Lords of the Swords 2012 is coming

This is just a quick heads up to let you know that a plethora of teams will be on the annual Lords of the Swords video mission across the whole of Essex filming their socks off for this year’s comp on the weekend of 24th-26th August. Once the damage has been recorded and edited, we will bring you the full vote so that you can all pick your favourite edit from the crop and a winner will take the honours.

Watch 2011’s entries to this here and get hyped for the return.


Gnargore’s Kickflip & Friends offcuts released


8 minutes of off-cuts, bails & b-sides that didn’t make the final cut of Gnargore’s latest local scene release Kickflip & Friends have appeared online overnight. You can grab the full DVD at www.gnargore.bigcartel.com and watch Ryan Price‘s full section from the film if you scroll down the page innit.

Brighton’s skaters fight to get a new park at the Level

The ongoing and very sad battle that Brighton’s skateboarders are involved in is reaching boiling point as the council there have stuck a cog in their plans of redevelopment by insisting they move into a different area within the park. This has received much opposition from locals as a green area that has been chosen for the new build will obviously be bulldozed and concreted over. The main problems are highlighted here in this recent article by local paper The Argus

View the recent information below and do your bit to secure the future of Brighton’s skate scene and make sure that the locals there get a skatepark at least the same size as the existing area. This city deserves a World class skatepark and nothing less.

Lords of the Swords returns on 25th August

lordsoftheswords2012The Essex skate scene has unleashed the first dagger to alert skateboarders that this year’s Lords of the Swords skate video comp is set to run on the weekend of 25th August!

Last year, 9 teams put in the effort to shred various spots, tick the boxes on tough challenges and film their edits as best possible at various Essex street spots, parks and more. Over the bank holiday weekend of 25th and 26th of August, the scene down there will be on the road and we will be covering the updates as they drop and of course, we will bring you the all of the videos for you to vote a winner.

Watch last year’s videos here and get hyped on what’s coming.

LORDS OF THE SWORDS 2011 – TEAM D.S.D from Thomas Hole on Vimeo.

War of the Thistles event info May 2012

The Scottish skate romp that is War of the Thistles returns this year, regardless of the fact that its compatriot event War of the Roses is taking a sabbatical. The Scots will be welcoming skaters across the country on the weekend of 26th-27th of May with Transition Extreme skatepark hosting the Saturday and Transgression Skatepark in Edinburgh taking care of Sunday’s carnage. Share this and start planning your travel and accomodation to save dough in advance. All details can be found at www.skateboardscotland.com


Hello My Friend video edit

hellomyfriend_vagabondVagabond is a Chinese skateboard company that has 10 team riders, Hello My Friend is their latest travel edit that you should watch today. The two week journey documented in this 10 minute clip covered sessions skating through Vietnam and Thailand and the phenomenal South-East Asian culture they took in along the way.

I really enjoyed watching this work by Charles Lanceplaine. Hopefully you got this far and don’t have your Western blinkers on. Click play to watch Cyres Wong, Jay Meador, Dan Leung, Keng Qu, Alex Hwang and Blackie.

Danny Bulmer wins the winter video edit comp!

South Coast skater/filmer Danny Bulmer has won the 2012 Winter Video Edit comp.

Over 16,000 people visited the pages over the last 2 weeks to watch these edits. From those, over 6000 votes were cast across all 12 videos. Danny’s video edit took 2211 votes for his work filming the local Bournemouth crew, NPNG and friends who defied the crap, British weather over a 2 month period from January this year to skate and film for this.

Danny will take £200 from the comp as overall winner but was given a run for his money from Sirus F Gahan whose edit filmed across spots in Bristol, Bournemouth and Brighton. Third place with 700 votes came from Elliot Tebbs who is currently working on a scene video with the skateboarders of Nottingham.

Next week we will have another video vote feature coming on the site from the Axe Distribution camp so look out for that. In the meantime, watch Danny Bulmer’s edit that features Nicky Porter, Craig Loveless, Pete Bellman, Ben Grant, Louis Richards, Jake Randall, Tommy Fachiri, Alex Tibble, Bill Hillary, Todd Langdon, Bailie King, Nick Benavidez, Barnaby Fisher-Smith, Tom Lawson and Zak Gibert.

Click here to watch all of the entries. Thanks to all made videos, skated in the deep freeze and voted to make this work.

Dayzed and Confused Yorkshire scene video

The skate scene of Leeds are celebrating the release of their latest scene video that was released last night on vimeo. Dayzed and Confused is a video project put together by Rory Mckenzie with many Yorkshire skaters and Sore team riders.

This 46 minute scene vid kicks off with a fantastic new section from Almost rider Mike Wright who once again supplies tech steez for miles. You know what’s coming next. Get the teas on and press play.