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Capra Informis

capra_informisCapra Informis
‘Womb Of The Wild’
Rocket Recordings

What better way to shake the Monday cobwebs than with news that the djembe player from Swedish psych revolutionaries GOAT has started a side project?

While there’s no denying the solid parallels between this ‘bit on the side’ and their protagonist’s main venture, Capra Informis cast a far darker shadow over their mystic counterparts. A percussive thunderstorm of tribal, primitive beats and lead guitar lines raining down conjure a perpetual sense of foreboding. Sounding like a pagan ritual gone mad – ‘Womb Of The Wild’ comes cloaked, hooded and with sacrificial blood spilled all over the shop.

Womb of the Wild will be released on October 23rd 2015 via Rocket Recordings. Pre-order the ltd edition vinyl EP here.

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GOAT detail new single

Goat promo photo

Mystic Scandinavian psych-rock collective GOAT have announced a brand new single for August titled ‘It’s Time For Fun’. The track follows last Septembers cosmic second album release, Commune, as the band spent the past winter months holed up in their Swedish home town of Korpilombolo writing new material.

The band are reportedly working on a third album this summer, with festival appearances at Glastonbury and Green Man in the UK and the European dates below. Read our review of the last album here and relive the magic through the clip below.

‘It’s Time For Fun’ will be released on a limited edition 7″ and digital on 7th August 2015 via Rocket Recordings.

27th Beuningen, Netherlands – Down The Rabbit Hole Festival
28th Pilton; UK – Glastonbury Festival

3rd Roskilde; Denmark – Roskilde Festival

1st Näsåker; Sweden – Urkult Festival
21 Hasselt; Belguim – Pukkelpop Festival
22 Wales; UK – Green Man Festival
28 – 29 – La Tour-de-Peilz/Switzerland – Nox Orae Festival

17 Greece; Athens – Gagarin Festival

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Rocket Recordings

Sweeping in from the same smouldering Scandinavian scene that birthed one of the most mind expanding albums of 2014, Hills’ latest offering is an intoxicating smokescreen of otherworldly noise to knock you right off you chair.

Breathing new life into the often-over-populated pool of psych, ‘Milarepa’ sees the seven-piece laugh in the face of tradition, fully embracing heavy hallucinatory territories on a free-flowing flute trip led by drones.

Their forthcoming album, Frid, marks the bands ninth year together and their third LP. Suitably homed to the prolific Rocket Recordings, this is said to be Hills’ most out-of-mind and out-of-sight effort to date, crystallising everything that makes these Scandinavian satyrs stand out from the global herd.

Recommended as a feast for seasoned crate-diggers and fresh-faced converts alike, stream Hill’s latest with haste.

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Temple Of Sinners EP

It’s not often that you stumble across a band that love sludge, and space cakes, so much they launched a KickStarter to fund a trip into orbit as the first stoner rock trio to jam in outer space. Gnob are that band, and thank green we’ve found them, and their new EP, Temple Of Sinners – a mind-melting home brew of cosmic dirge that is guaranteed to blow your ears clean off.

Sadly, KickStarter denied their proposed £498,000 space ritual fund-raiser, but this bunch plough on to higher realms regardless. Opening track ‘Curse Of The Jester’ takes a treacherous plunge into some seriously evil aural gloop, before coming up for air to breath the kind of vocal you’d expect to find on Master Of Reality. Bridging the gap between this filthy offering, and the bold psychedelic dimensions that lay ahead, though, is ‘Ceremony’. Five minutes of what’s only describable as shamanic, almost recalling the sitar-like noodling prowess you’d expect to hear hailing from the mystic Goat commune.

As if your ears weren’t smouldering already, ‘Temple Of Sinners’ morphs into a ten-minute psychedelic close, building Sleep-indebted riffs to monolithic heights before hurling into a wonderful haze of warped eastern jams.

Hit play below and let Gnob’s sludge ooze (careful) from your speakers. There’s nothing short of a masterclass in the dark arts of sludge, doom and psych to be found here.

Dave Palmer

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Rocket Recordings

Fans of GOAT’s 2012 debut album will know that this band exist in higher sonic realms than to be branded as just ‘psych-rock’. World Music wasn’t your typical Pink Floyd homage, Nuggets era tribute or shrine to Roky Erickson and Commune sees these masked, mystic soothsayers still standing alone in their own sonic territory. Even more mind-bending than the first, GOAT’s sophomore album is a geographical journey. You could even liken this record to a small musical quest.

Fading into ‘Talk To God’, GOAT fuse Hindustani ragas with a vocal line that sounds like a banshee who found melody. Next thing you know they’re caught in a Zulu drumming circle. But just as the final tremolo’d chords of ‘Words’ ring out, ‘To Travel The Path Unknown’ sees GOAT veering far off the beaten track. The shimmering lead lines and rattle snake shakers scale across the desert sands of the Wild West, until ‘Goatslaves’ picks up the bongos and leads the charge deep into the jungle. Layering complex rhythms and percussion, a phased out guitar solo erupts conjuring a pandemonium of parrots to filter into the mix.

