Tanner’s Moves

Tanner Nollie frontside 360 kickflip
John Tanner- Full cab kickflip. Photo by Leo Sharp. Sidewalk Magazine Issue 130 – Footage here.

Willow – Nollie 360 flip, and then some!

Jani Laitiala – Switch heelflip

Sean McNulty – Heelflip fs boardslide

David Gravette – Kickflip fs 5050

John Rattray – Pivot fakie

Top 5 Crossfire aches and pains

1) Left knee
2) Left ankle
3) Back
4) Right elbow
5) Moving house

Top 5 hangover cures

1) Tea
2) Wallrides
3) Hollyoaks omnibus (easy on the eye, easy on the brain)
4) Sloppy sex
5) Crossfire Hangover Sessions

Pic of the week

Peering out from behind a rock, Matt Thomas can see Alan Robinson crooked grinding a piece of marble cake at East India. Good job he had his camera on him to capture the moment for Alan to put in his photo album ready to show the grandchildren.

Alan Robinson crook grind