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Hobo Rocket


Pond_HoboRocket_albumPond share two members with Australian psych-masters Tame Impala but don’t for a second think this is some throw-away side-project there to keep the band amused in downtime. Far from it, Hobo Rocket is Pond’s fifth album and it’s a glorious rush of pop, noise psychedelia that out freaks anything Tame Impala have come up with. Opening song ‘Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide’ sets the stall out for the album very quickly, no easing the listener in gently, it slides out of the starting block shimmering with a squelchy Flaming Lips psych-pop vibe, with a pure shot of Butthole Surfers noise running through its veins. This is modern psychedelic music at its best, breathing in fifty years of experimental sounds into their collective lungs and exhaling them all over 2013.

Pond, however, ignore the mistakes of the past and resist the temptation to become self-indulgent and drab, keeping their brand of psychedelia focused and direct. ‘Xanman’, for example, hits the freak out button hard but remains upbeat and melodic, despite the swirling cacophony of noise the envelopes the song. Next up, ‘O Dharma’ is a floating Spiritualized type ballad that twinkles like the Lips own ‘Waiting For Superman’ had it been penned in 1974 by Roger Waters. Then Pond lurch back into the evil lysergic doom of ‘Aloneaflameaflower’ that crackles with such a mischievous ‘I’m gonna fuck up your trip and freak you out’ grin, you can’t help but love it, before running away feeling a bit paranoid and scared.

This is a good time for psychedelic music. It’s good to see the freak flag still waving high.

James Sherry

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Tame Impala

Apocalypse Dreams
Free Download
Modular People Records

tame_impala_apocalypse_dreams_artworkWhen Tame Impala‘s first EP dropped into my ears in 2008, those 5 tracks were played on repeat over and over again and I never managed to get bored of them do this day. I still get shudders when i hear ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine‘ but they were soon shut down when they released their debut album Innerspeaker dropped in 2010. It just didn’t feel the same. The anticipation from that first EP had spoiled my expectations and the full length disappointed me but turned on thousands more.

Today they have released their first offering of what is coming in October from the their second full length titled Lonerism, and now i’m right back their in the repeat phase once again; chomping on aural delights and swimming in their psychedelic, Australian haze that I was craving for. Put this new track in your pipe and smoke it today. i’m pretty sure this could well be some of their best work yet.

Apocalypse Dreams is out there from today as a free download, grab it from the widget below and note that tickets for their UK tour in October have been announced today too.

October 30 – Brixton Academy – London, UK
November 1 – Ritz – Manchester, UK
November 2 – Leadmill – Sheffield, UK
November 3 – ABC – Glasgow, UK

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pond‘Fantastic Explosion Of Time’
Pond on Facebook

For those of you record nerds that looked at this and thought that Sub Pop’s Pond from the early 90’s had reformed and releasing new material let’s make this clear that this Pond is full of new life, is not a grunge band and lives down in Australia.

Made up of 2 of Tame Impala’s touring members, Pond have unleashed one of the coolest psych records of 2012 so far with brand new track ‘Fantastic Explosion Of Time‘. Made up of of a mix of late 70’s pop punk rhythms and a large dose of 60’s psych, the rollercoaster trip this track omits is a ride that everyone should be on by the time the full length record is released this March 5th in the UK.

Previous releases have seen the band delve into Bowie/MGMT 70’s rock vibes so the forthcoming album Beard Wives Denim that will be released on Modular Recordings should be quite a melee of goodness to look forward to.

For now, feast on this single that is up for free download from the soundcloud link below and try not to play it again and again. Magical stuff.

Pond – Fantastic Explosion Of Time by modularpeople