The Crossfire Winter Video Edit Vote!

This January we asked you to film through the sleet, rain, wind and snow to see if we could all make it through the cold weather and actually still make skate videos. The response was amazing and by the end of February we had over 100 videos to get through. It’s taken a while to watch them all, but we have picked 12 that we liked for various individual reasons that you see on this page right here.

One of these filmers will win £200, but it’s now up to you to pick a winner as we decided that it’s probably fairer if it comes from the people who visit here daily to do the job for us. It’s pretty simple. Watch the videos and just click the ‘like’ buttons of the edits you like the most. Yes, that’s correct, you can like as many as you want. The winner will be dictated by the most individual likes and pick up the wonga.

If you sent one and it didn’t make the cut, thank you for making the effort. We will be rolling out another one of these very soon so start logging footage for a Summer edition and watch this space.

Click on the individual images below to get to the video of your choice, then vote for the ones you like. The vote will end in 2 weeks time at 12 midday on Monday 30th April and the winner will be announced then in news. Get voting!