Watch Gnargore’s indoor mini ramp sesh

Looks like Gnargore are celebrating the launch of their latest DVD, Kickflip & Friends in style up there in the Black Country. Could this be the smallest mini ramp sausage party session of all time? More Kray shit to add to this week’s most used tune too.

Fresh photos from Extreme Connexions skatepark

The Extreme Connexions skatepark that is undergoing surgery right now for launch this summer in Hemel Hempstead is shaping up nicely. We sneaked in to give you some updated shots this weekend so have a gander at what is to be revealed very soon as it’s looking very impressive.

To find out more about this project, click here for a full feature of who is behind it and how the UK’s only indoor concrete skatepark design was put together.

New build at Revolution skatepark!

There’s nothing like having some fresh obstacles to shred in the new year. Revolution Skatepark are currently working on a rather large new build that should be finished by the end of the week.

Keep your fingers crossed then and get hyped by having a gander at the video below. The build looks positively massive and features two new hips, bowled corners and a wallride.