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Zenga Bros DIY Ramp History docu


If you follow us daily you would remember the Zenga Bros Skate Heads feature with the skateable train mini ramp from last year. These guys have been building stuff to skate since they could pick up a hammer and nails in Canada and not just ramps, they love making all sorts of nuts stuff that moves, from boats and bikes to homes.

Today, the history of their fascination with making stuff for people to enjoy has been unleashed and it’s a dope 9 minute journey. Get stuck in, get inspired and start building!

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Floating Ramp sesh from Volcom’s ‘True To This’


Build a mini ramp in the sea and skate it. Check out the footage from this session from Volcom’s ‘True To This’ video featuring David Gonzales and Grant Taylor getting some.

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House of Vans London launch night

Ph: Churchill takes a first bite at his newly designed bowl by Gorm


It’s taken over a year of hard work to get the new House of Vans venue to become a reality in London’s Waterloo district and it opened with a bang! With various legendary Vans riders in attendence from Wainwright, Alva, Hosoi, Cardiel, Rowley, Caples, AVE and a killer music bill in place, the two bars packed with people served up cocktails and beers fueling an excellent party for 850 invited guests.

Savages, Toddla T and Roots Manuva warmed up one of the loudest Dinosaur Jr shows ever witnessed that was followed by a party packed set from Public Enemy who got the place absolutely rocking! Deafened ears are still being discussed as we write this.

The huge 30,000sqft space consisting of five tunnels that host a gallery area, cafe, bars, office space for upcoming designers and artists, music venue, concrete bowl, mini ramp and street area is a stunning layout and now finally open for everyone to get creative in.

This month there’s also a DIY culture exhibition in the gallery titled ‘Scissors & Glue’, curated by our good friend Gorm who shared these photos below from the night. He is joined by Ben Drury, Trevor Jackson and Louise Grey covering a brief history of the good ol’ Zine and the launch of the very first Vans ‘Zine guest edited by Jeremy Leslie. Go scout it out and make one yourself as that’s how this place started. You can also enjoy French and Gorm’s zine on HOV here.

Well done to all involved to make this happen. Central London has not had an indoor skatepark since the days of Ewer Street in London Bridge back in the early 90s. The fact that this has been put together by a brand with the longest support in skateboarding history just makes it even better.

Believe the hype and most importantly, go online to book your free skate sessions now.

Photos by Gorm

















Photos by Zac











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Into the Thicket

Chris Haslam, Todd Myers and Mat Howell head into the forest on Vancouver Island in New Zealand to skate a skate a ramp constructed using the surrounding environment and few other materials in Into the Thicket. Click the image above for great sessions in the wilderness premiered back in February and uploaded overnight.

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Greg Nowik vs Prevail Skatehouse mini ramp

Prevail-Skatehouse-logo-colour Greg Nowik destroys mini ramps for fun and this session at Prevail Skatehouse’s new wood holds no surprises.

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Snow session with Geoff Rowley and Jimmy Boyes

The winter video edit comp deadline is approaching in 2 weeks time. Have you started editing your footage yet?

French Fred has released some old footage of Geoff Rowley, Jimmy Boyes and Gabriel Friedman skating an icy mini ramp in Arizona overnight, so get hyped on the fact that others out there are tackling the elements head on.

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How To Build A Skateboard with the BVP

blackvulturepressWhenever the Black Vulture Press are operating, you are pretty much guaranteed somehting fun. The BVP return with their favorite DIY skateboard making craftsman host, Dirty Al who takes his frustrations out on the tightest of mini ramps and a piece of wood.

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Watch the Redkite vs Blackscore Mini Ramp edit


Skate Edit of the Week comes via one of the many BBQ and Beer sessions at the Redkite mini ramp tucked away amongst fields just outside of London. Blackscore clothing bring the slo mo goodness with skating from Redkite cheese Fraser Campbell, tech wizard and Koston double – Mark Brewster, ‘The Housewife’s Favourite’ – Neil Kirby and the recently Dutched, Alex Weller.

This is what skateboarding is all about (when you have done it for 25 years). Get a ramp in your garden today.

BOARDS BBQ BEER BLACKSCORE from The Field Office on Vimeo.

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Watch Gnargore’s indoor mini ramp sesh

Looks like Gnargore are celebrating the launch of their latest DVD, Kickflip & Friends in style up there in the Black Country. Could this be the smallest mini ramp sausage party session of all time? More Kray shit to add to this week’s most used tune too.

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The Ledge Mini Ramp comp footage

This weekend just gone saw The Ledge trade show in London featuring a plethora of brands in the skate industry and a bunch of riders present for a mini ramp jam. It went off. Get stuck into this footage from Sidewalk of Denis Lynn, Chris Oliver, Jak Tonge, Jake Collins, Rob Smith, Helena Long, Lois Pendlebury, Phil Zwijsen, Josh Young, Nicky Howells, Ross McGouran and more.

The Ledge Osiris mini ramp comp 2012. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk