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Your Demise plan to split up in 2014

Hertfordshire band Your Demise have announced that the band will be splitting up….in March 2014.

The bands next UK performance will be at Southampton’s Takedown Festival on May 11th and are also planning to release a DVD that will feature a documentation of their career and the forthcoming farewell tour.

Watch their official video statement:

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Your Demise live at The Garage

(w/Heights, Counterparts, Fact)
23rd February
The Garage, London

Your Demise only released their EP Cold Chillin’ at the start of this month and already it’s gone like a rocket, sky high in the hardcore/punk scene. The five-piece heavy titans have proved all the doubters wrong and to top it off is their recent UK leg, bouncing from city to city and taking hold of fans new and old on board for one of the mightiest adventures to date!

Joining forces is five-piece rock band from Japan, Fact, who took out the headliners on tour back home in Tokyo, selling out shows effortlessly. Tonight’s show sees them open a little earlier than their usual schedule but while many of their members sport Your Demise merchandise, it’s pretty clear that the early set time has had no effect on their optimism to chuck out their striking hardcore turn punk turn electro-pop sounds to our shores.

Canada crew Counterparts aren’t quite the turbulence. If anything they take off, putting their foot down and accelerating their chunky beat downs and thrilling rifts into a whole other dimension. With giant choruses led by vocalist Brendan Murphy, they’re the force tearing apart the four walls that frame them here tonight. “This is wild, I don’t even know why you care” says Brendan. The crowd turn into a hurricane, spitting out circle pits and chew apart The Relentless Garage whilst Counterparts lure in even those in the furthest corners of the room.

Now with lift off out the way, Heights take control and steer their post-hardcore set primed with infectious and brutal stormy songs towards an atmosphere filled with absolute carnage. Revving the engine, front man Monty elbows the killjoys at Newcastle and thanks security for “keeping you all safe” before dipping into ‘Dead Ends’. Their first class set is ruled by their great attempt to carry out a pit so grand there are more people participating than those standing back and watching. Monty begins to wrap his microphone around his neck, falling into the first few rows as the final chorus for ‘The Lost And Alone’ pours out.

Heavyweights Your Demise need no introduction. Dragging new hit ‘Karma’ through the air tonight, Ed and co tremble the room with the raging rhythm pushing through. Lifting ‘Nearly Home’ off this year’s EP, the monster vocals tear Your Demise through the sky, a place after tonight they can safely call theirs.

‘These Lights’ act as a birds eye view of Your Demise fan army flying head first towards the stage. The Southern mob navigate towards past creations ‘Scared Of The Light’ and ‘Like A Broken Record’. Front man Ed grabs a fan and starts counting down to when he informs the kid to do “the best stage dive”. As he reaches 1, the rest of the room swallow up said kid. Such actions even manage to tempt first support Fact to join in. This time round, it’s Ed that needs rescuing back to the stage.

The members of Fact guide the gang vocals in ‘Worthless’ while ‘Burnt Tongues’ see’s Monty of Heights join for the remaining verse and chorus, giving Ed some time out. But the jetway bridges open to the mass of flying bodies and raised arms. Just in time for ‘Miles Away’, the only thing setting the fans and YD crew apart is the stage as they unite in sequences of consistent stage dives. Massive anthem ‘The Kids We Used To Be’ elevates and all on board will be jet lagged until next time.

Jenny Chu

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Your Demise interview

With a heap of line-up changes and four studio albums down the line, Your Demise are looking the tightest they’ve ever been. With their recently released EP Cold Chillin’ stacking up amongst fans new and old, their 15 date tour has most definitely kick-started this year.

To round off the Sink Your Teeth tour, Your Demise’ guitar God- Oz unveiled the band’s plans for the year, their move from Visible Noise, going DIY and there’s even a mention of One Direction! Read on to find out why from Jenny Chu‘s interview.

Congratulations on your recently released EP Cold Chillin’, how long did the writing process take?

