Gallagher’s Moves

Wayne Gallagher from BoarderCo hucks out a full cab into a Welsh bank for Jerome Loughran

David Bachinsky – Kickflip to Leap of Faith
Jack Crook – 360 Shove It Manual
Emerica Team – Miami Nonsense
Shuriken Shannon – Hardflip
Gino Iannucci – Shove Style
Lem Villemin – Nollie B/S Noseblunt
Jess Young – Ollie

Top 5’s – Faux Smoking Warnings

1. Smoking can reveal hidden laser traps.
2. It’s OK, I’m not pregnant.
3. At least I’m not smoking crack.
4. If you’re drunk, it doesn’t count, right?
5. My gran smokes 40 a day and she’s 93.

Top 5 Smoking Facts

1. Everyone’s Nan died.
2. Roy Castle died.
3. I can’t skate as good as i used and i’m skint, but i can afford fags.
4. 5.2 trillion fags are manufactured each year.
5. The UK government are looking to issue ID cards, if the idea get’s the green light you will have to apply for one of these to get your smokes and pay an annual fee for the card.

Top 5 Skaters that smoke urethane

1. Darryl Nobbs
2. Bruce ‘The Ox’
3. Zarosh
4. Geoff Rowley
5. David Martelleur

Pics of the Week

Darryl Nobbs get’s busy with this Melon for Alex Burell whilst Mark ‘Popeye’ Munson keeps it real at Saffron Walden for Dave Pettingill.