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Sludge super-group incoming!


We all know Ty Segall likes a good ol’ knees up ’round the old Joanna, dipping his psychedelic toes into side projects and collaborations under the guise of Fuzz, The Traditional Fools, Sic Alps, White Fence and many more, not to mention eight studio albums under his own name.

Today, we discover Segall’s involvement in a new band called Broken Bat, and it’s quite possibly the most exciting super group you’ll hear about this year. Featuring Segall himself, the Melvins’ Dale Crover on drums, and OFF!/Redd Kross bassist Steven McDonald, the trio have just revealed a teaser song snippet on BandCamp titled ‘Take My Medicine’.

Stream this sludge nugget below and stay tuned for more.

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In The Red

As the eerie space wind samples that precede Golem greet your ears, there’s a sense of trepidation and tension instilled, but its laced with magic and set to explode. Wand’s opening riffs are as merciless as they come, and take a firm grip on your malleable mind that refuses to let go for thirty five minutes straight.

Tube amps cooking hot and phasers set for the heart of the sun, Wand sound like Sleep on speed. The sheer power and noise behind ‘The Unexplored Map’ is enough to knock you straight through a stone wall, and it’s both terrifying and exciting that this is just the beginning of their nine track assault.

Sure, you could argue that there’s a somewhat saturated scene as of late, with any old Tom, Dick or Harry shouting the odds over a din of feedback and fuzz and calling it “psych”. But Wand are the antidote to these teenage dirt bags, standing alone in their own bold sonic dimension.

Tracks like ‘Reaper Invert’ and ‘Floating Head’ summon the kind of sludge you’d expect to hear oozing like molasses from the double-stacks of King Buzzo, while ‘Melted Rope’ floats up to newfound cosmic territories with delight, seeing frontman Cory Hanson’s vocal warble almost recalling that of Lennon’s, if he’d hooked up with Kevin Parker via some time travel assisted jam.

Wand’s display of fine sonic wares doesn’t stop there, though. ‘Cave In’s misleading riffs morph into a crazed double-time stampede of swirling noise that just cries for the volume knob on your hi-fi to be, not cranked, but yanked clean off in a frenzy of ear-bending glee. Shortly before namesake ‘Planet Golem’ stoops to Sabbath levels of dark doom rock before oscillating into near-speed metal territory.

Long after Golem has peaked, you’re left marvelling at a record that unites both the futuristic and the fantastical. Whether you’re a fan of medieval sludge and doom, or sci-fi synth mystique, Wand show no fear in blending the two together seamlessly.

Golem is out now on In Red Records.

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Temple Of Sinners EP

It’s not often that you stumble across a band that love sludge, and space cakes, so much they launched a KickStarter to fund a trip into orbit as the first stoner rock trio to jam in outer space. Gnob are that band, and thank green we’ve found them, and their new EP, Temple Of Sinners – a mind-melting home brew of cosmic dirge that is guaranteed to blow your ears clean off.

Sadly, KickStarter denied their proposed £498,000 space ritual fund-raiser, but this bunch plough on to higher realms regardless. Opening track ‘Curse Of The Jester’ takes a treacherous plunge into some seriously evil aural gloop, before coming up for air to breath the kind of vocal you’d expect to find on Master Of Reality. Bridging the gap between this filthy offering, and the bold psychedelic dimensions that lay ahead, though, is ‘Ceremony’. Five minutes of what’s only describable as shamanic, almost recalling the sitar-like noodling prowess you’d expect to hear hailing from the mystic Goat commune.

As if your ears weren’t smouldering already, ‘Temple Of Sinners’ morphs into a ten-minute psychedelic close, building Sleep-indebted riffs to monolithic heights before hurling into a wonderful haze of warped eastern jams.

Hit play below and let Gnob’s sludge ooze (careful) from your speakers. There’s nothing short of a masterclass in the dark arts of sludge, doom and psych to be found here.