It didn’t take very long because we had a bunch of riffs already kicking around from when we toured Japan and other tours. It just came together so quickly and easily everyone as always was on the same wave length. It just came about so easily it didn’t take long at all really.

How did it compare to releasing records through Visible Noise?

Visible Noise never said we couldn’t do anything, but we had to release a record when they were ready for it. Now we can just release whenever we want, we can do whatever we want. Like if we want to do another EP in a couple of weeks, we’ll do another EP. We’re not tied down in some respects.

The first track to be released off it was ‘Karma’, why and how did you pick that track?

It was just an instant banger. Like we love that song, it just felt like the right first song, just really punchy and in your face.

Which track from Cold Chillin’ is your favourite to play live? – Does it sum up Your Demise as a whole?

Karma! That’s what we open the show with, it’s brilliant, I just love playing it. So stoked every time we go to play it! We’re all good mates and it’s a great song to play.

You released your 4th full length album only last year, as well as Three For Free EP, do you find writing songs comes really easy for you guys hence your compact back catalogue?

Yes it does! A lot of the time we have riffs kicking about here and there, or song ideas. We find it quite easy to work with each other so writing is never really an issue.

Ph: Emma Wallace

Has Your Demise ever experienced writers block?

A couple of times, but not really anything to worry about. We have it for a minute then we listen to something and are like “oh shit we can do something a bit like that”, but it’s easy enough to get through.

When can we expect another album? Or EP like you mentioned earlier?

Maybe next year, yeah…not next week. We’ll probably start recording a full length at the end of the year and then probably released early next year. And see what happens; maybe do another EP after that as well!

Today is the last date of the Sink Your Teeth tour, what have been your highlights?

Oooh, there’s been quite a few! Like Manchester was mental, kids were on the stage constantly throughout the whole set..Leeds! To be fair all the shows were good, even like you know, it was just a bit unfortunate Newcastle was shut down but that was good show. We haven’t had any bad shows on this tour; they’ve all been really enjoyable. And I’m really looking forward to doing tonight here as well- London!

So you mentioned Newcastle, you got through six tracks then what happened?

Yeah that’s right; they didn’t give us a warning. They literally ran on stage, pulled the microphone out of Ed’s hand and we carried on playing and then they cut the stage power. The kids were crowd surfing, we weren’t inciting it because we were told not too before that show, but the crowd were crazy so what can you do, if the kids just want to have fun, they want to have fun.

How have Heights, Counterparts and Fact found supporting you?

I think they’ve really enjoyed it. We’ve supported both Fact in Japan and Counterparts in Canada and they’re good mates of ours so it was nice to bring them over here and give it a blast!

You’re off to America at the end of May, how excited are you for that?

I’m really excited! All the fast food, just hopefully some nice weather- fingers crossed! I always love going to America so stoked on it.

Bit of sight-seeing then?

If we have time! We had a tour that finished in New York and I went to the Empire State building which was cool. We go up on the West Coast. I just love California! Everything about California is amazing, I love it.


In the past years you’ve toured a lot, who has been your favourite band to share the same stage as?

There have been so many great bands we’ve been on tour with! I tell you what, this tour; watching Fact every night on this tour has been pretty wicked. And seeing them pull thousands of people in Japan, selling out massive venues was cool. So it’s good be sharing the stage as them.

If you could tour with one band who would it be?

Just constantly touring with one band?!? That’s a tough one because like you meet so many people and you get on with everyone. For me it would probably be Comeback Kid, I love those dudes! They’re a great band. Luckily we’ve been able to play quite a few shows with them and do a couple of tours.

If you had to cover one song, what would it be?

Probably something from One Direction! That’s what the boys would say. One Direction definitely.

You teamed up with Impericon for Cold Chillin’ how did that come about?

They do all our merch for us and we’ve known them for years! They actually came to us saying “we’ll release it for you”, they’re good mates and they always hook us up.

Do you think that’s going to be a future thing then with Impericon?

