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Palmer and Moss pro for Death Skateboards


Death Skateboards kick off 2013 in fine style following the release of their epic ‘Ordinary Madness‘ DVD a few weeks ago. The team welcome two new pro’s to their ranks today. Dean Palmer and Adam Moss, will now have their names on infamous Death wood after some serious dedication to the brand. The Dean Palmer ‘Death dome’ model has been released first with art by Alastair Mooney and a new edit from Down Under that you can watch in this page. Look out for the release of Moss’ deck soon.

Richie Jackson has a new Stoned graphic pro model out this month as an 8.125″, and Patrick Melcher’s new Bottle deck will hit your local skate shop in 8.25″. Both decks have graphics by AyeJay. There’s a brand new Ordinary Madness swirl deck (graphic by JayBone) also winging it’s way into stores in 8.25″ size. Start 2013 with a new rig and get yours ordered today.


Exposed: Death Skateboards ‘Ordinary Madness’

The Death Skateboards team have ended 2012 on a high. Once again, their commitment to UK events, making great products and general scene dedication has seen them flourish into one of the longest serving skateboard companies in the UK.

Five years ago, Death delivered Better Than Life, an amazing collection of footage which saw their worldwide squad up the ante tenfold. Since then, this dishevelled crew have worked hard to deliver another full length DVD, ‘Ordinary Madness’. A full length production that is UK’s video of the year. The UK premiere party was another dose of disorderly fun, screened at the Trinity Pub in Harrow in front of a packed house. The film itself, is by far their best production, featuring sections from all of their pro riders and also the undercurrent of flow riders on the team that are upcoming.

This latest Exposed feature delves into the filming trips behind the scenes with recollections of how OM was stitched together by Death aficionado’s. Their most animated ambassador, Mr DAN CATES, will get this party started sharing his tales of the unexpected from the sessions that made the final cut:

“For me, the funniest and most memorable moments in the making of any video usually come while on a filming mission abroad. ‘Ordinary Madness’ was no exception to the rule! Sometimes it’s the excitement of exploring uncharted territory, sometimes it’s the (usually hot) weather, and other times it’s just the fact that the crew is together once again. That generally sparks off high spirits and “good vibes”, but regardless of the reasons, fun times always occur.

One such time was on a dead of winter trip to good old Barcelona. I had organised it with Zorlac and photographer Rob Shaw, but at the last moment decided we would stay at our good friend Troy West’s new apartment instead of the hostel we had all agreed on. This ended up being not such a good idea (sorry boys!), as the apartment had no heating, Troy got ill and couldn’t skate with us, Rob and our buddy Josh Cox had to sleep together on a small sofa at night (and were not particularly stoked about it), and Moggins was going through some weird phase where all he would talk about was working on site. On top of all this, Boots, who had recently got divorced from his wife, spent most of the trip on the phone to his new girlfriend. I hate to say it, but people were starting to get on each others nerves and spirits were for once, unusually low. A few days in, the normally tea-total Boots, who had by now hurt his neck and couldn’t skate properly anyway, decided (after a lot of encouragement from Moggins and I) to start drinking Sangria at breakfast. This ended up having a knock on effect and by night fall most of the group was 2 litres deep into a Sangria binge with the now paralytic Boots leading by at least a litre and a half!

Whilst I tried to hold it down at the bar, everyone else spent hours chasing Boots around the back streets of Barcelona, bundling him and giving him ‘digs’ as pay back for being “that guy” on his phone all week. This all culminated at the water front with a cornered Boots taking both of his shoes off and throwing them into the Mediterranean in a hilarious attempt to prevent anyone else having the pleasure of doing it. After the entire crew (including Boots) had finished rolling around on the floor laughing, the ever mischievous Moggins decided he wanted more and bet me another litre of Sangria if I stripped down to my boxers and dived off the docks into the (not so warm in January) Med. I obliged and after drunkenly clambering out of the sea feeling strangely content, we began the walk back to Troy’s place dripping wet and cold with a shoeless Boots and a happy crew. We had finally found the high spirits we were searching for!”

Don’t ever bring a KFC bucket into the Death van.


