Watson’s Moves

Dave Watson – Ollie nosemanual
Sequence by Styley

Jason Adams – frontside 360 nosegrab

Eero Antilla – 360flip nosegrind

Div Adams – lien to tail

Brandon Biebel – nollie backside heelflip

Nick Merlino – switch backside 360

Top 5 Beastie Boys songs
1) Sabotage
2) 3 Mc’s and 1 Dj
3) Intergalactic
4) Egg Raid on Mojo
5) Sure Shot

Top 5 things to spend a fiver on

1) Couple of beers
2) Porn magazines
3) Thai curry
4) Flutter on the horses
5) Crossfire 6th Anniversary party ticket

Top 5 skateboard haircuts

1) Louie Barletta
2) Corey Duffel
3) Jason Dill
4) Lucien Clarke
5) Mike Vallely

Pic of the Week

Adam Johns is caught by the flash of Scott Madill as he does probably the last ever trick at Stockwell before it’s makeover. Frontside tailslash in the dark.