Dave Palmer

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Undergroove Records

Hailing from Cardiff, Hogslayer churn out the kind of coma-inducing noise that can only be described as pure filth, and fortunately for you they’re releasing a brand new album brimming with it on May 4th via Undergroove Records.

First cut from the album, ‘Despiser’, rests on a low-slung, down beat groove that’s heavier than Torche playing in an ironmongers. Their doom-ridden riffs entwine to form a truly intoxicating sound, one that rests on the bands decision to recruit two down tuned bass guitars, rather than your standard six string silliness.

With a name like Hogslayer, a music video that’s basically five-minutes of a screaming beard, and a frontman who calls himself Lord Bastard, you simply can not refuse this offering of pure sludge.

Watch the video here and catch them on tour at the dates below.

Tour Dates:

25th Kraak, Manchester
26th Downstairs, Aberdeen
27th Cerberus Bar, Dundee
28th Gorilla Studios, Hull
29th The Moon, Cardiff

5th The Moon, Cardiff
11th Hollowfest Doom All-Dayer, Bristol

2nd Red Sun Festival, Cardiff

20th The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

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Sexx Tapes

Kick off the week with your ears stinging as Brighton’s GANG emerge with their treacherous head-banger of a new single, ‘Silverback’.

As soon as this monstrous riff kicks in you almost jolt 40 years back in time. These three scuzz mongers make no attempt to hide their love for ‘70s throwback octofuzz and maxed out organ tones that Jon Lord himself would surely give a tip of the hat to. Vocally, frontman Eric Tormey stands alone, howling his pained damnations high above the din.

Coated in sludge, GANG catapult into their filthy basement jam B-side with gusto. Mashing slack chord abuse against a fierce throat shredding mantra, this trio are daring you to question ‘Not A Reason’ as the ideal house party scream-along.

The ‘Silverback’ cassette also features a bonus mix by fellow Brightonite and fuzz advocate Theo Verney, grab a copy of this sludgy sleaze via Sexx Tapes from January 30th.

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Fuzz Fucked

Various artists
Blooming (A Fuzz-Fucked Compilation)
Fleeting Youth Records

The Texan tape label that showed us the deafening sounds of Clouder, Le Rug, Rasputin’s Secret Police and countless others are back with a compilation of mind melting noise to feed your crippling addiction. Fleeting Youth Records’ Blooming is exactly what it says on the sleeve, A Fuzz Fucked Compilation.

Blooming trawls through the darkest corners of sludgy, fuzz-pedal-fuelled, distorted garage rock noise to bring you a selection of 33 bands with 33 individual tracks of loud! Stream it below and head here to purchase and support this fiercely independent label.

Skateboarding News

Listen to new Pissed Jeans track ‘Bathroom Laughter’

pisssed_jeans_honeys_sleeve_artSub Pop are about to unleash the brand new Pissed Jeans album Honey’s. The album has been produced by British producer and ex Fudge Tunnel founder Alex Newport, who once again has brought the carnage of the band’s live sound back onto a long playing format that is destined to bring aural delight.

Have a taste of what’s coming with ‘Bathroom Laughter’. The album Honeys is released on Feb 11th. Pre-order your copy here.

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Baroness Recovery Update

It appears the brave Baroness guys are on their way to a full recovery after receiving injuries when their tour coach overturned whilst travelling between shows in the UK. Guitarist/vocalist Peter Adams is already back in the USA and the rest of the band are now well enough to post an update via Facebook:

‘Thank you to all of you who have been sending the tidal wave of positivity our way. We are uplifted by its sheer magnitude, and power. Every single one of you is making our days and nights easier and our recovery quicker. Thank you all so much, we are truly lucky to have such incredible people on our side. A sincere and heartfelt thank you from each of us to each of you.

– Baroness’

Its great to see the band staying positive and on the way to full health. We wish them our best and can’t wait to see the sludge-rock heroes back on the road again.

Find out more about the coach crash here.