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Fat White Family UK tour dates February 2016


Fat White Family will be hitting the road next February across the UK to support their new album ‘Songs For Our Mothers’.

Head here to read our feature on why they are the best thing to happen in British music for yonks.

20 Feb: Birmingham, Institute 2
21 Feb: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
22 Feb: Sheffield, Plug
23 Feb: Dublin, Whelans
25 Feb: Belfast, Limelight
26 Feb: Glasgow, Garage
27 Feb: Manchester, Academy 2
28 Feb: Oxford, Academy 2
29 Feb: Bristol, Bierkeller
8 Mar: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
9 Mar: London, The Coronet

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Emerica UK tour dates April

This April the Emerica shoe team will be heading to the UK for some demos and signings. Look out for Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Jerry Hsu, Tom Knox, Rob Maatman, Oscar Candon and Casper Brooker in Newcastle, Manchester, Derby and London on the following dates.


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Death unleash ‘Ordinary Madness’ at London Premiere

The hangovers will be on an 8+ this morning across Harrow following the filth and the fury that is tradition amongst the Death Skateboards fam on premiere night. Due to demand, their brand new ‘Ordinary Madness‘ film outed itself across 5 screens at the Trinity, screening to a packed house that was full of faces, new and old, including most of the am and pro teams, liggers, locals, punks and beautiful degenerates.

The night was messy, the film was ace, look out for a gallery feature at some point today but lastly – well done to Zorlac, Mark Nicolson and Jake Shunt for working their arses off for the last 5 years to unleash this one.

Look out for various team riders and the film on tour at the following dates:

12th Oct – BRISTOL
13th Oct – STEVENAGE
14th Oct – NORWICH
15th Oct – DERBY
17th Oct – SHEFFIELD
20th Oct – GLASGOW…iere-info.html
27th Oct – LONDON BaySixty6 Skatepark – Crossfire Halloween Massacre
3rd Nov – SKEGNESS
10th Nov – LEICESTER
13th Nov – LEEDS


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Diamond Rugs

Blue Mountains
Partisan Records

diamondrugsbluemountainAs ‘super groups’ go, Diamond Rugs lead the way if your ears are made happy by filthy, laid-back rock n’ roll as a rule. This brand new video for ‘Blue Mountains‘ is fronted by none other than Black Lips’ member Ian Saint Pé who delivers a sleaze-laden, pole-dancing, handful of catchy garage steez recorded down in Nashville.

Diamond Rugs’ debut self-titled album was released by Partisan in the US back in April and will be on our list as one of the Top 10 of the year. There’s talk of a UK release and tour so if we get wind of it, we will share the news. If this new single floats your boat then grab a free mp3 of Gimme A Beer from here. It’s personally my number one song of 2012.

Diamond Rugs is John McCauley (Deer Tick), Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick), Ian Saint Pé (The Black Lips), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate) and Bryan Dufresne (Six Finger Satellite).

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Lance Mountain, Caples and Fletcher skate Rom Pool

FLIP SKATEBOARDS LOGO UNION JACKThe Flip team popped into the UK for a couple of days 2 weeks back and sessioned Rom Skatepark’s famous pool. Lance Mountain, Curren Caples and Greyson Fletcher get a taste of British soil in this clip from Monkeyglove.

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Cerebral Ballzy UK tour dates July

New York punks Cerebral Ballzy return to the UK in July this year as part of their European tour. The tour dates that were announced last night are all listed below, look out for them in the UK from July calling at Southampton, Andover, Newport, Liverpool, London and Tunbridge Wells.

CB have played 2 Crossfire events over the last 2 years. If you have not seen our interview with this lot, click play.

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Torche announce UK tour for September

Stoner rock legends Torche will be visiting the UK in September after announcing a bunch of dates this week. Get ready for this well in advance as these dates are bound to sell out after the strength of new album latest album ‘Harmonicraft’.


13 – MANCHESTER Moho Live
14 – NOTTINGHAM Rock City Basement
15 – GLASGOW Captain’s Rest
17 – BRIGHTON Haunt

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Introducing My Goodness


Seattle duo Joel Schneider & Ethan Jacobsen who make up the explosive blues-rock duo My Goodness have just left the UK after a 2 week stint touring sold out venues. The pair thumped out an incredible jam at London’s Dingwalls venue this month that resulted in most people queuing for tee shirts and considering they were for a support act, that’s extremely rare. Getting to the front of this queue for some words before most, Sophie Eggleton spoke to guitarist/singer Joel Schneider about their musical quest looking back on a tour that they will never forget.

