thing a rock band can never go wrong on is having a slow intro to a song into full on headbanging with thrashing guitars.

Loud, uncompromising and bold is an easy way to describe this album. One outstanding song on Signals is ‘Bury Your Head’, this being the first ever “slow” song by Mallory Knox, it is sung with emotion and has is truly stunning. The soft piano is something new from the band that have never shown a calm side that is quite like this.

The only trouble to Mallory Knox is that some of their songs can sound very familiar, and that is because a lot of the songs sound the same, but that isn’t to say they aren’t fantastic. Signals is a difficult album to review as it clearly shows the band incredible development since filming ‘Resuscitate’, their second ever music video, in a potato warehouse in the middle of nowhere in early 2010.

Expect a lot more from Mallory Knox in 2013.

RATING: 10/10
FOR FANS OF: Young Guns, Don Broco, Deaf Havana, You Me At Six

Check out Mallory Knox’s latest single ‘Lighthouse’:

Music News

Mallory Knox announce debut album ‘Signals’

After years of patience, Mallory Knox has announced that their debut album will be released on 21 January 2013.Mallory Knox Signals

The studio album named ‘Signals’ will include three previously released songs: Death Rattle, Wake Up and Hello. The band previously released Wake Up as their latest single alongside with a music video.

The band will be performing songs off the album at a hometown show on 19 January 2013 at The Junction, Cambridge – fans will also be able to buy the album at the gig two days before its official release; the band have also said that it will be the last time that they will be playing their first E.P ‘Pilots’ in its entirety.

Tracklisting for new album ‘Signals’ is below:
01. Beggars
02. Lighthouse
03. Death Rattle
04. Wolves
05. 1949
06. Wake Up
07. Hello
08. Misdemeanour
09. Bury Your Head
10. Signals
11. Creeper

The album will be released through Wolf At Your Door Records.

Watch Mallory Knox’s latest music video, Wake up, below:

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