Deathfix (S/T)
Dischord Records

If there’s one thing that will instantly grab our attention when hearing about a new band it’s the words ‘featuring ex-Fugazi member…’ Such was the incredible influence and power of their music, ideas and attitude that anything the members of Fugazi have created since their hiatus is always met with excitement and interest.

Deathfix feature Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty who, as part of Fugazi created some of the greatest, body-jarring rhythms ever produced out of pots, pans and drums. Deathfix formed after Brendan met producer Rich Morel when they were touring as part of Bob Mould’s backing band. After the live work was done, the pair started to work in Canty’s home studio, fleshing out basic song ideas and instrumentals before enlisting bassist Mark Cisneros and drummer Devin Ocanpo to fully form the songs and take them to the stage.

The end result is one of the best new album’s to come out of the once vital Washington D.C. music scene. Wonderfully melodic and beautifully produced, songs like ‘Low Dying Dreams’ and ‘Mind Control’ ebb and flow with pure pop melody but there’s a swaggering cool to the band’s sound that recalls fellow DC post-punks Girls Against Boys. Midway through the album, ‘Dali’s House’ is another real stand-out, featuring a repetitive guitar-lick that burrows its way under your skin and refuses to budge.

Deathfix have succeeded in crafting an album of songs the are tuneful without being clichéd, backed up by a challenging array of rhythms, moods and motions. Superb.

James Sherry

Tool album delayed after scooter crash

Tool_logoThe follow up to Tool‘s last album ‘10,000 Days’ is said to be held up due to one of the band members crashing a scooter on wet a wet road. Alledgedly both drummer Danny Carey and British bass player Justin Chancellor came out of the incident with several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

The band have said that: “Because of the physical nature of the musical instrument involved, nine days of jamming were lost, although I’m happy to report that the person involved is recovering nicely, so much so, in fact, that writing sessions resumed last Monday (21 Jan), despite it being a holiday for many“.

Dobie photo exhibition coming to London

Legendary R.A.D Magazine skateboard photographer Tony Campbell aka Dobie graced our scene back in the 80s with his amazing photos and now makes tunes under the Big Dada record label.

He has worked with some heavy hitters over the years and has announced today that he will roll out a new exhibition featuring his photography in skateboarding, breakdancing and music.

Dobie’s prints will be hosted at 18 Hewett Street Gallery from the 8th-11th February featuring shots of Steve Caballero, Bod Boyle, Neil Blender and many more, plus selections from his new album ‘We Will Not Harm You’ that you can pick up here.


‘Haters Gonna Hate’
Shit Music For Shit People


wildmen_hatersgonnahateThose who picked up the limited edition, spaghetti stained ‘I Spit On Your Graves‘ 7″ that was released by the Italian based label Kuma Records will be stoked to know that the duo known as the Wildmen are ready to release a full length in February and this is the first offering.

The band bring their own version of 60’s garage-punk back with a tashe-tinged groove similar to our favourite four-piece, the Black Lips but brings a dose of goodness that we keep coming back to this month. The duo simply rock and roll at the perfect temperature.

‘Haters Gonna Hate’ is the latest slice of Wildmen magic that is served up with a message to go fuck yourself. You know Haters Gonna Hate. So just keep walking down the road. Get some of this here.

The Black Angels announce new album Indigo Meadow

theblackangels_Indigo Meadow

The Black Angels announced overnight tht they will release their fourth studio album ‘Indigo Meadow‘ on April 1st 2013 in the UK. It’s no joke, we have the album here and it’s produced in such a fine way that you will be stoked on the results.

The band have unleashed the opening track “Don’t Play With Guns” from the record at, press play for some sick new psych and look out for UK tour news soon.

Greg Ginn and Mike Vallely form ‘Good For you’

goodforyou_sleeveBlack Flag’s guitar henchman Greg Ginn has joined forces with non-other than skateboard legend Mike Vallely and recorded some tracks. This new project, under the name of ‘Good for You’ sees Ginn screeching back to Loose Nut territory on the 11 track album we have here in the office recorded at at Ginn’s Casa Destroy Studios in Taylor, TX.

The long player titled ‘Life is Too Short to Not Hold a Grudge‘ will be released on February 26th, naturally on SST Records. Get a taste of one of the tracks ‘Hanging Around’ (Like a Fucking Piñata) that isn’t the strongest track on the album but a good introduction of this new project.

Mallory Knox

Mallory Knox
A Wolf At Your Door Records

mallorysignalsaLBUMThe eagerly anticipated debut album of Cambridgeshire rock band Mallory Knox is almost here with a release date of 21st January. The album is being released through Wolf At Your Door Records.

Opening song ‘Beggars’ is easily one of the most catchy songs on the album, with a very upbeat tone to it, it is clear that Mallory Knox’s style is fitting into the new trend of upcoming rock bands such as Don Broco and Deaf Havana – but Mallory Knox are much heavier. It’s a fast paced and exciting album for sure.

