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Fist City / Cousins – Shacklewell Arms

Fist City / Cousins
Shacklewell Arms


Canadian bands have always delivered great underground punk music, from the recent slamming sounds of Fucked Up through to the old guard of SNFU and DOA, they just seem have a knack of digging out some classic stuff and bringing something beautiful to the scene.

Last night, Alberta rippers Fist City rolled into town for their debut London show over East and delivered an absolute treat to the lucky few who witnessed their balls-out, garage fueled surf attack. From the opening track ‘Endless Bummer‘ to their epic version of Devo’s ‘Uncontrollable Urge’, (video below) the quartet packed massive amounts energetic punk into their 30 minute set and blew the roof off.


Fronted by Keir Griffiths on guitar and vocals, Fist City’s overall sound is trashy, powerful and underlined with a surf twang that invites a feel good factor on par with the best of them. We are talking the cheekiness of the Black Lips and Fidlar, riffs that would rival Rites of Spring, all delivered with a confident presence that brings their live work directly into your face.

This is not a band that plays a show and doesn’t get involved. These guys shake and move to the banging sound of Ryan Grieve’s pounding drums. Griffiths threw his guitar onto the stage and then threw himself into the audience, pulsating and gyrating like a woman on fire in a sandpit. His mic was hurled into the open jaws of the lucky few watching, whilst bassist Lindsay Munro and guitarist Evan Van Reekum kept the rolling pace flowing from the stage. Born a girl and now a man following gender reassignment, Keir stomped the shit out of every inch of space between those surrounding walls and left the onlookers in awe.

This band are special and they don’t come around that often, so look out for them on your travels and pick up their album ‘It’s 1983, Grow Up‘ whilst there’s still vinyl available.


Headliners Cousins followed this carnage well and put on a good show. They hail from Halifax made up of guitarist/singer Aaron Mangle and drummer Leigh Dotey. The duo play rock and roll at each other with thunderous riffage. Their stripped down presence hails a sound as loud and as finely perfected to any four piece. Dotey’s rolling drum assault does a grand job of keeping Mangle’s deep garage swagger fulfilled and made this evening one of the most enjoyable this year.

Both bands are playing at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton this weekend alongside a bunch of other fine Canadian acts down there. If you find yourself on the beach, do yourself a favour and seek these two out.




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‘Haters Gonna Hate’
Shit Music For Shit People


wildmen_hatersgonnahateThose who picked up the limited edition, spaghetti stained ‘I Spit On Your Graves‘ 7″ that was released by the Italian based label Kuma Records will be stoked to know that the duo known as the Wildmen are ready to release a full length in February and this is the first offering.

The band bring their own version of 60’s garage-punk back with a tashe-tinged groove similar to our favourite four-piece, the Black Lips but brings a dose of goodness that we keep coming back to this month. The duo simply rock and roll at the perfect temperature.

‘Haters Gonna Hate’ is the latest slice of Wildmen magic that is served up with a message to go fuck yourself. You know Haters Gonna Hate. So just keep walking down the road. Get some of this here.

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Diamond Rugs

Blue Mountains
Partisan Records

diamondrugsbluemountainAs ‘super groups’ go, Diamond Rugs lead the way if your ears are made happy by filthy, laid-back rock n’ roll as a rule. This brand new video for ‘Blue Mountains‘ is fronted by none other than Black Lips’ member Ian Saint Pé who delivers a sleaze-laden, pole-dancing, handful of catchy garage steez recorded down in Nashville.

Diamond Rugs’ debut self-titled album was released by Partisan in the US back in April and will be on our list as one of the Top 10 of the year. There’s talk of a UK release and tour so if we get wind of it, we will share the news. If this new single floats your boat then grab a free mp3 of Gimme A Beer from here. It’s personally my number one song of 2012.

Diamond Rugs is John McCauley (Deer Tick), Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick), Ian Saint Pé (The Black Lips), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate) and Bryan Dufresne (Six Finger Satellite).

