Jerry Hsu interview on the Chromeball

The Chromeball Incident had a chat with Jerry Hsu about his forthcming Made 2 part for Emerica that is being filmed right now, watching Spanky turn it around at Baker, his slams and injuries over the years, Osiris days and much more.

“Pro skaters are the most insecure people in the world. They constantly need reassurance. Is this cool? Did I do that okay? Should I do this again? Filmers and photographers seriously have to deal with so much insecure skater crap.”

Jerry Hsu Portrait

Emerica in Europe with Reynolds, Westgate and more

The Emerica team flew into Europe this July to skate demos and spots in Germany, Norway and Finland and came back with some footage for you to wtch today.

Click below for an edit released today featuring Leo Romero, Brandon Westgate, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long and Jerry Hsu, plus European team riders Eniz Fazliov, Tom Knox, Rob Maatman, Vladik Scholz and Helder Lima.

Baker Skateboards launch the Trash Compactor

bakerskateboardsAndrew Reynolds and co at Baker Skateboards have been capturing a bunch of out takes and extra footage laying about from sessions, trips etc and decided that there’s enough of it to start a new web series called Trash Compactor.

Here’s the first installment featuring new ripper Shane Heyl, Reynolds and many other various Baker riders, get trashed.

Watch: RVCA in France

Another week another edit from RVCA on their european tour. Yet again, we’re treated to 5-6 minutes of styled out gnar from the likes of Leo Romero, Cairo Foster, Spanky, Nestor Judkins, Barney Page and Cory Kennedy.

As usual Leo gets down, Barney stomps it and Cairo Foster will make you spit your tea/coffee everywhere. Take note.