“Early on in the filming Nick Zorlac aka “The Boss” came to Atlanta to visit for two weeks and get some filming in the bag too. As most people know, Nick is a night owl, usually going to bed about 5am and waking up at like 12 or 1 in the afternoon. As Atlanta in on Eastern standard time (EST -5 hours), it worked out pretty good for Nick as he never had to adjust his body clock. Most days we sat having breakfast at 8am! I kid you not, Zorlac was not only up before Midday, he was functioning like a ‘normal’ human being too! We even raked the leaves up one morning together.

So the first week went pretty good but on the Sunday I managed to twist my knee trying a disaster revert in a pool, tearing my meniscus. I was in agony and the doc said I needed surgery to fix it. Not wanting to spoil his holiday, I said I would wait a week until after Nick had left before I went under the knife.

As I couldn’t skate, we decided to go and do some tourist stuff. Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola and they have a museum there called the world of Coke. So we borrowed a wheelchair from them and set about taking the tour. Nick was pretty useless as a wheelchair companion and kept leaving me behind and then having to come back and get me.

In the tasting room where you can sample and mix all the drinks they make, they have this huge Coke bottle. Nick wanted to take my pic next to it so, without thinking I got up and sort of walked lock legged a few paces to stand next to it. A cleaner saw me get out of the chair to walk, and proclaimed it was; “a miracle!”. She was gobsmacked. Her face was a study of wonderment and she rushed off to tell her work mates. Nick and I were pissing ourselves laughing as I got back in the chair and carried on with the tour!”.

Paws for celebration.

Cates goes feeble for the lens.


“Well, basically I was that dipshit guy who was holding the deadline off. I kept asking poor Mark (Nicolson) for a little longer, a little longer and a little longer. I was going back to this spot to film a last trick for the video and I think I ended up going there like 7 or 8 times with great experiences- like getting kicked out, windy conditions, screaming children, Skooner, body becoming too wrecked, splitting my head open, broken board, the mentals and just plain sucking! In the end it was all worth it I guess because I never landed the trick. Sorry guys. Haha!”.


10 urban shits with TIMMY GARBETT while filming for Ordinary Madness by MOGGINS:

“I’ve been skating with Timmy for over 10 years and I’ve never seen one person shit in so many obscure places. Anyone who knows him is well aware of his ‘talent’ and know that he could drop a log at any given moment. Here’s 10 shits that I came up with off the top of my head but there’s many, many more.”

1. Timmy’s first Death trip was a summer tour a couple of years ago and pretty much the first spot of the trip he decided to recreate the DVD menu from the ‘Ravenous’ video by kicking the seat out of an old chair then forcing one out whilst sat on it. Unfortunately, the result was nowhere near as impressive as the original and all he could manage was a golf ball sized piece dotted with sweetcorn. He then picked it up on a stick, smelt it, almost threw up then threw it in the water where everyone had to paddle through to get to the full pipes we were skating. Welcome to the team scumbag!

2. For some reason one evening, Timmy decided it would be a good idea to curl one out on the driveway at Chesterfield skatepark, he then proceeded to spray paint it red.

3. We went to skate some new benches at a school a few months ago and of course Timmy needed to relieve himself as soon as we got there so he took his empty pringles tube and aimed a brown torpedo perfectly into the small opening of the tin. He then wiped his arse with a banana.

4. Another one on the Death summer tour, without needing much encouragement Timmy found himself squatting over the edge of a roof laying an egg, when Steak appeared out of nowhere with a fire extinguisher aimed it high at the squatting Timmy and emptied it all over him!

5. One evening a crew of us were skating Harrow skate park and had the half-pipe lit up with a generator and lights. In the darkness, Timmy dumped a load on top of the snake-run, then kicked it into the stagnant pool of water sitting in the bottom. An hour later my skateboard ran away from me and ended up in the water. Stoked.

6. One Sunday afternoon we were skating the DIY spot in Sheffield and our mate Dead Dave was trying a wallride pop into a quarter-pipe. After a few tries of jumping off, he was given an incentive to land the trick where every time he jumped off he would have to smell Timmy’s wretched dogshit breath. After a few tries (and blasts of stench breath) Dave pulled the trick and Timmy celebrated by taking a shit off the roof into the quarter pipe.

