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Gnargore’s Kickflip and Friends released online


Gnargore’s ‘Kickflip and Friends’ video that was released this year has been full unleashed to the web overnight. Watch the full Black Country scene get amongst it here.

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Watch Gnargore’s indoor mini ramp sesh

Looks like Gnargore are celebrating the launch of their latest DVD, Kickflip & Friends in style up there in the Black Country. Could this be the smallest mini ramp sausage party session of all time? More Kray shit to add to this week’s most used tune too.

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Gnargore’s Kickflip & Friends offcuts released


8 minutes of off-cuts, bails & b-sides that didn’t make the final cut of Gnargore’s latest local scene release Kickflip & Friends have appeared online overnight. You can grab the full DVD at and watch Ryan Price‘s full section from the film if you scroll down the page innit.

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Ryan Price’s Gnargore section from Kickflip & Friends


The Black Country skate scene has produced another local scene video from Gnargore, the collective that have just releases Kickflip and Friends featuring various skaters from Birmingham and beyond. Today we have unleashed Ryan Price’s full section from said film, so take in the hard work of Tom Gillespie and many others here and read Ryan’s Fresh Blood feature.

Pic: Tim Borrow

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Ryan Price Fresh Blood interview

Interview by James Brewer – Portrait by Tim Borrow – Thanks to Tom Gillespie for Ryan’s full Gnargore section.


The Black Country’s most notorious crew; Gnargore released their latest scene video ‘Kickflip and Friends‘ this month, so to commemorate this massive moment in skateboarding history James Brewer sat down with A Third Foot flo-rida (boots with the fur?) Ryan Price who has been going hard in the proverbial paint for this latest visual offering.

Ryan’s a humble lad, always really grateful for any praise he gets, but once you get to know him he is a classic pisstaker and can spend a full day picking his target and trying to break them down. He hasn’t always been like this. When I first met him at a comp at Worcester’s Perdiswell skatepark, I saw a kid who was silent and about 5ft 4″ with massive, curly hair doing early grabs. Unlike most kids though he was set up with an 8″ Creature board and Indy’s which was a refreshing change from the Wet Willy/Grind King combo I had become so used to seeing. Watching him skate impressed me for a kid of his age, carving round the bowl. It was great to see. Since that day he hasn’t stopped impressing me, and in 2011 he was finally noticed by some of his peers and the flow started.

I called Ryan up a week before the Gnargore premiere while he was on a trip in Bristol and decided to bombard him with questions to see how he’d react (he’s not so good in these situations). So here it is the result of talking to a sometimes socially awkward, yet brilliantly talented Ryan Price.

Hey up Ryan, how’s life?

I’m good thanks. I’ve just been skating loads out and about in Bristol, skating some streets and a mini ramp.

So before we get too ahead of ourselves, give me the standard issue intro.

My name’s Ryan Price, I’m 18, I’m from Stourport in Worcestershire and I ride for A Third Foot.

For a kid from a relatively unknown town that is predominantly known locally for being a bit of a ‘fairground town’ how did you even start skateboarding?

Erm, I’m not sure. There was a mini ramp down the road from my house, so I had a go and stuck to it. I looked up to Luke Kindon who was a few years older than me in my town. These days we’re good mates and now we both ride for A Third Foot, it’s rad!

Stourport’s got a bit of a reputation as a pikey town, sometimes we like to wind you up and say we can see the pikey coming out in you. Have you ever had any trouble with the gypsies?

I never had much trouble as I grew up with them, scraps here and there though. Once I was outside the chippy, this gypsy grabbed me round the neck and I dropped my chips. So he felt bad, gave me a pound to get some more. I got some, then he wanted his money back! Haha! That’s about the worst of it though, it’s not so bad.

Every wall is there for the ride. Photo by Tim Borrow.

Ryanprice_Wallride_timborrowWhen you first started out you seemed to totally skip the ‘grom’ stage and just went straight at it will 8″+ boards and a need for speed instead of ledge dancing. What inspired you to be like that?

The first video I saw was the Creature video that was double disk; Born Dead and Black Metal that came with Sidewalk. So I always just skated ramp. Skating fast is something that never scares me, it’s easier to bail out at speed. Going slow is way scarier. When I skate street going fast is easier. Like when your going fast you can just fly out of it and not hurt yourself.

Not long after there was a Facebook petition for you to be ‘on Gnargore’?

