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Abbe Nyberg bangs the Berrics

abbe_nybergLast November we brought you You Got Soul from Newsoul Skateboards in Sweden, an edit that featured a brilliant ender by the technically gifted Abbe Nyberg.

If you missed that then go back in time to rediscover but first you need to play this little edit from the Berrics as once again this is simply amazing skateboarding for all the right reasons.

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Watch: Snyderman’s Birthday Bangin!

There is simply not enough footage of the wonderful Aaron Snyder on the internet. The Berrics recognised this and in honour of his 34th birthday, put together a Bangin’ edit with some typically mind bending moves.

Up the Snyderman! Get your fix here…

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Watch: Jamie Thomas’ BANGIN’

Jamie Thomas dropped a Bangin’ this week. There is no stopping The Chief; this is the best one of these we’ve seen in a while.

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Reflections 2010: Luan Oliveira

At the beginning of 2010 Luan Oliveira turned pro for Flip Skateboards after a monsterous section that pushed street skateboarding’s ever redefined boundaries in Extremely Sorry, smashing the Tampa Am competition more than once and producing one of the most banging Bangin! edits to ever come from The Berrics. You’d think after the Hooters party to celebrate his deserved professional status he’d be taking it easy but when skating is as natural and fun as it is for Luan, undoubtedly one of the most exciting skaters of our time, you’d be wrong to think he’s doing anything other than smashing it.

Read below as he takes a little time out to reflect on his first year being pro and the five video edits he’s been watching all year to get him pumped for the session.

Photo: Andrew Shusterman

Favourite Skate Trip of 2010?

Flip West Coast Tour.

Favourite Song or album?

Jay-Z – On To The Next One

Gnarliest story?

Ask Ben Nordberg! He will tell you about the pillow one!

Newest trick learnt?

SS Flip BS Crooked

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Flip – Extremely Sorry

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?


What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Be happy, film a lot, shoot photos and have fun!

Rodrigo TX – Give Me My Money Chico

Rodrigo’s part is fucking sick. I like his style, the way he skates and the type of songs he puts in his video parts.

CGK – Allday Iapi Everyday

Me and my friends made this video a long time ago and it seems pretty good, as you can see we have a lot of fun, haha that’s what skateboarding is for us!

Rodrigo Petersen – Give Me My Money Chico

Rodrigo Petersen is a gnarly man. He has so much pop and he’s such a good guy, I love to hang out with him. By the way, the song is perfect for a video part… OBRIGAAAAAAAA.

Antwuan Dixon – Baker 3

Antwuan Dixon is amazing. After Tom Penny he is the best ‘hands down’ on skateboarder. I like to watch this part before I go skate, the song is fucking sick and he is gnarly.

Cezar Gordo – Matriz #3

Inspiration right here man. Cesar Simonetto Daz Pozzolo AKA Gordo is fucking gnarly. This part is old, like four years ago. For Brazilians, this is the shit right here…the way he skates and his attitude make him one of the best skaters in Brazil, that’s why I like to watch him and skate with him.