7. The final entry from the Summer tour happened at a KFC, where we had to wait ages to get our food and weren’t allowed to sit in and eat. Timmy was upset over the poor service so after we had finished eating in the car park he decided to refill an empty family bucket with his own secret recipe, and he left the 2-piece meal on the bin for the employees to deal with.

8. After skating one night at a house party, Timmy decided to do his bet chef impression. He squeezed out his own brand of ‘special sausage’ into a frying pan, but of course this wasn’t enough, and he needed some sauce to go with it. So he pissed and puked on top of the smelly sausage and proceeded to fry it up on the hob for half an hour. Delicious!

9. Another standard evening skating down Chesterfield skatepark, Timmy got a call from work telling him that he didn’t have to work the next day. This obviously excited him as he dropped his trousers and rolled a few logs into the bowl corner while people were skating the ramp.

10. The final story was when we were skating a handrail at the bus depot in Sheffield. Dead Dave was trying to 5050 the rail and was having trouble commuting to landing it so Timmy offered to drop a celebratory egg if he made the trick. A couple of tries later Dave had put the trick down and ridden away. We all gathered round to congratulate him and to check the footage, when we turned round to see Timmy already squatting, pushing a little baby out without any encouragement from anyone, just out of pure love for a street shit.

“So there you are, a collection of short stories from my wretched mate Timmy Garbett. If you ever see him, ask him to lay an egg for you, and if it’s your lucky day, you will witness something special!”

Rob Smith enjoys ditch life with Melcher and Jackson.


“Van boredom springs to mind. Always funny shit happening in the Death fun wagon on filming missions. Whilst in the van filming for this video, I drank petrol, ate glass, deep throated a banana until puking over everyone, bleeding everywhere. People got naked. Timmy shat in the van and also in a KFC bargain bucket! That was a funny one. I also snapped my foot in 3 places whilst filming for this video in the fun bus. Not so funny story.

We also stayed in Skegness when on a filming mission and smashed an apartment to pieces, to the state where every plate was smashed, every knife and fork was bent, even the sofa was snapped in half! We left paint on the ceiling! I managed to climb inside the sofa and put it back together but when I got out I couldn’t find my phone, so we rang it and the sofa started to light up and vibrate! I’d left it inside the sofa, so I had to take it apart again to get it back! Haha! We couldn’t be arsed to fix it again. Nothing was ever mentioned by the apartment staff, in fact we have even stayed there since.”

Melcher and Jackon. Ph: Richie Valdez


“Obviously we took a new and fresh approach to making a video part on this one. Richie and I decided that, not only was innovation in the physical realm of skateboarding a necessary evil, but there must be more in the production as well.

Taking the standard “doubles” part and tweaking it into an actual “duet” proved to be a lot more mind-bending than we initially thought it would. Finding a duet song that suited us both and actually spoke to our individual styles was only the first hurdle. Whilst filming, in order to get the tempo in synch, we would bring along a boom-box and listen to the song several times during the session, mapping out the exact points where we should be doing tricks. Timing was everything. There were sessions where we must have listened to a certain part of a song 50 times before we even set foot on a board!

It’s hard enough to film a trick solo, add in the fact that you both have to pull tricks, and then on top of that, they have to fall exactly within the designated vocals of our musical counterparts. Needless to say, there are plenty of outtakes! So many times we would be so close and both pull our tricks flawlessly, but the synching was off with the music! It really got to be maddening after a while.

In skating, as we all know, you can have it down in your head so perfectly but the physical variables compound so heavily that you will surely go mad. Luckily we had a couple of filmers who understood the art of what we were tying to accomplish and were patient on these sessions.”


“The sketchiest clip to acquire was the one where Melch hangs out on that wallride to fakie while I carve underneath him. That spot is the rear of a carwash in a relatively sketchy part of LA, which is only closed for a few hours after midnight on Sunday’s. We headed over there with a crew of 4 dudes in total. Once we got the lights in, Melch started going straight for it.

