Wight Trash Greg Nowik Cockadoodle Doom deck

gregnowik_wighttrash_cockadoodledoom_deckSkateboarders can certainly be tools but don’t usually use phallic artwork on their deck graphics. Greg Nowik though is this month’s exception. His new Cockadoodle Doom model on Wight Trash is standing tall, erect and ready for action.

Don’t dick about as these will not last long. They cum in 7.5″, 8″, 8.25″ and a whopping 8.5″ and available on the Wight Trash site right now for £39.99.

Artist Jon Horner inked the helm and must have cast the fingers from the river banks of Deliverance. You work it out.

New DVD from Avi and Jesse James incoming

Ph:Gemma McMullan

Accrington’s skate scene and many more are awaiting the arrival of Chris ‘Avi’ Atherton‘s latest production that has been said to arrive before Xmas this year. The DVD is a collaboration with Jesse James, it’s said to be in it’s final stages and we cannot bloody wait to see what wonderful weirdness these two have come up with this time.

You may remember this previous production? NSFW whatsoever.

Kris Markovich guest board incoming on Wight Trash

The Isle of Wight’s skateboard company Wight Trash are about to unleash a guest board by Kris Markovich following their most recent guest collab with Alex Moul. Markovich created the graphic himself for the one off deck that will be available next month.

In other related Wight Trash news, Greg Nowik’s cock board is still happening and the company are said to be issuing a limited run of 10 cock shaped boards too.

More surreal video madness has been released this week from Jesse James who proves you can flip in clown feet. Scroll down this page for a bizarre new edit titled ‘Fingerings and other things’ and visit www.wight-trash.com for more.

Mornin Mr Japseye

Jesse James and Chris ‘Avi’ Atherton are back with a new psychedelic skate edit stuffed full of magic, mystery and Worzel Gummidge. It’s not often you see people skating a park with a cheesecake in your hand so watch this latest edit to find out what flavour Avi has. If you remember their last video mash up titled Wightmare then you will have a better idea of what’s coming next.

Press play for the most bizarre skateboard edit you will see this month.