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Undergroove Records

Hailing from Cardiff, Hogslayer churn out the kind of coma-inducing noise that can only be described as pure filth, and fortunately for you they’re releasing a brand new album brimming with it on May 4th via Undergroove Records.

First cut from the album, ‘Despiser’, rests on a low-slung, down beat groove that’s heavier than Torche playing in an ironmongers. Their doom-ridden riffs entwine to form a truly intoxicating sound, one that rests on the bands decision to recruit two down tuned bass guitars, rather than your standard six string silliness.

With a name like Hogslayer, a music video that’s basically five-minutes of a screaming beard, and a frontman who calls himself Lord Bastard, you simply can not refuse this offering of pure sludge.

Watch the video here and catch them on tour at the dates below.

Tour Dates:

25th Kraak, Manchester
26th Downstairs, Aberdeen
27th Cerberus Bar, Dundee
28th Gorilla Studios, Hull
29th The Moon, Cardiff

5th The Moon, Cardiff
11th Hollowfest Doom All-Dayer, Bristol

2nd Red Sun Festival, Cardiff

20th The Wheatsheaf, Oxford