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Police called to cancelled Your Demise show in Newcastle

A show at the O2 Academy 2 in Newcastle ended in disaster last night as the show was cancelled part way in to Your Demise’s headline set. No official statement has been made by the venue as to why it was cancelled, but disappointed fans who did attend the event have said that the police were called after the band and fans refusing to leave the venue.

At 11.27pm on the night of the show, the band posted this photo (right) to their official Twitter.

Heights, Counterparts and FACT all played beforehand and there were reportedly no problems with any of their sets at the 380 person capacity venue.

Taking to their official Facebook page, Your Demise said, “As you may have gathered, some shit went down at the Newcastle show tonight. Basically, the O2 Academy doesn’t like you lot having too much fun, and because you lot know what’s up and like to stage dive (who doesn’t?!) – they shut us down.”

“It was entirely out of our control, and we promise you we did everything in our power to try and keep the show going, but they were simply having none of it. We cannot express to you just quite how bummed / pissed off / upset we are that this was the outcome, and for that we’re so sorry.”

Fans who attended the show took to Twitter to share their anger, some saying that the security pulled the show after several people were stage diving during the show.

The band are already planning for a “super cheap show in or around Newcastle very soon” and say that they won’t be playing the O2 in Newcastle “ever again”.