Yeah I was real stoked on that. That was Joel who was on Gnargore set that up, and it was amazing. So after that I started going out filming with them and after that filmed a part for Wizard Council.

For those who don’t know (how dare you!) what is Gnargore?

It’s a bunch of mates who skate and make videos. I love it. It means a lot to me – skating with my best mates and having a laugh.

What’s your favourite memory of being a member of Gnargore.

Making Denning sour. Just ripping it into him. About how/when we get to a spot he sits in his car, turns his heaters on and smokes weed instead of skating. Haha! It’s just banter though, all a good laugh! Haha!

You had the opening section in the last Gnargore video ‘Wizard Council’ was that you first part?

Yeah that was my first part. It was fun. I didn’t really have an idea of how I wanted it to look, I just filmed anything and everything. Dan Jordan pretty much choreographed my section, down to the point I’ve even got clips with his leather jacket and bandana on!

Mind the Gap. Ph: Tim Borrow


How has filming been for the latest video Kickflip and Friends? From a slight insider view I think there has been a bit more pressure as everyone wanted to step up a gear.

It’s been similar to the last one. I’m more stoked on my footage for this part though. We just head out every Sunday and listen to Dan Jordan moan until we do something and even then he’ll say it’s shit. It’s fun!

Midway through filming you got on A Third Foot, how did that happen?

Erm, it was mainly from Luke Kindon, Tom Gillespie and Dan Jordan filming me and taking it in to show Ken. I used to go in and buy boards direct, then one day I went in to get one and Ken said they were gonna start flowing me boards. I was so stoked. I went skating straight after and then off to the pub to celebrate.

Ryan also loves picking his nose. Photo thanks to Matt Thomas.


I heard a story not so long ago about you punching a pigeon mid flight? Care to discuss that at all?

I went to the Churchdown comp and won £75, but Tom Carr had drove me and broke his foot so he couldn’t take me back. So I just went to Bristol and hung out with those guys and celebrated. The night was nuts. We ended up at some club, we were all drunk and rowdy, some bloke tried to start a fight with us all of us for no real reason, then we were heading back and decided to drop sand bags and rocks on an empty tramps tent from a bridge. When we got back into Andy’s flat, we were in the hallway and this pigeon was flying around. We were chasing it and as it flew towards me, I just punched the air and it happened to clock him out, stone cold on the floor. I was really sad. I didn’t wanna kill it. I like animals so it was pure coincidence.

So what’s next for Ryan Price? Is there anyone out there you want to thank?

I dunno, I’m just gonna keep skateboarding. Once the Gnargore part is out there’s talk of an A Third Foot video, so i’ll film a part for that. Big thanks to Gnargore, A Third Foot, Luke Kindon, Tom Carr, NOT DAN JORDAN, Ideal Skateshop, Parslow, Tribe Night Club, that’s it I think.

Gnargore’s brand new DVD ‘Kickflip and Friends‘ is out now and available to pick up for £5 from Watch Ryan’s full section from it here and pick one up.

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Gnargore’s ‘Kickflip and Friends’ screens in Birmingham


On Friday night the Birmingham and Black Country skate scene were treated to the the latest visual offering from the cult like Gnargore crew entitled ‘Kickflip and Friends’. Before the video was played the 180+ skaters got to have an insight into Tommy D’s Spread Eagle project with a tour diary. Typically for a Gnargore premiere it was rowdy as hell so it was hard to tell what was being said on the screen, but I’m definitely gonna be watching this again when it’s on the internet. Once that was done with some cheering we moved on to the main event. With the standard of skating higher than most expected and some legit production it’s a video that surprised most.

The premiere had some great sponsors for the event who were more than generous donating product to give out. 20 minutes of prize giving to lucky raffle ticket holders followed the screening before the Crown pub was taken over for good vibes and plenty of beer.

Thanks to everyone who came down and made it great. The video is now up for sale at and will also be available from Ideal skateshop in Birmingham in the days to follow!

James Brewer


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Gnargore return with Kickflip and Friends video

The Gnargore lads from the West Midlands are back with another scene video this summer called Kickflip and and Friends scheduled to premiere on June 22nd at the Custard Factory cinema in Birmingham. A new pocket cam video blog has appeared over the weekend


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Gnargore video offcuts from new promo Goblin Council

gnargoreThe Gnargore lads from Brum have been busy filming for a new scene release and offcuts from their forthcoming promo video titled Goblin Council have been posted online today.

