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Streetfight Silence

Streetfight Silence
‘Cutting Strings’

[Angry Badger Records]

On first listen Streetfight Silence’s debut seems slightly average, not exactly an album to shout about. But in fact this record is one of those that slowly but surely reels you in with the catchiest of choruses and hook laden tracks.

‘Low’, ‘Find Me’ and ‘White Flags’ are textbook pop-punk. Think back to early You Me At Six and Fall Out Boy, back when their music had grittier riffs yet still a strong ear for melody. Streetfight Silence have their own melodic genius in Russ Merry whose vocals are exquisite. Merry hosts a range that even idols Josh Franceschi and Patrick Stump would be proud of.

Surprisingly the stand out track from Cutting Strings is ‘6th November’ which showcases the bands emotional integrity through beautiful acoustic guitar work and heart felt lyrics. A song that will certainly appeal to many a City & Colour fan. ‘Pieces’ closes the album in a dramatic style culminating a successful first record for the young band.

A greater punch in the production department would make ‘Cutting Stings‘ a true force to be reckoned with. Hearing these tracks in a live environment is sure to give them the extra beef they deserve and inspire many a sing-along.

Words: Emma Wallace

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We Are The Ocean

Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow

Hassle Records

With ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ being the first album to come from British band We Are The Ocean since the slightly controversial departure of unclean vocalist Dan Brown, full attention will be paid to every move the band make on this one by fans and critics alike.

The first – and maybe most obvious thing – to say is that if you’re expecting more Alexisonfire inspired post-hardcore like their earlier releases ‘Cutting Our Teeth’ and ‘Look Alive’ you will be disappointed. Its clear that after Dan’s departure the band have sharpened up their image and gone for a more refined, mainstream sound with Liam Cromby stepping in to the lime light. Interestingly it’s similar process to what once tour partners Deaf Havana went through; who previously were a southern-hardcore inspired quintet lead by aggressive vocalist Ryan Mellor, now a straight-forward (but still bloody good) rock quartet with guitarist/clean-vocalist James Veck-Gilodi at the helm.

Its no surprise that Zane Lowe picked single ‘Bleed’ as his ‘Hottest Record In The World’ as it jumps straight out as the real star of the album. Other highlights include anthemic title-track ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’, sensitive opener ‘Stanford Rivers’ and ‘Pass Me By’ which has an almost Frank Turner-esque vibe to it.

Despite the album being solid, it may turn off some of their older fan base. With their newfound maturity, We Are The Ocean have lost a bit of charm; the gritty spark that saw them leap out of their local scene to dominate the underground market. The band won’t be too disheartened though as ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ will sit comfortably on Radio 1’s playlist and HMV’s shelves, instantly appeal to fans of You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, Lostprophets and (new) Deaf Havana. ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow‘ is an focused and accessible album showcasing whats hot in British rock music right now. Its sure to be a hit and will see the We Are The Ocean boys go far.

Words: Emma Wallace

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Rock T-shirt Banned From Olympic Celebration

The Olympics appears to be a non-stop controversy creator at the moment, whether it be for the authority’s placing missiles on residents’ homes, obscene traffic chaos or going massively over the original £2.3billion budget. But the thing that’s really got our blood boiling is the tale of a young woman who was asked to remove her t-shirt that brandished the logo of 80’s rock band Weapon “as it might offend people.”… Wow. How Ridiculous!

An eye witness reports:

“A young girl and friends go to see the Olympic torch go through their borough. After a couple of hours a steward comes over and asks one of them to a tent. All four girls go to where several police officers are waiting. The girl is asked, ‘What does the writing on your t-shirt mean?’ She says it’s a rock band’s name. She is told she will have to remove or cover it up, as it might upset other people since it advertises weapons. This is happening as the army is standing around with guns…”
When the Olympics are supposedly a celebration of all culture, not just sport, this story sounds even more ludicrous.

On July 26th Dizzee Rascal, Mark Ronson, Katy B, You Me At Six, Rizzle Kicks, Wretch 32, Morning Parade, Little Comets and many more are set to perform at Hyde Park for an Olympic celebration show. God forbid they or any of their fans should appear wearing anything that could be seen as mildly offensive, the authorities would have a field day overdosing on political correctness!

If the only thing the organizers have to worry about is a t-shirt logo it should mean the Olympics will run smoothly without even the tiniest of glitches… We won’t hold our breath!