The footage gives zero indication of what we were actually dealing with, but the wall Patrick was hanging off was literally someone’s back fence. There was a pitbull right there on the other side going bonkers, which at 2:00 AM woke up whoever lives there. I can only imagine what the poor guy over the fence was experiencing. He would have seen two hands in a leather jacket pop up over his fence, rattle his awning, then drop back down, again, again and again! It’s only right that the only words he spoke to us were “I’m calling the cops”.

All I had to do was get up onto the wall under Patrick, and just hope that we timed it right. We handled it as quick as we could and then rushed to pack everything up and get it in the car. I’ve never dismantled tripods so fast. We drove out of the carwash after a 15 minute session, took one right turn at the bottom of the street and drove straight past the cop car that was on it’s way to get us. Tales of Ordinary Madness indeed.”

Jackson loves walls. Ph: Melcher


“The last summer tour we did was so much fun, a.k.a the ‘Lady Luck’ tour. It went something like this:

The Death van was too small to fit a massive crew in.
– Monster Energy gave us a 17 seater bus to use stacked with drinks.

I wanted Crazy Pete to come along as co driver, but his driving licence was at the DVLA and he needed it to get insured on the tour vehicle.
– His license arrived back in the post the very morning we were leaving.

It rained, pretty much every day.
– We drove to spots that we wanted to skate through the rain anyway, and the sun came out as we were driving and dried up where we were going.

We needed lots of footage for the DVD.
– Every spot we went to multiple riders landed sick stuff, it was mental. We didn’t know where we were going. In each area we had the coolest locals with us showing us about. Lots of spots were a bust. People kept making stuff ‘last try’ literally as the security were arriving.

We needed lots of floor space for people to sleep.
– There just happened to be a spare room at the house that month, as our friend had recently relocated. (Miss you Hitcher!) And so it continued. Good times.

I also just found out that a lot of places we skated on that tour were demolished soon after or unskateable for whatever reason (new buildings etc), so if we had not visited there at that point, we would have missed out.

Oh, and we managed to skate a real transitioned backyard pool (stupidly rare in the UK) and Benson shot a photo in there that ended up being a Sidewalk cover! In a world where ‘if things can go wrong, they generally do’, it was a welcome change.”


“For this video we drafted in my good friend Jake Martinelli (the genius behind Harlow’s “Crazy Ass White Bitches” DVD) to help with filming duties so we all have more time to concentrate on skating. Every filming session was fun cos I got to skate all day instead of having to film people! Stoked! I wanna send Jake and all the filmers round the world who contributed to this video a MASSIVE thank you! From us all.”

The Death team will be repping the Crossfire Xmas Jam on the 15th December. Look out for the DVD in your local skate shop this week and enjoy Andy Evans documentary to get even further behind the scenes of Death.

Thanks to Dan Cates for the snaps.

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In Photos: Death Skateboards ‘Ordinary Madness’ Premiere

It was 5 years ago that most of the people present tonight last stepped through the doors of the Trinity Pub. I’m pretty sure a police car was stolen, broken bottles were awash on the floors, punk rock throttled the speakers and the Death family unleashed the killer DVD,’Better Than Life’. Since then, a lot has changed. As Zorlac said in his opening speech tonight: “…some good shit and bad shit has gone down in between”. Tonight though, is all about one great feat: The unveiling of ‘Ordinary Madness’.

Mark Nicolson and Jake Shunt amongst others have worked hard to get this new Death Skateboards film out. The new wave of ams are getting better and better, making the pro’s up their game to keep their names on the wood.

Tonight in Harrow, most of the team are present and many of them annihilated by the end of the night. Even Richie Jackson, Matt Pennington and Patrick Melcher were in attendance straight off of flights from across the pond. This crew make a lot of effort and as a result, make a lot of others happy with very little politics or skateboard industry bullshit. You get what you see and you are either in our you’re out with Death, and that is to be commended.

Big shouts to all involved including Monster who provided the liquour, Wonk Unit and Meansteed, the two bands that played on the night and all who turned up to see the good ship Death sail once again. Other premiere dates and demos can be found here.


Zorlac opens proceedings…


Even Richie Jackson jetted in from across the pond!


It’s all down to these lads…


The party started….


Yep, Stalker was on fire…


Adam Moss practised his porno moves…


Rob Smith turned up as the Green Cross Code bloke from the 70’s…


The Welsh were there in force as usual.


