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[Run For Cover Records]

For only their second album, Basement’s ‘Colourmeinkindness’ oozes with maturity and sophistication. After just one play through its timeless nature is overwhelming, you sense you’ve have heard it before, but not in a negative, generic way; more in the sense that it has the overall feel of a classic.

The rasping vocals and chugging riffs of opener ‘Whole’ kick the record off to a great start and what’s most pleasing is that the rest of the album is just as strong. Although ‘Covert’ drops the tempo, the level of emotion rises as surly lyrics drone over the music in an almost Nirvana-esque style. It’d be easy to analyze each track positively, every song on the album is beautiful. But it’s lead single ‘Spoiled’ that sums up ‘Colourmeinkindness’ in all its glory. The engaging vocals delivered in a soothing nature contrast against a guitar tone reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate and Silverchair. ‘Spoiled’ and ‘Colourmeinkindness’ as a whole provide a breath-taking juxtaposition between peace and rage.

With Thrice leaving a void that needed to be filled by a modern emo/post-hardcore band, Basement look like the perfect contender. However after announcing a shock indefinite hiatus which will commence after the release of ‘Colourmeinkindness’ we are again left waiting for the next king to take to the genre’s throne.

It’d be fair to say Basement have made an impact on many hearts in a short amount of time. ‘Colourmeinkindess’ sends them out on an undeniable high leaving one to contemplate what great things this band could achieve if a future was still ahead of them.

Words: Emma Wallace

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Stream New Basement Track Here

Much loved emo/post-hardcore group Basement have announced details of their forthcoming -and final- album as well as publishing a track for streaming.

Lead single ‘Spoiled‘ -which can be heard below- is taken from their sophomore full length ‘Colourmeinkindness’, due out 22nd October 2012 via Run For Cover Records.

The band are due for an indefinite hiatus after the album release and two final sold-out shows (November 16th at The Well, Leeds
and November 17th London Underworld). The young band quickly developed a cult following and will surely be missed. Expect a full review of ‘Colourmeinkindness’ to follow soon…

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Basement Announce Hiatus

After having just finished recording their second album, it comes as a bit of a shock that Basement are calling it a day (for now anyway). The band released this statement via social media to inform fans:

“Now Colourmeinkindness is finished, we head out to play a string of shows across America. Due to a number of personal commitments, this record and these shows will be the last thing we do as a band for a very long time. Basement has never been about achieving anything; it was simply an enjoyable outlet for creativity and emotion. That being said, we are incredibly grateful for the support we have received over the last two years. We have managed to do some amazing things and see some incredible places and the people we have met along the way will be our friends forever. We seriously cannot express sufficiently how much this means to us. We all have things going on outside of the band that require a lot of time and attention and now more than ever these things have to come first. – Basement”

Basement’s brand of emotive hardcore has been a highlight of the flourishing UK scene over the past few years. And after gathering many new fans whilst touring with Your Demise, Trapped Under Ice and Man Overboard earlier this year, it’s sad state of affairs to see these Ipswich boys disappear off the radar.