You’ve just come off UK leg with We Are Augustines. How was that experience? Do you think your bands married well together sonically?

It was an incredible experience. We had toured once before with We Are Augustines in the States and were already good friends before this tour. It made things nice and comfortable once we got over to the UK, especially since we were sharing a bus. I think if you listened to both of our records you might not think it the ideal sonic pairing for a tour but if you saw one of the gigs you would think differently. Both our bands play with an incredible amount of heart and passion that comes through in our live shows. In that way I think it was a great pairing for a tour.

Do you write your songs from personal experience or did you make more broad statements?

I definitely write from experiences. I like to tell a story with my songs. It can be my own story or someone else’s as long as it means something to me. I’ve written a lot of our songs about the ins and outs of trying to be in a relationship in your early 20’s. I’ve pulled from my own experiences and also those of close friends of mine. I use music as a way to get things off my chest that I feel the need to put out in the open. It’s kind of my own little source of personal therapy. I find it quite effective. I grew up in a strict religious environment where “secular” music was looked down upon and disallowed in the house. When I started writing my own music it became my escape, a way for me to say how I felt without as much of the backlash. I think I’ve continued on into adulthood with that same outlook and writing style.

How do you think the Seattle area has influenced you? Is it still as vital and vibrant as it was in the 90’s do you think?

It has definitely influenced me. I’ve always liked my music nice and loud, even as a kid. Growing up in Seattle during the 90’s we were surrounded by Seattle music. You couldn’t really turn on a rock station without hearing Seattle bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden on constant rotation. I used to hide a little FM radio under my pillow and listen to the local rock station until the early hours of the morning. My teachers always wondered why I was so exhausted at school the next day. Those bands definitely initiated my love for music. In my high school years (early 00’s), There was a great hardcore scene in the city. Bands like Blood Brothers, Harkonen, Botch used to play all ages shows on a monthly basis. I would try and go to every one. I think our music is a blend of all this music we grew up on and the classic blues, soul, and country we have come to love. We still definitely have a louder is better attitude though.

Music in Seattle will always be a vital part of the city and everyday life. I would say the heavier scene in the city has lacked focus for a while but things are now changing. A couple record labels are coming up and really creating a community of heavier bands in the city that there has not been in a while. It might not be quite where it was in the early 90’s but its heading in the right direction again. Either way it is a fantastic town for music.

Many of the reviews and articles I have read about you reference Jack White. How do you feel about that comparison? Has his work informed your sound do you think?

I have always been a big fan of Jack White’s work. I think a lot of the comparisons come from the fact that we are a two piece band with blues influences in our music. I don’t think his work has specifically had any influence on our sound, although I have always loved that in his live shows he’s never been afraid to let loose and lose himself in the music. To me that’s what it’s all about. I would say if there were any similarities that would be the biggest.

What records were you listening to at the time of writing or tracking the album?

There was a lot of Stones, Dylan, and Junior Kimbrough in my playlist around that time. Also was listening to Seattle bands Helms Alee and Murder City Devils a bunch.

Everything on your album was recorded to tape, with no effects or digital enhancing. Is it essential to you that it sounds real and raw and matches your live performances?

Yes, that was definitely the idea we had in deciding to do our record that way. We wanted our live show to transfer over to our record in the most organic and warm way possible.

Because you have chosen not to use the likes of pro tools, did you put in a lot of practice before recording? Was in nerve-wracking every-time the record buttons was pressed? (Did it take many takes)

It actually wasn’t all that bad at all. We did the whole record in a week. The only part that really took a lot of concentration was watching our tempo; making sure we stayed in the pocket without speeding up or slowing down too much.

Before you formed My Goodness you were both in other bands. What sounds were you making with them, and why didn’t they fulfill you enough?

I’m actually still playing in a band called Absolute Monarchs when I’m back home. It’s a far heavier band and is still a blast to play in. The difference is it’s far more structured and rigid than My Goodness. With My Goodness I feel like I can go in whatever direction I want with a song. I can fully express myself musically which is a very liberating feeling.

What would you/do you do when you are not playing music. Are you working other jobs simultaneously like many other bands are?

Ethan stays at a friend’s house when he is home. I’m still trying to keep an apartment in the city so I bartend a few days a week at a venue in town called Neumos.

