Zarosh’ Moves

It didn’t take an expert to work out that this is by far the gnarliest advert run in the UK for years.

Zarosh joined Death Skateboards team last year after being hooked up with Zorlac and Co whilst travelling around Europe and Skate Goa in 2006.

Acid drops used to be all the rage. Thank fuck ‘Zarosh’ drops’ are not standard these days otherwise most skaters will be turned into midgets…..

Look out for the Death Skateboards interview on this site in the next week or two.

This weeks Moves links are lined up from Joe Moynihan:

Darran Nolan – 360 Flip Late F/S Shove It

Arron Johnson – Backside Flip

Lucas Puig – Backtail Fweesixtee Weeves

Ted De Gros – Nollie F/S 360 Heelflip

Dave Watson – Blunt Flip In

Jimmy Cao – Pivot Flip In

Top 5 Pro Skaters who have sold their soul to myspace.

1. Chris Haslam
2. Dan Drehobl
3. Dustin Dollin
4. Ronnie Creager
5. Terry Kennedy

Top 5 spots to visit this summer.

1. Malmo Sweden – (Quicksilver Bowlriders – 8th/9th/10th June)
2. Marseille
3. Prissick Plaza
4. Stoke Plaza
5. The state of Oregon, USA.

Pic of the Week

Jack Brooks takes a snipers view of Dave Edwards hucking out a nollie above Margate Town.