Benson and Bain. Legends together.


Styley and Moggins ponder whose section was best.


Is that Steve Crawford peeping through the gap?


Matt Pritchard loves Pickle Porter’s.


Dinosaur Pile Up?


Brighton were in the house.


Wonk Unit punked it.


And some…


Zorlac unleashed his new Death extra-hand, shoulder jewellery.


This was the third shot I had to take from this lot!


Richie Jackson after 6 pints of Stella.


The OG’s.


Blog that you little biatch!


The smell of Sheffield was in the air.


Melcher was ready to box Denver’s Matt Pennington – btw, he’s a fucking ripper!


Snuff photo…


Nowik was in the house!


Meansteed rocked the bar.


“Hey You!”


“Clap like you are at Wembley!”


Steak’s face says it all. Meansteed ripped.


It was so emotional that these punks swapped tongues.


Zorlac was in fine form!


Essex represented!


The tattooists were out too!


The Trinity owner should receive medals for allowing this to happen.


Good to hear that Mike’s injury is on the mend.





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Death unleash ‘Ordinary Madness’ at London Premiere

The hangovers will be on an 8+ this morning across Harrow following the filth and the fury that is tradition amongst the Death Skateboards fam on premiere night. Due to demand, their brand new ‘Ordinary Madness‘ film outed itself across 5 screens at the Trinity, screening to a packed house that was full of faces, new and old, including most of the am and pro teams, liggers, locals, punks and beautiful degenerates.

The night was messy, the film was ace, look out for a gallery feature at some point today but lastly – well done to Zorlac, Mark Nicolson and Jake Shunt for working their arses off for the last 5 years to unleash this one.

Look out for various team riders and the film on tour at the following dates:

12th Oct – BRISTOL
13th Oct – STEVENAGE
14th Oct – NORWICH
15th Oct – DERBY
17th Oct – SHEFFIELD
20th Oct – GLASGOW…iere-info.html
27th Oct – LONDON BaySixty6 Skatepark – Crossfire Halloween Massacre
3rd Nov – SKEGNESS
10th Nov – LEICESTER
13th Nov – LEEDS



Rob Smith’s First and Worst interview

robsmithskateboarderWhere do you start with Rob Smith? Well, due to his stature we will skip all the boring intro stuff and get straight into the facts. All you need to know is that Rob goes balls out in life, he rarely misses a Crossfire event, he is pro for Death and his possessions are kept in Manchester.

Before you read what could well be the funniest interview we have hosted in a while, it’s worth delving into the forthcoming Death Skateboards video that is scheduled to premiere in October this year. Get ready for what is hyped to be Death’s best video production yet.

So come on then Rob, spill the beans on your new section in ‘Ordinary Madness‘. So far, the entire camp has been water tight on this one…

I’m super stoked on my new Death part. My section is finished now. It’s so hard for me to film a video part because I’m constantly away on trips so the footage I film on them are already accounted for web edits. I have my own camera with me and try to get others to film tricks but it has slowly added up over the years. We also traveled on a Death trip for a week to film for the video which helped a lot. Some things have been used on web edits but mostly alternative angles.

Mark (Nicolson) has been working really hard on everyone’s footage over the last 4 years. I have been over to his house a bunch of times to see the progression and it’s really looking like the best video yet which is hard to believe after the success of the last video (Better Than Life). I’m really stoked on the soundtrack too. This is going to be my first real full length DVD video part so I wanted it to be exactly how I wanted it. I think my section will be a totally love-it or hate-it scenario so you” have to wait and respond. Skateboarding is all about a family and friend vibe and about having a laugh, that’s kinda the theme anyway without giving it all away!

OK, let’s get this First and Worst thing going. Simple one. The first time you stepped on a skateboard?

I must have been about 5 years old, I don’t know where I had ever seen one but I had got it in my head that I wanted one. I had my Mum and Dad looking everywhere for one, eventually we found a small yellow plastic board with built in wheels. I still have it, it’s on my wall.

Worst time?

In front of my older Brother, I tried to grind an old snooker cue that my Dad fixed onto a stand for me to skate I fell onto my elbow and went to hospital. He will never drop that ever in his life. Every time I speak to him: “What you up to Rob?” I’m on a skateboarding trip in New York! “Oh still jumping over Pool cues are ya?”

