Rasputin’s Secret Police

Rasputin’s Secret Police
Fleeting Youth Records

Rasputin’s Secret Police are a two piece band from Philadelphia. Even though you may not have heard their two-man-made musings until now, they are in fact seasoned professionals in the art of noise making.

Having been in the business of crafting filthy grunge music together for over 13 years -almost exclusively for those in the know in Drexel Hill, Philadelphia- Brandon Ayres (guitar & vocals) and Josh Phillips (Drums) are now stepping out to a wider audience with their upcoming Fleeting Youth Records cassette release Comfortable.

The filthy grunge this band churn out comes in the most raw and primitive form. Let ‘Freaks’ be the perfect example. This track oozes a gloomy and twisted discordance, a verse of huge, wall of sound sustain and traipsing drums support a vocal that juxtaposes the honeyed tones of Billy Corgan with the wailing’s of Ozzy Osbourne. All this meanders into a chorus of what’s probably the loosest and lo-fi drum fills you’ll ever hear.

This eruptive stoner rock duo can jump from total sedation to the most electrifying noise in an instant, if you dig early Smashing Pumpkins and Dinosaur Jr then their upcoming album Comfortable is just the ear-bashing you need. If you’re savvy, waste no time in heading to their bandcamp for hours of lo-fi grunge listening.

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Comfortable is available from March 25th via Fleeting Youth Records.

Dave Palmer