I’m not sure really! We’ll have to see how it goes. If they’re up for it, we’re up for it.

How’s the reception been for Cold Chillin’?

It’s been really good, really good like. People are saying “Oh, Your Demise are back” even though we didn’t go anywhere. Yeah it’s been a really, really good reaction to it which is cool and obviously you want to hear good things about the music you write.

Were there any tracks that didn’t make the final cut for Cold Chillin’?

We kind of half wrote one track but it was pretty much we got four solid tracks and that was it, the fifth one was just a bit more of a jam and didn’t suit it really.

What would each of you be doing if you weren’t in Your Demise?

Ed would probably be selling shoes, I dunno what Jimmy would be doing, Stu would probably be doing tour managing I reckon- he’d be a good tour manager or having a band van rental company! Me…I’d be a mechanic!

What’s in store for the rest of this year?

Just plenty of touring! And probably write a new full length album at the end of the year.

Cheers Oz!

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Police called to cancelled Your Demise show in Newcastle

A show at the O2 Academy 2 in Newcastle ended in disaster last night as the show was cancelled part way in to Your Demise’s headline set. No official statement has been made by the venue as to why it was cancelled, but disappointed fans who did attend the event have said that the police were called after the band and fans refusing to leave the venue.

At 11.27pm on the night of the show, the band posted this photo (right) to their official Twitter.

Heights, Counterparts and FACT all played beforehand and there were reportedly no problems with any of their sets at the 380 person capacity venue.

Taking to their official Facebook page, Your Demise said, “As you may have gathered, some shit went down at the Newcastle show tonight. Basically, the O2 Academy doesn’t like you lot having too much fun, and because you lot know what’s up and like to stage dive (who doesn’t?!) – they shut us down.”

“It was entirely out of our control, and we promise you we did everything in our power to try and keep the show going, but they were simply having none of it. We cannot express to you just quite how bummed / pissed off / upset we are that this was the outcome, and for that we’re so sorry.”

Fans who attended the show took to Twitter to share their anger, some saying that the security pulled the show after several people were stage diving during the show.

The band are already planning for a “super cheap show in or around Newcastle very soon” and say that they won’t be playing the O2 in Newcastle “ever again”.

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Your Demise live at Reading Sub89

Your Demise
SUB89, Reading

14th August 2012

Your Demise at Reading’s Sub89 was a show made up of a mix of emotions; brilliant fun, nostalgic, painful and at times embarrassing. The embarrassment is really down to the crowd. At the start of Your Demise’s set they just aren’t into it. You wouldn’t think they have paid to see one of the UK’s most exciting bands that launch into their business all guns blazing, you’d think its some mediocre act that no one gives a damn about; the half empty room just doesn’t respond to the energy bouncing around on stage. Ed Mcrae does his very best to excite the crowd, and part way through the show, his efforts begin to pay off. His ability to entice some action on a miserable midweek show is definitely an asset and no matter what people may think of Mcrae on a musical or personal level, he is showing classic traits of a skilled showman.

Earlier this year, Your Demise dropped ‘The Golden Age‘ an album that divided opinions to say the least, with the main stream of criticism coming from older fans despising the poppier sounding tracks such as ‘These Lights‘. However, Your Demise clearly love ‘The Golden Age‘ and enjoy performing it. Its great to see a band sticking to their guns, Mcrae shouts, ‘Recently we dropped a record, ‘The Golden Age’, and there’s nothing you can fucking do about it!‘. The band needn’t worry though, as tonight, ‘These Lights‘ is triumphant. After his hard work hyping the crowd, Mcrae is in his element as the younger generation of Your Demise and hardcore fans lap up the high tempo track.

