Tommy Brandelik’s Moves

Tommy Brandelik – nollie kickflip

Jamal Smith
– Fakie 360 Shove It

Rhett Freeman – Backlip 5-0

Mike Carroll – Backtail F/S Shove

Chico Brenes – Nollie varial heelflip manual

Guy Mariano – 180 switch crook

Top 5 Lunches when you only have £1 to spend

1) Bombay Mix
2) Egg Mayo Sandwiches
3) Vegetable Samosa and a Flump.
4) Haribo Starmix
5) 10 bags of Space Raiders

Top 5 Xmas wishlist

1) Full Guy Mariano section
2) Gallows NME front cover
3) Led Zeppelin to reform
4) Bernard Manning dead
5) errr… World peace?

Pic of the Week

Fidelity Skateboard’s Tommy Brandelik gets a double-whammy of a Moves this week, with this gnarly boots drop-in off the top of Wurzel Gummidge’s roof. He told Tommy to get off his land, so Tommy obliged.