Oliveira’s Moves

Luan de Oliveira – varial heelflip

Lizard King – wallride reverse polejam

Mike Carroll – backtail 360 shove

Kass Plummer – backside lipslide

Brent Atchley – nose manual

Jeff Lenoce – nollie backside heelflip

Jake Donnelly – nollie

Top 5 Hats

1) Lakai Fully Flared flat peak
2) Vans cadet cap
3) Knitted bobble
4) Consolidated trucker
5) That old beanie at the back of the cupboard

Top 5 Friday Night One-Word Questions

1) Pub?
2) Curry?
3) Club?
4) Pint?
5) Fuck?

Top 5 Phallic Corporate Logos

1) Compster Doctors
2) Kostelecke uzeniny
3) Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies
4) Real Estate One
5) Bellwether

Pic of the Week

Jamie ‘Aaargh!’ Morley gets his knees tucked into a fakie wallride at Saffron Walden because Scott Madill told him to.