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Watch Death Skateboards tour video blog

death_skateboards_logoThe Death Skateboards team have been on the road taking ‘Ordinary Madness‘ to the masses across the UK. Timmy Garbett made a video blog fueled by Cardiacs classic fairground carnage soundtrack featuring the team as they roll out the fun. Watch it here.

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Watch Will Golding offcuts from What’s Cookin’

The Get Lesta video WHAT’S COOKIN’? has been released this week featuring footage of Eric Thomas, Mike Simons, Timmy Garbett, Joe Marks, Kelly Dawson, Will Golding, Matt Clarke, Shaz Jaffer and more.

Extra footage of Will Golding leftover from the cut has been released here with some cameos from Vile, Marks and Thomas.

The DVD is out now for just £5 from here.

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Ratz promo ‘Eat Shit’ lands on internet

ratz clothing

Death’s Timmy Garbett finds time out from laying eggs this week to release his teaser for the Ratz video scheduled for release in 2013. Joe Marks, Alex Burrell, James Cruikshank, Henry Stables, Moggins, Shaun Currie and more feature in this fun filled clip. Get yourself a tee shirt from here and look out for his ridiculous Ordinary Madness contribution from Moggins in our forthcoming ‘Exposed’ feature soon.

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Watch Jed Coldwell’s Brass Monkey section

jethro_coldwellJames Cruickshank has released Jed Coldwell‘s section from his Brass Monkey DVD that dropped last year.

If you want more, buy the full ting for just £6 with footage of many Sheffield skaters that include Shaun Currie, Arthur Tubb, Liam Sproat, Jerome Campbell, Henry Stables, Will Mason, Richard Chung, Timmy Garbett, Alex Burrell, Jethro Coldwell, Ash Hall, Alan Chadwick, Dave Adlington, Nathan Morris and Dan Beall from

Jed Coldwell – Brass Monkey from James Cruickshank on Vimeo.

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Watch the new What’s Cookin’ trailer online

getlestaThis shit is indeed kray. Callum Loomes has put so many web edits together over the last 3 years that if you searched this site you could fill an afternoon of entertainment featuring the Leicester and Notts scenes and way beyond under the Get Lesta moniker. It’s healthy to see that a full length is almost complete and scheduled to premiere at the Boardroom Skatepark on Friday October 26th where the full length What’s Cookin’ will all be revealed.

Check the trailer and expect sections from Kelley Dawson, Joe Marks, Will Golding, Timmy Garbett, Shehzad Jaffer, Mike Simons, Eric Thomas, Luke McManus, Sam Taylor and Kris Vile.

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Shaun Currie’s Brass Monkey section remixed

Shaun Currie’s part filmed and edited by James Cruickshank from Brass Monkey has been remixed this month and is here for you to watch. Pick up the full Sheffield scene video for only £6 from

The full video features skating from Shaun Currie, Dan Beall, Henry Stables, Dave Adlington, Timmy Garbett, Liam Sproat, Jethro Coldwell, Nathan Morris, Will Mason, Arthur Tubb, Richard Chung, Ash Hall, Alan Chadwick, Alex Burrell, Jerome Campbell, and the rest of Sheffield.

Shaun Currie – Brass Monkey remix from James Cruickshank on Vimeo.

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New Mansfield Plaza edit

Elliot Tebbs has a new edit filmed at the Mansfield Plaza this summer. Watch tricks from many upcoming local skaters alongside Craig Smedley, Will Golding Joe Marks, Timmy Garbett.

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The Death Skateboards Top 10 Team Playlist


If music is the food of love, then what would be the food of Death? We decided to pry into the personal ears of ten Death Skateboards team riders this week to find out what their 10 favourite tracks of all time could be. Enjoy their selection as you just know that there’s going to be some top choices in here from this lot!


Photo: Rob Galpin

This song always helps put things in perspective for me. With everyone rushing around amongst the stresses and strains of modern life, people forget to love. Not physical love, but the love you have for your friends, family, pets, nature, even a sunny day maybe.

Being skateboarders, we have learned to appreciate moments, friends, fun skate sessions etc, these are the things that money can’t buy!

“….there’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where your meant to be, it’s easy”

Love from Mark.


Do I really need to explain why I like this! The only thing that ruins it is the one dude.


If you depart on a journey into the mind of Crispin Glover, you might never come back…


My song is Unity by Operation Ivy. I always liked this song and when I’m going skating I stick on really loud when I’m driving on my own. It gets me pumped up and ready to roll. It also makes me think of Buster Halterman’s section from the 1991 Planet Earth video Now ‘n’ Later, he killed it (and still does).

If I could skate half as good as him I’d be stoked!


