Gallagher’s Moves

Wayne Gallagher from BoarderCo hucks out a full cab into a Welsh bank for Jerome Loughran

David Bachinsky – Kickflip to Leap of Faith
Jack Crook – 360 Shove It Manual
Emerica Team – Miami Nonsense
Shuriken Shannon – Hardflip
Gino Iannucci – Shove Style
Lem Villemin – Nollie B/S Noseblunt
Jess Young – Ollie

Top 5’s – Faux Smoking Warnings

1. Smoking can reveal hidden laser traps.
2. It’s OK, I’m not pregnant.
3. At least I’m not smoking crack.
4. If you’re drunk, it doesn’t count, right?
5. My gran smokes 40 a day and she’s 93.

Top 5 Smoking Facts

1. Everyone’s Nan died.
2. Roy Castle died.
3. I can’t skate as good as i used and i’m skint, but i can afford fags.
4. 5.2 trillion fags are manufactured each year.
5. The UK government are looking to issue ID cards, if the idea get’s the green light you will have to apply for one of these to get your smokes and pay an annual fee for the card.

Top 5 Skaters that smoke urethane

1. Darryl Nobbs
2. Bruce ‘The Ox’
3. Zarosh
4. Geoff Rowley
5. David Martelleur

Pics of the Week

Darryl Nobbs get’s busy with this Melon for Alex Burell whilst Mark ‘Popeye’ Munson keeps it real at Saffron Walden for Dave Pettingill.

Raemers’ Moves

Ben Raemers – fs invert Photo by Andrew Belson

Paddy Jones – frontside boardslide 270

John Demar – frontside feeble frontside bigspin out

Paul Rodriguez – 360flip crook

Dan Pageau – noseblunt to bluntslide

Mike Mo – switch kickflip

Stu Zombie – Switch Chainsaw Massacre

Top 5 skate noises

1) Powerslides
2) Ollie
3) Fs grinds
4) Snapped tail
5) Wallrides

Top 5 rude-boy phrases

1) BUH!
2) Twos me your wallet blud
3) Pow!
4) Shot op!
5) Grimekonz are top shotterz blud, bate.

Top 5 skateboard actors

1) Jason Lee
2) Tony Hawk
3) Andrew Reynolds
4) Tony Alva
5) Bob Burnquist

Pic of the Week

Matt Thomas catches Alan Robinson in the act with the crooked grind outside his Nan’s house.

Tommy Brandelik’s Moves

Tommy Brandelik – nollie kickflip

Jamal Smith
– Fakie 360 Shove It

Rhett Freeman – Backlip 5-0

Mike Carroll – Backtail F/S Shove

Chico Brenes – Nollie varial heelflip manual

Guy Mariano – 180 switch crook

Top 5 Lunches when you only have £1 to spend

1) Bombay Mix
2) Egg Mayo Sandwiches
3) Vegetable Samosa and a Flump.
4) Haribo Starmix
5) 10 bags of Space Raiders

Top 5 Xmas wishlist

1) Full Guy Mariano section
2) Gallows NME front cover
3) Led Zeppelin to reform
4) Bernard Manning dead
5) errr… World peace?

Pic of the Week

Fidelity Skateboard’s Tommy Brandelik gets a double-whammy of a Moves this week, with this gnarly boots drop-in off the top of Wurzel Gummidge’s roof. He told Tommy to get off his land, so Tommy obliged.

Oliveira’s Moves

Luan de Oliveira – varial heelflip

Lizard King – wallride reverse polejam

Mike Carroll – backtail 360 shove

Kass Plummer – backside lipslide

Brent Atchley – nose manual

Jeff Lenoce – nollie backside heelflip

Jake Donnelly – nollie

Top 5 Hats

1) Lakai Fully Flared flat peak
2) Vans cadet cap
3) Knitted bobble
4) Consolidated trucker
5) That old beanie at the back of the cupboard

Top 5 Friday Night One-Word Questions

1) Pub?
2) Curry?
3) Club?
4) Pint?
5) Fuck?

Top 5 Phallic Corporate Logos

1) Compster Doctors
2) Kostelecke uzeniny
3) Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies
4) Real Estate One
5) Bellwether

Pic of the Week

Jamie ‘Aaargh!’ Morley gets his knees tucked into a fakie wallride at Saffron Walden because Scott Madill told him to.

Guy Kampfen’s Moves

Guy Kampfen – frontside tailslide fakie manual half cab

Robbie Brockel – Nollie Bigspin Back Tail Bigspin out!

OJ Farrar – Kickflip backside 5-0

Danny Garcia – Backtail Shove

Zach Wagner – Feeble to backtail

Send us your favourite links to skate footage of yourself, friends or other skaters to our contact section and we will link them up innit.

Top 5 – Freshers Week

1) Drinks for a fucking quid.
2) Free noodles.
3) Not being awake until 4pm every single day.
4) People introducing themselves with lines such as “when I was 13, I got raped in the arse” or “fuck! I well pissed myself last night. how embarassing”
5) Finding out that both of those statements were in fact true.

Top 5 – Cadbury’s Roses

1) Fudge
2) The strawberry ones
3) Anything with nuts in
4) Caramel ones
5) Everything else

Top 5 – Halloween costumes

1) iPod
2) Cock suit
3) Steven Spielberg
4) Steve Irwin
5) Suicide bomber

Pic of the Week

Jack sets The Works on fire with a beaut of a backside smith.