The story goes that you closed a bar one night in early 2010 and went for a jam in a nearby practice space. What the musical chemistry instant? Was the sound you made together that night indicative of what My Goodness would end up producing?

It was. I think we ended up structuring the majority of “C’mon Doll” and “In the Sun” in that first session. I had already had a few basic ideas for songs formulated on acoustic at home prior to that night. When I started working through them with Ethan it came together pretty seamlessly.

When was it clear that this was the formula that would allow you to tour other areas of the world?

Honestly not until recently. We made some unfortunate decisions on who we decided to work with when we first started out. For a while I felt like because of that we weren’t going to ever get out of Seattle. Just in the last few months we were able to free ourselves of that situation. It’s been a breath of fresh air. Things have been moving fast and in the right direction since.

Can you tell our readers a bit about your debut single C’mon Doll. Where was it written, what spurred the lyrics, what do you want it to give to the listeners?

I wrote the majority of C’mon Doll at home on an acoustic guitar. I was having a lot of repeating disagreements with the girl I was in a relationship with at the time and it was starting to feel really redundant. Like the same shit over and over. The song is basically me saying “Hey! Let’s stop acting like idiots and let bygones be bygones – forget it and work shit out” It’s really just me trying to put things in perspective. A lot of times people let small issues become way bigger problems. Most of the time it’s completely unnecessary and caused by pure emotion and not a lot of thinking. I’m as guilty as the next person of doing this.

Are you constantly writing or do you wait to do it intensively? Have you already begun thinking about the next album?

I am always writing, although sometimes the creative juices are flowing a little more than at other times. Recently it has been going great. We have the majority of a second record already written and are quite excited about it. We’ve been playing a few of the new songs out at shows and they seem to be going over well.

Dream collaboration?

I heard that Dave Grohl did the last Foo Fighters record to tape. I’d be pretty intrigued by that collabo.

Recently played on your ipod?

Jim Ford, “Long Road Ahead”

Stage you’d most like to play?

A packed house in the back bar of the Bon Temp Roulette, New Orleans. You can only cram about 150 people back there if you’re lucky. It’s my happy place and I recently had a dream about it. I think we can make it happen at some point.

Guilty pleasure?

Staying in bed all day.

Aims for 2012?

-Keep on having fun playing music. Album is coming out in the UK by the end of the year so we will definitely be heading back over there to tour. We can’t wait!

Watch the making of the C’Mon Doll video here and download the single for FREE from this soundcloud link. You can find them on Facebook here.

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Yelawolf and Doomtree live at the Electric Ballroom

Doomtree14th May 2012


Whilst many of the fans inside London’s Electric Ballroom may have been waiting for Alabama’s finest, Yelawolf, a good portion of them were there for the support, the Minnesotan crew Doomtree, who were making their UK debut. Being a support act isn’t easy at the best of times, but with a large crowd in front of them, it was going to take something special to get the atmosphere going and a frenzy whipped up, but within one song, the seven-strong crew had done just that.

With Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak in the back manning the decks and live drums, the five MCs bounced around on stage, each taking their turn to showcase their talent at the fore, getting hands raised, fists pumping and wings-and-teeth handsigns well and truly taking over the crowd. From old favourites like Slow Burn to brand new tracks from their latest crew album No Kings like Little Mercy, Bolt Cutter and No Way, the energy levels never dipped below 100% and many, many new fans were made.

When they dropped their aptly titled banger Bangarang, it was game over for any cynics. The beats bumped and the rappers were fully on point. POS and Mictlan in their ripped denim and leather, Cecil in his understated yet devastatingly smooth steez, Dessa with her singing and rapping that simply demanded attention for all and Sims who bounced around and told the crowd who they were watching and loving, all combined to prove just why they are such an exciting proposition and even POS’ new track Get Down, which no-one had heard before, had the entire crowd going nuts to a bonafide club smasher.

Yelawolf may have had his name on the ticket, but it was Doomtree that took over the show. Now we just need them back for a headline show.


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Are The Smiths reforming?

The SmithsThere’s lots of heat online today about The Smiths reforming this autumn for some one off shows. The source says:

“This announcement comes after a source revealed that the 80s icons had been in talks to perform with a well-known promoter. The decision was said to have been made after fellow Mancunians, The Stone Roses, gave in and reformed.”

Whether this is true or false remains to be cleared up by the Salford four piece. Regardless of internet chit chat, let us know your favourite Smiths tune in the coments below.