First deck you broke?

The first board I remember breaking was a Flip Arto Saari Zippo Lighter board. I was pretty stoked because I felt like a real skateboarder, but I was totally bummed when I broke my next board on the same day trying the same trick! That was an Andrew Reynolds Psychedelic Afro board.

Worst deck?

I had a Blueprint one once.

First trick you made that made you realise you could be onto something?

The board snapper! I was trying a 360 over the spine to flat with no grab at Bolton Bones skate park. I tried it all day snapped 2 brand new boards, (I still have them). It got a bit of hype and people started to ask me for weeks, did you do a 360 over the spine to flat? I thought, wow, people are diggin’ my shit! Haha!

Worst trick you made that you wish you had not bothered to learn?

Pressure flips. I can do them at loads of variations. I can learn new ones easily kind of a bit pointless though unless in a Game of Skate!

First pro that you thought was ‘the shit’ when you started skating?

Kareem Campbell was my favourite before I started going down to the skate park then I got into more tranny skaters. Andy Scott and TNT too.

Did you know that Rob has a black belt in Judo Air’s? Photo by Rob Shaw at the Death ramp.


Worst pro?

I can’t really think. All my favourites have always produced. I remember a DVS demo at Bolton- we were all hyped because Kerry Getz was coming, he was having a bit of a bad time on the demo day. That was all.

First time you got into trouble at school?

It was in the first year of infant school, it was called reception for some weird reason. Do they still call it that? Anyway, my Mum was ill one day and couldn’t bring me in, so my Dad had to come home from work to take me. It was a really snowy day and we turned up about half hour late. My teacher told us to go to the other side of the school to the office to sign in because the register had left. My Dad said “are you mad? It’s fucking snowing!” and he brought me back home. I got a bollocking the day after. My Dad never took me to school again. Haha!


There are too many to choose from. Every religious education class I’d be stood in the hallway after being chucked out for saying all these religions are a load of shit. It also happened in every I.T class because I would say “I can do all of this bullshit on the computer, it’s easy, give us something good to do instead of a fucking spread sheet!”. I was always in trouble for something.

First shit job?

I’ve never really had a shit job. I left school and started to work for my Dad as a plasterer. Full time for about 4 years, then I did a bit of skate coaching, and worked on Hollyoaks and other TV sets skating. Now I just skate full time which I’m so stoked on being able to do!

Worst plastering job?

The worst job was with my Dad in the local area. We were both up a ladder plastering a wall and then two guys broke in, one with a baseball bat, the other with an iron bar used for weight lifting! The guy with the baseball bat hit my Dad over the head and he fell of his ladders, I got hit on my legs by the guy with the iron bar and I fell off my ladder! I managed to avoid any more hits by using my ladders as a shield. My Dad got a few more hits to the head but managed to stay up dodging swings, eventually the guys left because the police were most probably on their way.

I phoned an ambulance for my Dad, his head was badly cut open and pissing blood. He got a few stitches and was all good. We went back the day after and finished the job, this time we took our own weapons! Haha!

Rob Ollies Detroit. Photo by Bertrand Trichet.


First time you realised you could hurt yourself on a skateboard?

I kind of always knew, growing up watching the bails sections on Tony Hawk’s video games and Jackass, but I first realised when I had to go into school with a plaster cast on both arms.

Worst slam?

Breaking both of my arms at the same time. Trying the 360 over the spine again to show off my new trick!

First sponsor?

Potato wheels.


Potato Wheels hahaha! Nah, I loved the idea, but I only ever got 1 set of wheels. I had loads of t-shirts stickers and a few decks that they printed.

First time you saw a heel block?

I learnt heel block at Bolton Bones back in the day. I had seen a photo of Rogie doing one on a DIY quarter in Preston in Document mag and that got me on it originally I think.

Last time you didn’t make a heel block?

I have never, not landed a heel block!

Watch Rob’s fascination with Heel Blocks in this video montage.

First known teenage crush on a celebrity female?

Ermmm…I’ve always fancied Jennifer Aniston from a young age, I still do!

Worst? (guilty pleasure)

Lady Sovereign!

