Cow Grinds plus…

Willy Santos: Wallride shove-it to fakie (pic)
Louis Cooper: Nollie 360 flip
JB Gillet: Pupecki grind
Danny Way: Bomb drop
Sam Partaix: Blunt to fakie
Antwuan Dixon: Noseslide nollie 270 heelflip out
Peter Hewitt: Frontside invert

Top 5 Random Videos Blurts:

1. “Yeeeaaahhhh man!” Joey Suriel throwing gang signs in 20 Shot Sequence.

2. “He puts the ‘B’ in ‘Boss’!” Terry Kennedy praises his Boss in Baker 3.

3. “I live for 36 exposures…” Brad Staba cameo’s once again for BA in Modus Operandi.

4. “Praise the Lord, death is for sinners!” Lennie Kirk spreads the word in Timecode.

5. “Get that camera out of my face fool!” Atiba playing the international tough guy in Chomp On This.

Skate Homework Top 5:

1. Watch the Gonz in Video Days.

2. No-comply a curb.

3. Teach another kid how to drop in.

4. Bomb a Hill.

5. Read a Natas Kaupas interview.

Moves Gettin’ The Moos – Special Slam Dance

When all the glamour and glitz is wiped away, skateboarding shows us a whole lot of pain.

This week’s Mooooves are dedicated to all those times we pushed ourselves and didn’t bring home the bacon. This isn’t THPS!

Colin Vs. Big Mark

Benson 1-2-Knockout!

Elissa steps it up

Demo gap carnage!

Contests are always a sure-bet for blood

Top 10 places to expect danger:

1. Texas death Matches on mini ramps
2. Product tosses
3. Impromptu Best Trick Contests
4. Skatepark toilets
5. Hometown Hero Vs. Visiting Pros
6. The House of Doom summer parties.
7. Marseille after parties
8. Alan Christensens pants.
9. Download Festival riot nights
10. Any night out with Pritchard


Pat Duffy: Rail ollie to bank (above from Skateboarder Mag, click for sequence by Bradford)

Ryan Gallant: backside 180 switch frontside nosegrind –
Nestor Judkins: Frontside bluntslide pop-out
Lil’ Jesse: Switch heelflip backside 5-0
Stephane Giret: Fakie 360 flip
Pablo: Fakie varial flip
Oli Buergen: Ollie up to lipslide

Top 5 ‘Come agains’?

1. Harold Hunter passing away. R.I.P.
2. Baker 3 compared to Questionable.
3. Almost a Consolidated/Nike shoe.
4. French Magazine Feuding.
5. Rowley quitting Vans for Globe?

Filthy Moooos

Steph Morgan: fakie 360 flip fakie nose manual over a gap [above]
Travis Stenger: backside tailslide thread the needle.
Bob Burnquist: Full pipe loop.
Sean Young: Hill bombing
Adam Colton: Longboard G-turn
Tom Penny: Fakie laser flip

Top 5 Skateshop necessities:

1. An endless supply of videos to watch.
2. Strong coffee.
3. A pretty face for the parents.
4. A degree in Social Services.
5. A life outside of skateboarding.

Dirty Footage…

Click the links below for footage of each rider….or die.

Darren Harper: Switch pop shove-it.
Julien “Jutix” Viallet: Double drop-in.
Stacy Peralta: Carving
Simon Skipp: Long backside 5-0
Danny Garcia: Kickflip
Mike Carroll: Backside 180
Anthony Pappalardo: Backside flip fakie 5-0 reverse – Sugar Mag. 73 Seq. Leo Sharp (above)

Top 5 second uses for an Indy Truck:

1. Paper weight

2. Door handle

3. Bottle opener

4. Door stop

5. Butt plug

Ralph Lloyd-Davis

Moves Getting the Mooos

You should know the drill by now, click the names for dirty prizes.

Josh Kalis: 360 flip
Nate Roline: Frontside bluntslide frontside shove-it out.
Fabien Ollier: Kickflip backside tailslide
Gormski: Bin ollie
Greg Levet: 360 flip
Nico Eustache: The perfect kickflip. Rare Video “Storyboard”. (above)

Top 5 things not to do at skate Jams:

1. Steal the free product from the people who run it for you.
2. Attempt to skate an obstacle during a best trick comp
3. Think you can skate better than the young’uns
4. Consume nothing but booze and a packet of crisps
5. Judge the contests

RLD: 27/12/2005

Pure Bliss

Click the names below for visual rat treats.

Neil Smith (Smithy): Fakie 270′ wall ride – Sugar magazine Issue 71- below!

Javier Mendzibal: Frontside ollie in the Fullpipe- Freetyler Magazine.

Ian Devine: Backside smithgrind pop-over.

Rick McCrank: Backside lipslide

Conhuir Lynn: Mid-run 360 flip

Sid Melvin: Alley-oop frontside 360

Wade Desamo: 360 flip Roof gap

Nick Trapasso: Hardflip Carlsbad Gap

Mark Appleyard: Nollie Backside bigspin- backside tailslide- bigspin out

Click here to post your links to tricks that make you say the word “fuck!”.

Top 5 Speed Demons:

1. Dennis Busenitz
2. John Cardiel
3. Christian Hosoi
4. Ricky Oyola
5. Kris Markovich