Moul’s Moves

Alex Moul – Heel Shove. Photo by Bartok. Sidewalk Magazine Issue 131 – out now.

Danny Garcia– crail bluntslide.

Antwuan Dixon – noseslide bs 270 nollie heelflip.

John Lupfer – fs crook 180.

Dave Bachinsky – halfcab blunt hardflip out.

Bryce Golder – fs 360 shuvit.

Sean Mullendore – lipslide.

Top 5 Crossfire Pains in the Arse
1) Internet connections
2) “Help” desks
3) Dog diarrhea
4) British Telecom
5) Monday mornings

Top 5 Moose’s Skate Shoes
1) Vans Era
2) Emerica Francis
3) Vans Rowley
4) Vans Chukka
5) Vans Era, again

Top 5 British Summer essentials
1) Waterproof jacket
2) Canoe
3) House insurance
4) Wellies
5) BBQ

Pic of the week:

Andrew Belson catches Dave Watson knocking out an ollie fakie in the dead of night. Send your best snaps and we will feature it on this page…