Mikey Chapman’s easily recognisable and unique voice will make you remember who Mallory Knox are as he uses his lungs to their full capacity; some ‘singers’ scream and shout, but not Mikey, he can actually sing, which can sometimes be rare from a rock band nowadays. Bassist and backing vocalist Sam Douglas’ voice mixes in perfectly in all songs, it’s sort of like soft whispering in your ears.

Acoustic guitars and slow drum beats are proven to be a a new development from the band as we are introduced to songs such as ‘1949’ and ‘Bury Your Head’ which are a work of art. One thing a rock band can never go wrong on is having a slow intro to a song into full on headbanging with thrashing guitars.

Loud, uncompromising and bold is an easy way to describe this album. One outstanding song on Signals is ‘Bury Your Head’, this being the first ever “slow” song by Mallory Knox, it is sung with emotion and has is truly stunning. The soft piano is something new from the band that have never shown a calm side that is quite like this.

The only trouble to Mallory Knox is that some of their songs can sound very familiar, and that is because a lot of the songs sound the same, but that isn’t to say they aren’t fantastic. Signals is a difficult album to review as it clearly shows the band incredible development since filming ‘Resuscitate’, their second ever music video, in a potato warehouse in the middle of nowhere in early 2010.

Expect a lot more from Mallory Knox in 2013.

RATING: 10/10
FOR FANS OF: Young Guns, Don Broco, Deaf Havana, You Me At Six

Check out Mallory Knox’s latest single ‘Lighthouse’:

Bring Me The Horizon announce UK tour dates

With brand new album ‘Sempiternal’ scheduled for release on RCA Records on April 29th, Bring Me The Horizon have announced today that they will be playing at the following UK tour dates.

29th Manchester Academy 2
30th Newcastle University

1st Inverness Ironworks
2nd Glasgow ABC
4th Portsmouth Pyramids Centre
5th Cardiff Solus
6th Wolverhampton Wulfrun
7th London KoKo

DevilDriver enter studio for sixth album

American metal groove powerhouse DevilDriver have recently announced that they are now in studio recording their sixth album, having recently signed onto Napalm Records after the end of an eight year relationship between DevilDriver and Roadrunner Records.

The yet untitled album is being recorded at the Audio Hammer Studios in Florida.

The notorious metal band has also said that a “worldwide tour” will be announced in August 2013.

Frontman Dez Fafara spoke to, saying: “Every record is different, that being said I thought ‘Pray For Villains’ was kind of an out of the box record for us, I thought ‘Beast’ was a weird out of the box record for us – we’ve kind honed back in to where we are.

Fafara continued: “This new record sounds a lot like the first three records, it’s got an intense groove to it and I’m really happy – the writing is going extremely well.”

Catch Devildriver on their UK tour with support from Cannibal Corpse:
7th         LONDON – Forum
8th         NOTTINGHAM – Rock City
9th         MANCHESTER – HMV Ritz
10th         GLASGOW – ABC

DevilDriver will also be making an appearance at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2013 on 11 August. Headline acts include Lamb of God and Slayer.

Watch DevilDriver’s latest video below:
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Parkway Drive Live at The Roundhouse, London

w/ Emmure, The Words Alive, Structures

The Roundhouse, London

Parkway Drive are the headliners at tonight’s show at a packed out London Roundhouse, and judging from the expectant air looming about the venue, it’s going to be a great night.

Up first are the techiest band tonight; Structures. They sound great and manage to get the crowd pumped up early in the night. Definitely one to watch live, as they sound a great deal more powerful on a stage than a CD.

Next on are The Word Alive, who blend melody and heaviness superbly. They manage to cram loads of songs into their relatively short set and the crowd seem to be warming to them by the middle of the performance. Pleasingly, the band seem utterly grateful to be able to play to so many people, and thank the crowd over and over, which is good to see!

Emmure are probably the ultimate marmite band. Yes, lots of people will turn their noses up at them, but they manage to pull off one of the best live performances of the year tonight. They sound monumentally heavy, and the crowd react to all of frontman Frankie’s commands without thought. They too sound better live than on a cd, thanks to massive tone and drums, along with Frankie’s unique vocal delivery. Grand.

Parkway Drive however, will ALWAYS steal the show when it comes to a live performance. Packing 2 projectors and all the lights you’d ever want onto the stage tonight, PWD are on perfect form, sounding monstrous as usual. They are deliver their set like it was their last ever show, with the crowd response matching as they go mental throughout the entire performance. With a lengthy setlist comprising of all their best songs from previous records and some huge new tracks from new release ‘Atlas’, their show is pretty much spot on, and they remain THE live band to beat. Very, very impressive indeed.

The Word Alive
Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive

Words & Photos: Jake Owens