P-Rods Moves

Saffron Waldon’s new skatepark was greeted by Paul Rodriguez’ supreme skills on a recent Plan B UK Tour.

This nosegrind was one of a bag of tricks that he hucked down this rail. Shit the bed, yes he is that good in real life…

Seq: Gorm

Franklin Stephens – F/S 50-50 Kickflip Out

Sandor Balazs – Switch 360 Flip Revert

John Buchanan – Nollie Double Heelflip Manual

David Gonzales – Take your pick!

Jérémy Hugues – Switch Back Smith

Kevin Coakley – Kickflip B/S 5-0

Top 5s – Excuses not to get a trick filmed.

1. Nah man, have you seen my laces? They’re fucked!
2. It’s too windy mate.
3. I’m starving, fancy going to Tesco?
4. I’ve just eaten man, too full for that shit.
5. Can’t we have a game of SKATE instead? I’ll do it after, I promise.

Pic of the Week

When the outside world can’t offer you a session, it’s time to move indoors. Roman Astleitner blunts his tools for a living whilst Alex Gretter prefers to shoot for one. Get your trowels out and click on the image for video….