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Diamond Rugs Gimme A Beer Live in Atlanta

diamond-rugsAtlanta Supergroup Diamond Rugs have released video footage of their epic track “Gimme A Beer” this week. For those of you stoked on this musical project that sees various members of Black Lips, Dead Confederate, Deer Tick, Six Finger Satellite and Los Lobos get together for a country/garage party, check out this footage of their debut show and hope they are making plans to visit the UK.

A full album has been recorded, so look out for release dates soon but for now, pop over to our free download feature to pick up this tune for nish.

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Diamond Rugs

Gimme A Beer

diamond-rugs2012 is shaping up to be a pretty vintage year for decent albums so let us introduce you to yet another contender that should stoke you out if you like your garage rock and country.

Firstly, it’s best to mention that Diamond Rugs is a project that was conceived back in August last year. John McCauly and Robbie Crowell from Deer Tick, Ian St Pe from Black Lips, Bryan Dufresne of Six Finger Satellite, Steve Berlin from Los Lobos and Hardy Morris from Dead Confederate went down to Nashville, Tennessee together to lay down some tracks and miracles happened. Speaking to Morris back then, he mentioned to us on a telegram that: “We were planning on recording 5 songs, and we did 14, so I guess you could say we had fun! It’s got a couple of Ian’s songs, 4 of mine, and the rest are John’s and other folks. Should come out early next year, I’ll keep you in the loop.

Fast forward to January 18th and Diamond Rugs has surfaced online with a taster of what’s to come in a tune called ‘Gimme a Beer‘. The result, a mighty fine slab of catchy, slide guitar and horn assisted, country-rock’n’roll with a dirty Southern edge that makes you want to shake your shit over and over. I quote the words, “Damn it feels good to be a gangster!”

Check it out for yourself, download this tune for free and look out for an album announcement for the UK pretty soon.

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Black Lips go flying in New Direction video

Black Lips have unveiled their new video and it’s a winner.

The video is for New Direction, taken from their latest album Arabia Mountain and shows the band flying through the air with the greatest of ease. You want snow-capped mountains? You got it. You want lush green valleys? You got that too.Throw in some mid-air tricks, a starry desert night and a cuddly toy Monkey and you’ve got one of the most fun videos we’ve seen in ages.

Get on it!

Scion A/V Presents: Black Lips – New Direction from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

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Watch: New Garage Explosion documentary

The garage rock scene that was born in the the early 60’s and has been fortunate to be kept alive by various bands throughout every generation. Throughout the 90’s the scene spawned and influenced the likes of the White Stripes who gained much commercial success and of course a plethora of other acts who whose 7′ records only sold a handful. Most of that scene is covered well in Eric Davidson’s We Never Learn book, documenting the bands that toured shit venues for the love of rock and roll and punk.

If you want more of this we recommend watching the VBS channel’s video documentary on the current US garage rock scene in the naughties. New Garage Explosion covers Magic Kids, Jay Reatard in the last interview he filmed before his death in January of this year, The Dirtbombs wrecking a bowling alley, Black Lips, Davila 666, Pierced Arrows, and the Dirtbombs discuss the appeal of using a four-track, live performances from rippers like the Clone Defects, Vivian Girls, and Thee Oh Sees and many more over the one hour long film.

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New Black Lips video ‘Go Out And Get It’

black lips logoAtlanta’s garage-rock machine Black Lips return with a brand new video on VBS today of new track “Go Out And Get It” shot in the Bahamas with a bunch of beer and some girls in bikinis. The new track sounds like a return to form for the lads who have been produced in the studio for the very first time by New York knob twiddler, Mark Ronson.

The new album titled Arabia Mountain doesn’t currently have a release date but we have heard 5 tracks on the sly so if you dig their cheeky, psych nuggets tunes of old then rest assured you will be one happy dog when it lands in June.