Check out the size of Danny Way’s ultra megaramp


You know this bloke does nothing by halves. Ever since he appeared in a Powell video slaying a mini ramp, Danny Way has pushed himself to the brink of breaking point, got broke and come back for more. Recently he’s endured a slaying from this new behemoth, what could possibly be what he’s called on his insta the ultra mega ramp but from this photo of what possibly could be what he has been referring to, fuck skating that mate, you’re mad – it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Way is said to be filming something very special at the moment and in his own words said today that: “I often question myself, what the fuck have I gotten myself into this time?”

It’s rumoured that Monster and DC Shoes are behind this epic build that could be in a desert somewhere. Knowing that his supposed Plan B section did not materialise in the recent ‘True‘ video, this next part should be something to remember.

In related news his dog apparently has learned how to snuff out rocket 5-0’s…


Danny Way to create World Record on Ultra Megaramp

Photo: Blabac


Danny Way seems to be busy planning something mega in the coming months from an announcement on his insta account recently. He mentioned the words Ultra Megaramp in a post last month setting tongues wagging that a new World Record air is being planned on what could be the biggest ramp ever made by DC and Monster Energy Drink.

“I thought it cool to share what I’m doing to prepare myself as I get ready to take the biggest physical risk of my career. This is one of many obscure exercises that I do within my training regiment. Tornado ball lunges hit about every part of your body, but the goal in all my work outs is to simulate situations that relate to what I do. All my exercises have a core stability and or a balance component that strengthens the fast twitch muscle fibers in return saving joints from exploding under unexpected sudden loads of pressure, impacts or blows. Anyways just a little insight to what I do to keep myself on top of my physical game”.

It was 12 years ago that the Megaramp appeared and blew people away in a DC video, here’s to what’s coming next. Read our interview with him back in 2004 here.


Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” – A Backyard Progression


Stop what you are doing and just press the play button. Flip’s Bob Burnquist has returned with an absolutely jaw dropping 8 minutes of insane skateboarding taking Skate Edit of the Week hands down. No words other than…’kin ‘ell.

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First ollie 720 pulled by Jake Brown

The X-Games is currently going on in Brazil right now with mega ramp comps setting new monstrous records as ever. This time round Jake Brown is back in the news, not for falling onto the flat bottom though, instead he is the first person to pull a 720′ ollie as captured on film here.

The discovery of Richard Branson’s mini ramp

It’s not everyday you get to meet someone as inspiring as Richard Branson, but yesterday we managed to get some of his precious time in his Oxfordshire home for a chat. Back in the 1960’s at the age of just 16, Mr Branson started a magazine for students which led him to open a mail order business for music and a record shop in London. His passion for music led him to open Virgin Records, signing a plethora of artists that included punk rock legends the Sex Pistols and the ownership of over 400 other companies since.

Why should you give a hoot about this today? Well, he got off his backside and opened doors for himself and many others. Maybe that will inspire you to think that you could do the same today or at least get you thinking that if you have positive energy you will at least pull that tre flip you been working on in the next line you are planning to film. You can do what ever you want and enjoy working for a living if you apply enough to the dream and want it enough.

Richard Branson played a small part in inspiring us to start this very mag. One day back in 1995, Branson was traveling into London via Sutton where we all grew up skating. He pulled his car over, walked through the doors of our local pub, joined a bunch of skateboarders at the pool table, got the beers in and started potting spots and stripes with everyone. He was full of energy and presented himself with that beaming smile on his face. You can imagine the instant euphoria of such a random situation but essentially, that day, his billionaire status changed, and he was one of us.

His passion and drive seem to be never-ending, so we hope that one day maybe he will appreciate the skateboarding scene that has been built by so many hard working people in this country. Maybe he could have a role to play and help us to fulfill a dream we have, which is to keep people motivated, bring people together and excite this generation and welcome the next. Only time will tell, but for now, get hyped on the fact that Branson’s garden has the remains of a mini ramp in it. It may not be the Mega Ramp, it may not have seen a session in time, but this is a reminder that skateboarding reaches far beyond the unexpected.


Danny Way ‘Waiting for Lightning’ interview feature

Jacob Rosenberg’s much anticipated ‘Waiting For Lightning‘ movie screened for the very first time at London’s Prince Charles cinema last night in front of a sold out crowd. UK skaters traveled from all over the country to take in the documented life of legendary skater Danny Way who, alongside writer Bret Johnston, sat back and enjoyed the film before being mobbed and praised by many.

The documentary that can only be explained as ‘epic’, takes you through Danny Way’s history as a child, growing up and skateboarding throughout turbulent family times in Vista, California. It’s a fairly emotional ride, telling a story of the loss, pain, progression, hunger and the ultimate satisfaction of being able to give so much back to skateboarding. The film features the build up to the Great Wall of China jump, the rise of H-Street and Plan B with many guests and close friends and family that include managers Darryl Franklin and Ray Ibe, Way’s mother, Mary, Christian Hosoi, Mike Blabac, Rodney Mullen, Ken Block, Colin McKay, Tony Hawk, Bod Boyle, Steve Douglas and many, many more who share their thoughts on the rise and rise of the most legendary skateboarder of all time.

Scroll down past the gallery of screengrabs from the movie for our exclusive video interview with Danny, ‘WFL’ Bret Johnston and reactions from the UK rabble that left the cinema in awe. Look out for the full DC video that is said to have the creme of the Hawaiian session footage from Danny’s dream home that he spoke to us about in our last interview with him back in 2004.

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