Lead single ‘Hide From The Sun’ rockets to a dangerously high sonic altitude, with penultimate track ‘Bondye’ drawing its namesake from ancient monotheistic Voodoo religion, literally translating as “the good god”. If that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, Commune’s closing track ‘Gathering of Ancient Tribes’ will. A whirlwind of an exit, boasting GOAT’s genre and culture-spanning influences. This band turn the world’s most primitive sounds into something utterly cosmic, be sure to catch them live at the Camden Roundhouse on October 3rd.

Commune is due for relase September 22nd via Rocket Recordings.

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14 bands to hear in 2013

List choices from Zac, Joe Parry, Jennu Chu, James Sherry and Sean Hendrie.

2013 will be awash with all sorts of musical projects new and old. Knowing there are so many to choose from out there, we decided to throw together a selection of what we are listening to in here right now with an eye on what all of these bands have in the can for this year. Genre-wise, these are across the board so click play and find something you like.

Yep, there’s 14. No top 10 or top 20 bollocks. Dive in.


Not a new band by any means but Pissed Jeans are a riot that need your attention! New album ‘Honeys’ is coming this month on Sub Pop and we can confirm that it is the heaviest record on no legs and about to completely wreck your ears. Kind of like Black Flag in a fight with Unsane on meths. Expect more carnage, more noise and more chaos from this lot this year. Superbness incoming.


Roman garage-punk has never sounded better if you are tuned into the psych sounds of upcoming duo Wildmen. If you are digging the sounds of Fidlar and Black Lips then this moustache’d two-piece may well be right up your strasse. Listen to this single and if you want more head here.


Jaded Eyes hail from Leeds and feature members of UK hardcore veterans Voorhees and The Horror. Taking their musical cues from legendary melodic DC punk rock outfits like Dag Nasty and Government Issue, Jaded Eyes are both gritty and melodic, staying true to the roots of emotive punk rock whilst at the same time they manage to sound contemporary and relevant. They have an album due on Boss Tuneage Records later this year.


As dangerous as they are impassioned, Single Mothers have been tearing up US stages with the likes of Quicksand, Touche Amore and Pianos Become The Teeth. Expect blood, sweat and a debut album in 2013.


This Scottish trio will be flying the flag for catchy indie-pop throughout 2013. Young Aviators are currently putting down the finishing touches to their debut album with producer Jamie Savage and have a free download up for grabs from here.


This ‘supergroup’ will be making their mark in 2013 with a project that should also grace stages this summer at festivals. Welcome to the wonderful world of Cold Crows Dead. their first offering ‘Ghost That Burned Your House Down’ is dark, deep and deadly addictive. If you are fan of Eels and Sparklehorse then you will be clicking this faster than others. Genius stuff.


As chillers go, Woodlands could be a great choice for stoners in 2013. The Swedish trio have an album of laid back but rocking treats that would sit well alongside records from Budgie, Yoko Ono, T-Rex, Grateful Dead and Neil Young.


Talking of Black Lips, Ian Saint Pé from the band and his merry men who make up super-group Diamond Rugs should be releasing their debut sometime in the first quarter and hopefully with a tour to boot. Their album is sleaze-laden, stuffed full of pole-dancing, garage steez and all recorded down in Nashville. Don’t miss it.


Afro-Beat collective GOAT mesmerized the Crossfire office with their stunning album “World Music” in late 2012. This crew come from Korpolombolo in deepest, darkest Sweden and have an incredible array of sounds that range from African to classic 70’s funk and will inject colour into your life on first listen.


More great, laid back tunes with 70’s inspiration comes from The Child of Lov. Double Six will be releasing more goodness from this solo artist this year, look out for him.


Brighton’s hottest new filthy garage-grungers The Wytches should be on your radar right now. This new video for ‘Digsaw’ says it all, go grab a free download of it from here and wait for news of their debut release soon.


This year’s hottest metal band will be Baby Godzilla. Why? Because they have the lot in terms of banging riffs and fantastic harmonies and they also have something different to offer than the standard metalcore that hung about doing the same old melodic choruses and throat engaged verse malarkey in 2012. Get stuck into this track Powerboat Disaster as a first dip into what this Leeds 4-piece are about to unleash this year. Ph: Julie Kane



Unsigned five-piece from Leeds formed in 2009 have two solid EP’s, 2010’s ‘Counterparts’ and 2012’s ‘Seasons’ under their belt. With an impressive following from sharing the stage with the likes of For The Fallen Dreams and Protest The Hero, The Final Crisis have the potential to be dark horses come this year. For fans of: Parkway Drive, For The Fallen Dreams and The Acacia Strain.


Alternative rock five piece My Extraordinary are set to make a name for themselves in the near future. The Newcastle upon Tyne band are set to tour with Yashin this year. Prepare for them to unleash their awesome riffs on you. For fans of: Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox and Don Broco.