Skateboarding Product Reviews

Fourstar Koston Stretch Denim Pant

Are you that bloke that can’t tre flip perfectly because your jeans don’t allow your legs to widen that extra two inches? The solution has been out there for years with the combination of cotton and polyester but Fourstar have nailed it in their latest Spring 2013 collection. Every signature jean is made with both so that the denim is allowed to stretch slightly, meaning you can actually move and are not limited when you skate.

Eric Koston’s new signature pant was relased last week and comes in either slim jim or standard fit. I chose the black ones with a button fly but they also have zips and come in Indigo Stonewash, Indigo Rinse, Black Stonewash and Black Rinse colours. Grab some of these to get you through the summer month’s ahead and you will thank Fourstar come September.