Considering the crowd were so dull at the start of the Your Demise’s set, the polar opposite response for ‘Burnt Tongues‘ is electrifying. Taken from one of the bands earlier albums ‘Ignorance Never Dies‘, the simplicity of the song unites the audience in movement. ‘Miles Away‘ keeps up the intensity as crowd surfers start to fly over the barrier. Set closer ‘The Kids We Used To Be‘ is euphoric. Looking around it’s hard to spot anyone not screaming lyrics, ‘So let’s bring back the best years. Nights spent hanging out. Not giving a fuck….‘. It’s a sincere reminder to cherish the good moments in life.

Yet its bizarre how quickly events can change, one minute everyone is having the time of the life, the next the sound cuts out and bassist Jimmy Sampson is crying for help. It appears in the chaotic, high energy end to the set, Ed Mcrae has hurt himself; badly. ‘He’s dislocated his knee!’ Another band member shouts and poor Ed is dragged off the side of the stage to receive medical assistance.

The lights go up and background music plays through the club’s PA. The crowd leave in dismay, contemplating what just happened. Its such a shame the show ended on a downer after all the effort the band put in to to raise the tempo. Your Demise won over a boring audience mainly due to Ed Mcrae putting in a stellar performance. However their commitment won’t go unnoticed, this crowd will be back for more at another Your Demise show as punters walk away from Sub89 still hungry for more.

Words & Photo: Emma Wallace

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Must See Shows: August 2012

Not only does August host some of this year’s best festival line ups, there are plenty of gigs going on too. Here is the lowdown from Crossfire HQ on what dates to put in your diary and who to see over the coming month:

Deez Nuts


Hardcore legends 7 SECONDS are in the UK for the Winter Gardens festival in Blackpool and a show in Leeds this Saturday at the Brudenell Social Club with Agnostic Front, but Monday’s show at the Underworld in Camden with Madball should be killer.

Combining Hip-Hop with hardcore, Deez Nuts are a one crazy band to see live. They are also the sort of band you will either love or hate but in their own words, they ‘Don’t give a Mother-Fuck!’.
2nd Club Revolution & District 7 –Peterborough, 3rd Hevy Festival – Kent, 5th The Venue (formerly Krash) – Newcastle, 6th The George Inn – Andover, 7th Hobos – Bridgend

Now joined by ex-Rise To Remain drummer Pat Lundy, Funeral For A Friend are playing a couple dates over August to subtly remind everyone that they are one of the UK’s best live acts.
2nd Sub89 – Reading, 3rd The Pavillion – Weymouth

Grizzly Bear are one of the most experimental indie bands out there at the moment. Fusing a whole load of different instruments (including banjo, keyboards, omnichord and glockenspiel) with electronics this Brooklyn based band are sure to put on a mesmerizing performance.
28th The Junction – Cambridge, 29th The Albert Hall – Nottingham

The pop/rock n roll side project of Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo should be on everyone’s guilty pleasures list. The band haven’t been over to our shores in goodness knows how long and with some pure pop genius they will definitely get the crowds dancing.
5th Cellar – Southampton, 6th Relentless Garage – London, 7th Sound Control – Manchester, 8th Garage – Glasgow, 10th Rescue Rooms – Nottingham

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a bit excited about Hevy, the line up is unbelievable. Be sure to party hard with Andrew W.K. on the Saturday night and check out what other bands we recommend catching here.
3rd – 5th Port Lympe – Kent

Polar Bear Club

As well as an appearance at Reading & Leeds, the brilliantly named Polar Bear Club squeeze in a London date in at the end of the month. For fans of Small Brown Bike, Third Eye Blind, Silent Majority, Hot Water Music and Lifetime. The tour continues into September with support coming from the exquisite Into It. Over It.
24th Leeds Festival, 26th Reading Festival, 31st Borderline – London

Presented by SEXBEAT and Nudie Jeans Co this years festival has expanded to a secret warehouse complex in Hackney after selling out in previous years. The prospect of Ceremony, a Poster Roast exhibition and a Kristina Records pop up store all in close proximity sounds mouth watering to us.
19th Hackney Down Studios – Hackney