First Tattoo?

I found myself in a tattoo studio with Eddy Belvedere and our friend Paula when I was 16. Paula went first because she had others and she must have been 20 years old. Eddy waited because he had an idea in his head he wanted to get an image of. I went in clueless. The guy said “what do you want?” I said “ermmm…”Looking around the room I saw the alphabet written out with other symbols !@£$%^&? And I thought, shit, I don’t know….whilst looking at the question mark? So I said, “erm, i’ll have a question mark because I cant really think what to get!” He said “where do you want it?” I just pointed at my forearm and there it went. By the way, Eddy pussied out and didn’t get a single tat for at least the next 5 years..but I gave him his first tattoo as payback.

Worst tattoo?

Most people would say the cock tattoo down my leg, but I like that one. It’s a great way to start a party rolling. I would probably have to say the worst tattoo is the first Independent logo I ever got. It’s on my chest and it was the tattooist’s first ever tattoo. It scabbed up a lot and now it’s off-shape and raised up, plus I have another 2 independent tatts and they’re done really well.

Rob scaring the kids as usual, this time for Mark Churchill’s lens.


First band you got into?

I grew up listening to a lot of old rock music and punk. I got into Limp Bizkit and Eminem growing up, but my first big band I loved and always will is Slayer.

Worst? (guilty pleasure)

I like Justin Beiber’s music.

Jesus Rob. OK, first gnarly fight where a bone was broken?

I had my nose broken once and it was really snapped and on the other side of my face. I had a few girls screaming “oh god Rob, what the fuck, you need to go hospital now!” I said, “fuck that, i’m gonna do the guy in!” I ran back into the fight, I got a kick straight to the face, I got up and ran at the guy pushed him into a moving taxi and lay him on the bonnet and repeatedly punched him until he had had enough. As I walked away, the girls and a few of my friends were laughing, they took a photo of my nose, and the kick to the face had straightened it. Stoked! No hospital! Someone did have a before and after photo, I would pay good money to find those photo’s.

Worst fight?

Too many. Worst fight for me was getting arrested on 2 separate occasions. Worst fight for other person – some massive dude beat up my mate in a bar, the bouncers had my mate and the guy outside speaking to them, I just walked up to the guy and punched him once. He fell to the ground and was snoring. I said to the bouncer, I know I’m not allowed back in but can you just get my coat for me please?! We left the bar 5 minutes later and the bouncers were still trying to wake him up!

First time you dressed up as Lil Wayne?

At the Crossfire Halloween party last year! Nobody knew it was me – nobody!

Worst time you dressed up in anything?

I fucking love dressing up. The first time I met Zorlac from Death I was wearing an all-white suit covered in blood. Also my Nanna knitted me a pair of pants, jumper socks and hat all black and red stripes.

First time you puked?

I don’t ever puke but I did puke on last year’s Death summer tour after deep throating a banana and eating glass!

Worst time?

I drank diesel straight from the petrol station pump on a Death tour once!

Oh Rob! OK, for those who don’t know, explain Carve Wicked for the first time?

Carve Wicked is something your born into, you can’t just become a true carver, you either have it or you don’t. Origin: Newport. The paid laugh continues to spread across the whole of Europe and soon will conquer the world.

Current gang members include myself, Sam pulley, Danny Way, Jake Collins, Ryan Sheckler, Sox, Rune Glifberg, Tom Bailey, Denis Lyn, Andy Scott, Joe Gavin, Manhead, Lee Dainton, Sam Beckett and Jeff Grosso. There are some more members if you know the carve you know who they are. Carve on brothers.

Quote: “Carve Wicked is a way of life, not a blunt blade but a sharp knife” (Danny Way)

The Worst time you Carved Wicked?


This edit features the CRV WKD crew getting stuck into the DC Embassy.

G.O.H. Car Wicked from THE DC EMBASSY on Vimeo.

First DJ set?

I played out at NASS. Big one for my first set, but I smashed it mate!

Worst DJ set ever?

I played at the Supra Stand at the Bright Tradeshow with someone else’s tunes and on CDJ’s that I’m not used to. I’d drunk a whole bottle of rum, lots of champagne and some Jager. I don’t remember what I played but it must have been bad!