Watson’s Moves

Dave Watson – Ollie nosemanual
Sequence by Styley

Jason Adams – frontside 360 nosegrab

Eero Antilla – 360flip nosegrind

Div Adams – lien to tail

Brandon Biebel – nollie backside heelflip

Nick Merlino – switch backside 360

Top 5 Beastie Boys songs
1) Sabotage
2) 3 Mc’s and 1 Dj
3) Intergalactic
4) Egg Raid on Mojo
5) Sure Shot

Top 5 things to spend a fiver on

1) Couple of beers
2) Porn magazines
3) Thai curry
4) Flutter on the horses
5) Crossfire 6th Anniversary party ticket

Top 5 skateboard haircuts

1) Louie Barletta
2) Corey Duffel
3) Jason Dill
4) Lucien Clarke
5) Mike Vallely

Pic of the Week

Adam Johns is caught by the flash of Scott Madill as he does probably the last ever trick at Stockwell before it’s makeover. Frontside tailslash in the dark.

Moul’s Moves

Alex Moul – Heel Shove. Photo by Bartok. Sidewalk Magazine Issue 131 – out now.

Danny Garcia– crail bluntslide.

Antwuan Dixon – noseslide bs 270 nollie heelflip.

John Lupfer – fs crook 180.

Dave Bachinsky – halfcab blunt hardflip out.

Bryce Golder – fs 360 shuvit.

Sean Mullendore – lipslide.

Top 5 Crossfire Pains in the Arse
1) Internet connections
2) “Help” desks
3) Dog diarrhea
4) British Telecom
5) Monday mornings

Top 5 Moose’s Skate Shoes
1) Vans Era
2) Emerica Francis
3) Vans Rowley
4) Vans Chukka
5) Vans Era, again

Top 5 British Summer essentials
1) Waterproof jacket
2) Canoe
3) House insurance
4) Wellies
5) BBQ

Pic of the week:

Andrew Belson catches Dave Watson knocking out an ollie fakie in the dead of night. Send your best snaps and we will feature it on this page…

Tanner’s Moves

Tanner Nollie frontside 360 kickflip
John Tanner- Full cab kickflip. Photo by Leo Sharp. Sidewalk Magazine Issue 130 – Footage here.

Willow – Nollie 360 flip, and then some!

Jani Laitiala – Switch heelflip

Sean McNulty – Heelflip fs boardslide

David Gravette – Kickflip fs 5050

John Rattray – Pivot fakie

Top 5 Crossfire aches and pains

1) Left knee
2) Left ankle
3) Back
4) Right elbow
5) Moving house

Top 5 hangover cures

1) Tea
2) Wallrides
3) Hollyoaks omnibus (easy on the eye, easy on the brain)
4) Sloppy sex
5) Crossfire Hangover Sessions

Pic of the week

Peering out from behind a rock, Matt Thomas can see Alan Robinson crooked grinding a piece of marble cake at East India. Good job he had his camera on him to capture the moment for Alan to put in his photo album ready to show the grandchildren.

Alan Robinson crook grind

P-Rods Moves

Saffron Waldon’s new skatepark was greeted by Paul Rodriguez’ supreme skills on a recent Plan B UK Tour.

This nosegrind was one of a bag of tricks that he hucked down this rail. Shit the bed, yes he is that good in real life…

Seq: Gorm

Franklin Stephens – F/S 50-50 Kickflip Out

Sandor Balazs – Switch 360 Flip Revert

John Buchanan – Nollie Double Heelflip Manual

David Gonzales – Take your pick!

Jérémy Hugues – Switch Back Smith

Kevin Coakley – Kickflip B/S 5-0

Top 5s – Excuses not to get a trick filmed.

1. Nah man, have you seen my laces? They’re fucked!
2. It’s too windy mate.
3. I’m starving, fancy going to Tesco?
4. I’ve just eaten man, too full for that shit.
5. Can’t we have a game of SKATE instead? I’ll do it after, I promise.

Pic of the Week

When the outside world can’t offer you a session, it’s time to move indoors. Roman Astleitner blunts his tools for a living whilst Alex Gretter prefers to shoot for one. Get your trowels out and click on the image for video….

Zarosh’ Moves

It didn’t take an expert to work out that this is by far the gnarliest advert run in the UK for years.

Zarosh joined Death Skateboards team last year after being hooked up with Zorlac and Co whilst travelling around Europe and Skate Goa in 2006.

Acid drops used to be all the rage. Thank fuck ‘Zarosh’ drops’ are not standard these days otherwise most skaters will be turned into midgets…..

Look out for the Death Skateboards interview on this site in the next week or two.

This weeks Moves links are lined up from Joe Moynihan:

Darran Nolan – 360 Flip Late F/S Shove It

Arron Johnson – Backside Flip

Lucas Puig – Backtail Fweesixtee Weeves

Ted De Gros – Nollie F/S 360 Heelflip

Dave Watson – Blunt Flip In

Jimmy Cao – Pivot Flip In

Top 5 Pro Skaters who have sold their soul to myspace.

1. Chris Haslam
2. Dan Drehobl
3. Dustin Dollin
4. Ronnie Creager
5. Terry Kennedy

Top 5 spots to visit this summer.

1. Malmo Sweden – (Quicksilver Bowlriders – 8th/9th/10th June)
2. Marseille
3. Prissick Plaza
4. Stoke Plaza
5. The state of Oregon, USA.

Pic of the Week

Jack Brooks takes a snipers view of Dave Edwards hucking out a nollie above Margate Town.