The Cure, Gallows, The Gaslight Anthem, Enter Shikari, A Wilhelm Scream, Alt-J, Cancer Bats, Mastodon, At The Drive-In, Every Time I Die, Pure Love, Anti-Flag, Trash Talk… Don’t need to say much else really. Oh other than there will be a whole load of awesome newcomers to watch on the BBC Introducing Stage.
24th – 26th Reading & Leeds

Having put out a record that divided fans earlier this year, Your Demise are back on the road to promote said album ‘The Golden Age’ on the ‘Golden Monster Tour’. The YD boys always put on a good show and with these being some of their most intimate dates of late its sure as hell going to get sweaty. Support comes from the ever promising Last Witness (Holy Roar Records).
13th Sub89 – Reading, 14th The Mill Arts Centre – Rayleigh, 15th Waterfront – Norwich, 16th Club Revolution, Peterborough


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Basement Announce Hiatus

After having just finished recording their second album, it comes as a bit of a shock that Basement are calling it a day (for now anyway). The band released this statement via social media to inform fans:

“Now Colourmeinkindness is finished, we head out to play a string of shows across America. Due to a number of personal commitments, this record and these shows will be the last thing we do as a band for a very long time. Basement has never been about achieving anything; it was simply an enjoyable outlet for creativity and emotion. That being said, we are incredibly grateful for the support we have received over the last two years. We have managed to do some amazing things and see some incredible places and the people we have met along the way will be our friends forever. We seriously cannot express sufficiently how much this means to us. We all have things going on outside of the band that require a lot of time and attention and now more than ever these things have to come first. – Basement”

Basement’s brand of emotive hardcore has been a highlight of the flourishing UK scene over the past few years. And after gathering many new fans whilst touring with Your Demise, Trapped Under Ice and Man Overboard earlier this year, it’s sad state of affairs to see these Ipswich boys disappear off the radar.


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Hevy Festival announce first line up

hevyfestival2011We had a rad time at Hevy Fest last year and this year looks set to compete with a line-up that shows great potential for another fun weekend packed with great music.

Back in Port Lympne in Kent, at the Wild Animal Park, Saturday night will be co-headlined by The Dillinger Escape Plan and Architects. Dillinger aren’t even doing any other European festivals this summer. NONE! The rest of the line-up is looking like this so far:

The Dillinger Escape Plan (European Festival Exclusive), Architects (co-headline), Bouncing Souls, We Are The Ocean, Zebrahead, Capdown, Ceremony (UK Festival Exclusive), Polar Bear Club, Your Demise, Rise To Remain, Touche Amore (UK Festival Exclusive), La Dispute (UK Festival Exclusive), November Coming Fire, Awaken Demons (UK Festival Exclusive), Man Overboard, Lemuria, Brutality Will Prevail, Spycatcher, Death Is Not Glamorous, Rot In Hell, Polar, Cheap Girls, Heart In Hand, Hang The Bastard and Hildamay.

Weekend camping tickets are priced at £89 and will include free entry to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park for the weekend. Tickets will be available online from / 0843 221 0100 / and from selected HMV stores across the UK.

Probably worth it for Dillinger, Architects, Ceremony, Polar Bear Club, Touche Amore and La Dispute alone. OK, that’s quite a lot already. Roll on the announcement of the rest of the 80 band strong bill!

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letlive. hit the UK next week

One of our new favourite bands, letlive., are over in the UK next week with Your Demise.

They’ve also just signed to the legendary Epitaph Records and will release new album Fake History on 11th April. It’s phenomenal and the live show is set to match. Just take a look at the footage below…

letlive. tourdates (w/ Your Demise, Stick To Your Guns) are:

20.02.11 UK Southampton Talking Heads
21.02.11 UK Birmingham O2 Academy 3
22.02.11 UK Nottingham Rescue Rooms
23.02.11 UK Newcastle O2 Academy 2
24.02.11 UK Leeds The Cockpit
25.02.11 UK Manchester Sound Control
26.02.11 UK Plymouth White Rabbit
27.02.11 UK London Underworld