Sick freestyle by my mate Johnny, one of Manchester’s best MC’s with production by Chimpo- Manchester’s finest. It’s just a shame it’s filmed at Manchester United’s ground and not Manchester City’s. Haha!


The track I chose is ‘aint no fun if the homies can’t have none’. It’s a classic track that’s good anytime of day and always brings the hype! It’s hard to find a better rap trio than Snoop, Kurupt and of course paying respect to the late, great Nate Dogg. R.I.P!

Photo: CJ

I chose this video as my selection because:

1. It is quite clearly the greatest song ever written.
2. It’s the most downloaded song in the world.
3. The gear that they are wearing is clearly illegal.
4. When i was in a band I always wanted to play this song.
5. I am going to see them play at Wembley arena in June.
6. The lead singer Steve Perry is the absolute spitting image of Nick who runs the Skegness skate park.
7. You would have to go a long way to find a bunch of guys with their trousers hiked up higher than that.
8. You have to respect a guy that wears a yellow leopard print shirt to every gig, especially one that doesn’t fit properly.
9. The guitarist has a blue vest that is cut off above his naval.
10. This video reminds me that I still need to visit Texas.
11. The guy in the cut off red shirt looks totally ridiculous.
12. Journey is the raddest group.
13. You should watch the ‘Steve Perry and Journey’ documentary.
14. I could quite easily listen to this song on repeat all day long and actually have done before.
15. This song always makes me feel good.
16. I think it is safe to say that these guys screwed a lot of women.
17. I couldn’t think of any better music videos.


Now then, here is my video selection. It’s Kid Acne a fellow Sheffield resident. I love the video on this as it was all shot round these parts, most of the people in it are friends so it’s really funny seeing them on it too. If you look carefully (I’m so stoked) at 0:13 to 0:18 on this video you’ll notice a certain Ben Grove getting his groove on. (He’s the one in the blue), I still think it’s one of the funniest things ever. That boy’s got the moves right? Haha! Don’t give up the day job mate!

Photo: Timmy Garbett

I could easily have picked any song by Sabbath, Hendrix or Pentagram but Mr Blue Sky is hands down my favourite song ever. It’s been my favourite song ever since I used to go and watch Birmingham City play as a kid with my old man and I still listen to it every single day.

Wherever I am in the world it never fails to remind me of home and gets me stoked out beyond belief!!


Photo: Ash Redman

If somethin’ happens in Chezzy, nothin happens…
It’s just another nigga DEAD, dead, dead, dead! Straight outta Chezzy crazy mutha frigga named Timmy Cube, from a gang called Slugga with attitude.
When I’m called off, I got a sawed off, squeeze the trigga and bodies are hauled off.
You too boi if you wanna frigg with me, Moggins is gonna have to come and get me off yo ass, that’s how I’m goin’ out, for the punk mutha fucka’s that’s showin’ out!
Nigga’s start to mumble, they wanna rumble, mix em up and cook em in a pot like gumbo.
Goin’ off on a mutha frigga like that, with a Death size 8.25 pointed at yo ass.
So give it up smooth, ain’t no tellin’ when Kennelly’s down for the jack move.
Here’s a murder rap to keep yo dancin’, with a crime record like Meadies dancin’.
T-tool is the tool, don’t make me act a mutha friggin’ fool.
Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe, I’m knockin’ nigga’s out tha’ box daily.
Yo weakly, monthly and yearly. Until the dumb mutha frigga’s see clearly.
That I’m down with the capita c-town G.
Boi you can’t frigg with me!
So when I’m in your neighbourhood, you betta duck, cus Louis Slater is crazy as frigg.
As I leave, believe I’m stompin’. But when I come back boi, I’m comin’ straight outta CHEZZY!

Visit the Death Skateboards Blogspot for all things Death this summer.

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Timmy Garbett does Chesterfield

timmy_garbett_deathskateboardsDeath Skateboards Timmy Garbett features in a fresh skatepark edit with Joe Marks and MIkey Gee at Chesterfield’s concrete park.

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Brass Monkey Sheffield scene video premiere 5th March

brassmonkeyJames Cruickshank‘s scene video Brass Monkey is scheduled to premiere on Saturday 5th March at 8.30pm in the Lescar, Sheffield.

The film features the entire Sheffield skate scene with footage of Dan Beall, Henry Stables, Jerome Campbell, Will Mason, Arthur Tubb, Shaun Currie, Alex Burrell, Alan Chadwick, Timmy Garbett, Liam Sproat, Richard Chung, Ash Hall, Nathan Morris, Jethro Coldwell, Dave Adlington and more.

Watch the trailer here.