Find more from this lot at and read more about what goes on up in the West Midlands scene here from their last offering, Wizard Council.

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Xmas Jam After Party Gallery

The combination of crippling recession, crippling spinal damage and the crippling flow of time that had Crossfire HQ in its malevolent clutches meant that there was no official after party for this year’s Xmas Jam. After countless emails and messages demanding one however, we asked Mau Mau’s if they wouldn’t mind us bringing a bunch of boozed up skateboarders to their bar and let them run riot after a full day of carnage. Thankfully – and somewhat stupidly – they accepted our request and by midnight the locals had already seen Jason Cloete’s nipples, a tramp armed with a bag full of tins getting more action than anyone else, Daryl Dominguez funking out, the Gnargore crew becoming progressively less coherant and Zac dropping more cheese than anyone could have possibly expected.

Inspired by Jerry Hsu’s messy photoblog, Stanley took a disposable camera and stumbled around like a twat lighting up areas where the sun should never shine. Here’s a brief insight as to what might have happened on that cold December night.

Zac packing the DJ bag with standard Crossfire punk and hip-hop fodder innocently unaware that he will be forced to play nothing but cheese at Mau Mau’s come midnight.

When Death head honcho Zorlac isn’t dishing out friendly advice to skaters outside he’s getting hassled by these two punks.

Special uninvited guest, came in through the back door.

Lady and the tramp.

Tom ‘Street Queers’ Halliday gets his soul captured for once.

Nick and Danny are pretty close. You should have seen the spooning action on Stanley’s sofa.

Jason Cloete gets a good vantage point to scout out anyone who might put him up for the night.

Brewer getting all euphoric and shit.

Getting passionate!

Arran Burrows proved popular in some DIY Crossfire shirt we knocked up in about two seconds.

Not too sure who started this shirts off business, but it caught on fast.

Real fast.

Though sadly it was mostly just Arran and Jason.

Tom Gillespie bringing the Wizard’s Council to Mau Mau’s.

Alan Christensen living the dream.

“The Crossfire Xmas Jam ruined my life” – Brewer.

DVD Reviews

Gnargore – Wizard Council

It should be noted prior to giving Gnargore any of your precious monies that there is only one title in Wizard Council, and it reads ‘No Refunds’. The good news is that you won’t want to give this DVD back at all because it’s just too much fucking fun. For the first time since sometime before video editors stopped going through their own tastes and yanking everyone’s section music off Gorilla Vs Bear I actually had a great time watching a scene video because it offered that crucial element to what inspires crews to make a video in the first place: that the people in it quite obviously love skating with one another.

On top of this there’s no uninspired time lapses or Belle and Seb circlejerks (there I go calling myself out again) here at all. Just rock, gore and metal, non-stop gnarshred skateboarding set in stark black and white.  It is fucking on now chaps.

There’s an identity here too, as Ryan Price kicks things off there’s something instantly recognisable as Gnargore. Now, I expect Tom will respond to this saying “yeah, that shit skating”, but one man’s trash can is another man’s gourmet feast. Bonelesses, wallrides, pivot fakies, mosher drops, pole-jams, willy grinds, hippy jumps, front rocks, all these tricks are acquired tastes, to all those out there who have had the courage to acquire these ‘real men’ tricks, then you will be gratuitously rewarded here. It is fully a non-brand kind of brand that I can buy into.

Immediate highlights that come to mind after this most enjoyable first viewing include Harrison Thom’s constant one-foot-on-the-ground action, particularly that boneless at Hereford (for that is no mean feat…although Tom Carr later bonelesses into it and I shat myself), Arran Burrows‘ 50-50 on a burnt out car, Tom Carr’s super stylish last trick, Tom Gillespie’s late shove and Dan Jordan’s intro and subsequent tight jean fetish scene. It was around this point onwards that I lost track of who I was watching but the point of Wizard Council isn’t the skate video lone hero, but the fact that Gnargore are a collective. This video is a refreshing well-needed reminder that crews of friends who skate and have a great time and make awesome scene videos are very much still alive. Ave it West Midlands!


For everything you need to know about Gnargore, head over here to read Brewer’s monster interview with head honcho Tom Gillespie. Then have a look below for some choice cuts from the film that Tom sliced for us.