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The Crossfire Winter Video Edit Vote!

May 24th, 2016 by Dave

This January we asked you to film through the sleet, rain, wind and snow to see if we could all make it through the cold weather and actually still make skate videos. The response was amazing and by the end of February we had over 100 videos to get through. It’s taken a while to watch them all, but we have picked 12 that we liked for various individual reasons that you see on this page right here.

One of these filmers will win £200, but it’s now up to you to pick a winner as we decided that it’s probably fairer if it comes from the people who visit here daily to do the job for us. It’s pretty simple. Watch the videos and just click the ‘like’ buttons of the edits you like the most. Yes, that’s correct, you can like as many as you want. The winner will be dictated by the most individual likes and pick up the wonga.

If you sent one and it didn’t make the cut, thank you for making the effort. We will be rolling out another one of these very soon so start logging footage for a Summer edition and watch this space.

Click on the individual images below to get to the video of your choice, then vote for the ones you like. The vote will end in 2 weeks time at 12 midday on Monday 30th April and the winner will be announced then in news. Get voting!

Joe Moore Winter Video Edit

Joe Moore filmed footage of himself, Damo Lund, Joe Winters, Avid, Luke Day, Jack Nagy, John Hanson, Cainan McEwan, Doug McLaughan and Mike Wright getting tech at The Works Skatepark in Leeds.

Ben Allen Winter Video Edit

This edit featuring Ashley Challis was filmed in 3 or 4 days over a period of about 2 months thanks to the great British winter filmed by Ben Allen on a VX2100 at Lowestoft in Suffolk.

Harry Gerrard Winter Video Edit

Danny Abel here is filmed and edited by Harry Gerrard for ‘Pear Shaped’. A scene video that dropped this winter featuring skateboarders in Tunbridge Wells and the Kent skate scene skating in their local patch and up in the big smoke.

Alex Blaby Winter Video Edit

The Winter Blues is an edit filmed by Alex Blaby and includes footage of Mitch Wylie, Danny Brown and Braiden Bentzen skating their local patches around Tamworth, Walsall and Birmingham.

Barry Davies Winter Video Edit

The Scottish contingent shredded Elgin’s concrete hell-hole this winter filmed and edited by Barry Davis.

Jake Vaughan Winter Video Edit

99% of Jake Vaughan’s footage was filmed in Ludlow (Shropshire), but one or two clips are filmed in Leominster. All of it is street footy and was originally made for a college project over the winter featuring James Denning, Hector Barnett, George Callaghan, Caspar Barnett, Jack Stanton-Warren and Peter Lucas.

Jake Church Winter Video Edit

Jake Church’s edit includes footage of himself, John Howlett, Luke Jarvis, Jed Jolly, based in Stowmarket and Colchester.

Oliver Roberts Winter Video Edit

Oliver Roberts’ edit for Film Burn Media features Oliver himself, Oliver Jone, Joshua Hughes, Josh Young, Mike Wright, Alun Duffield, Brenna, Farran Golding, Doozer, Tim Smith and Wapo at Subvert, Hyde Park and some Leeds street spots.

Sirus F Gahan Winter Video Edit

Sirus F Gahan’s edit includes footage of Callum Mac, Rich West, Louis Antoine, Laurie Kelly, Liam Kearley, Seb Hallett, Harvey Dann, Sam Compton, Sam Dearden, Zak Gilbert, Nick Benavidez, Al Hodgson and Luke Frisby skating Bournemouth, Brighton and Bristol.

Danny Bulmer Winter Video Edit

Danny Bulmer’s edit features Nicky Porter, Craig Loveless, Pete Bellman, Ben Grant, Louis Richards, Jake Randall, Tommy Fachiri, Alex Tibble, Bill Hillary, Todd Langdon, Bailie King, Nick Benavidez, Barnaby Fisher-Smith, Tom Lawson, Zak Gibert in the South Coast at Bournemouth and beyond.

Thomas Hardcastle Winter Video Edit

Thomas Hardcastle’s edit features Craig Ayling, Chris Dale, Callum Chambers, Phil Batchelor, Duke Faye, Alex Fuller, Boris Johnson, Craig French and Ollie Humphreys. Filmed around St Pauls, Elephant and Castle, Shoreditch and Erith.

Elliot Tebbs Winter Crossfire Edit

Winter doesn’t stop the skateboarders of Nottingham. Phil Long, Craig Smedley, Will Golding, Harry Squires, Nick Hanson and Alex Hallford are filmed here making the most of this bleak time of the year put together by Elliot Tebbs.