Download Rob’s latest Dogger mixtape here featuring a mix of DnB & Electro etc

First creation?

I think my first and last creation would be my room at my parents house. I’ve been creating in this room since I was born- my first drawings, my first airfix model, now I’ve created a room for creation. I have a studio set up for making music and video editing. I have my Technic’s 1210’s and my Tracktor Kontroll s4 with a 1000W P.A system. I have my tattoo “studio” and a 50” TV with surround sound. There’s lots of art on the walls, skateboards, canvas’s, photographs etc. All the stuff I have collected for the last 23 years is in my room.

Worst creation?

I pulled the head off a stuffed Lion King character, turned it round 180’, stitched it back on, painted its tail like a cock, and attached a string that runs around its cock and through its stomach and out of its back. On its back it reads, pull my string. When you do it gets a hard-on!

Detroit style Boneless. Photo by Bertrand Trichet.


First time you were kicked out of somewhere?

Religious Education Class.

Worst time?

Pfwww. I’ve been kicked out of every bar I’ve ever visited! But, I did get kicked out of Corby skate park during the UK champs. I pissed on my snapped board in the bowl, had a fight with Eddy Belvedere, then went mental at the after party- jumped off the balcony, threw some glasses, tried to fight someone, headbutted my mate and hid from the police! Then, when I turned up to skate in the final I was not allowed in. I had to sit in the car park for 8 hours in the cold.

First time you met the Death team?

I did a demo with them at Revolution Skatepark in Broadstairs in Kent! Was a rad day!

Worst time?

When I met Cates for the first time, my life went down hill from there.

First trick that you filmed for ‘Ordinary Madness’?

I never filmed anything intentionally for the video, just being at places to skate with someone with a camera or give someone my camera when I have a trick in mind, then get hold of the footage and send it to Death HQ.

Worst trick filmed?

Gap-out off a ledge, to 5-0 on another ledge on the first day of a Death trip. I broke 2 metatarsals in my foot and fractured my cuboid. Thankfully crazy Pete drove me from Sunderland all the way to my door in Manchester!


First time you gave up booze?

I gave up in March was going strong until July. I felt much better for it. I have been drinking in moderation recently but have stopped again now. I had a bit of a scare. I was on tablets for a stomach ulcer and I had to have a camera put down my throat – it was fucking horrible. I feel loads healthier and my bank account is much healthier too. I figured that having more money enables me to skate more, and I only cause trouble when I’m drunk, something bad is going to happen to me sooner or later if I carried on the way I was carrying on. It’s come at a good time, my sponsors are more supportive than ever, it’s 2012, it’s our last year! Make it a good one!

Worst time in your life that you should have given up?

I broke up with my girlfriend last year after I came back from the States. I did it because I just wanted to get fucked up and drink myself to insanity and not have to worry about who else I was hurting. After 3 months, I had a wake up call and thought what the fuck have you just thrown away?! We had a house together, we had an amazing life together and I threw it all away for booze. She moved down to London, and ever since I’ve been picking up the pieces. She decided to forgive me and things are going good. I am in London a lot now to see her and I also have the bonus of being able to skate with everyone in London. Plus, I get to go to the Death house more often to see the boys. Everything is good again. For those 3 months I was a selfish cunt, but I’ve had my time to throw everything away for booze. I should have done this a long time ago but NOW is the time to love and skate!

Watch the new Ordinary Madness trailer here:

Skateboarding News

Watch the new Ordinary Madness trailer from Death!

death_skateboards_logoOrdinary Madness‘ is coming from the Death Skateboards camp this October/November. Get your mince pies stuck into the all new trailer that has been sent here this morning. Savageness incoming!

Look out for Rob Smith’s First and Worst interview on here today. Funniest stories we have heard in years are incoming.

Skateboarding News

Fresh Extreme Connexions progress photos

Nick Zorlac headed out to the Extreme Connexions skate park in Hemel last week to see how the build was getting on and came back with these 3 shots of the progress for the Death blog. The mini ramp is looking amazing. For more information about how this skatepark is progressing, click here for a full feature as this park will be the UK’s only indoor concrete skatepark once it opens this summer.